The “World’s Most Identical Twins” Shock The Masses

Besties From Day 1

It probably goes without saying that identical twin sisters Lucy and Anna DeCinque have been best friends their entire lives. They were born just a minute apart and that one minute is likely the furthest apart they have been since. The twins not only always went to the same schools but also arranged to be in the same classrooms. “If we weren’t in the same class, we would go to the principal and complain,” said Anna. “We always wanted to be together so much, and we got our way.”

Australian Girls

The DeCinque twins were born and raised in Australia and lived in a cushy suburban home. Their mother, Jeanna, and father, Luigi, always showered the girls with love and attention. Lucy would later admit that while their mother could tell them apart, their father never quite mastered that part. Back then, Lucy’s tiny mole on her cheek and a scar Anna got as a child on her forehead were the only ways to tell them apart.

A Big Step

Every young person starts to feel a little more rebellious toward his or her teen years. For Lucy and Anna, this meant – gasp!- getting different haircuts. This was the last time either of them can remember wanting to be different in any way, as they always tended to wear the same makeup and style their hair identically. They also got into a little mischief by swapping boyfriends from time to time, but those hijinx are over now.

Saying Farewell

Tragedy tends to bring people closer together, and that was certainly true for the twins back in 2010, when they moved back into their parents’ home to help care for their sick father. Unfortunately, he had cancer and passed away in 2010. The two put their beauty school training on hold for the time being while they tended to their family’s needs.

Sharing The Workload

Speaking of careers, you’ll probably be shocked at how the twins handle their work lives. Starting with their first job at a senior citizens’ home after their father’s death, they have always applied as a team for every job, insisting upon sharing the same hours and salary. The two even share their money in one purse, which for some reason Lucy always carries.

Are The Really The World’s Most Identical?

When you hear Lucy and Anna say that they are “the world’s most identical twins,” you can be forgiven if you assume it’s just some sort of weird marketing tactic, especially in the Instagram age. But apparently, the two girls confirmed this unofficial title on a Japanese game show, where they passed all of the activity tests and used a facial recognition machine that couldn’t differentiate between their faces.

Barbie Girls

The two are extremely into beauty, fashion, and makeup, and on top of that, they’ve both had some plastic surgery done. Therefore, they are often judged for their appearance when they go out in public. Lucy said they get called “plastic” or compared to Barbies. She said that although they like fashion and they’re high maintenance, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to their personalities.

Workout Partners

Workout partners often struggle to stay on the same page when it comes to what activities to do and when, but that wouldn’t be a problem for these twins. They actually make sure to walk exactly the same number of steps so that they can burn the same number of calories each day and stay the same size. How serious is it? Since Anna’s side of the bed is on the other end of the room and a few steps farther away, Lucy walks a few extra steps every day. That’s serious.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Of course, burning the same calories won’t help if they’re eating different things, so you guessed it: they eat the exact same meals. If one person’s sandwich looks different, they ask for it to be made again. They ensure their drinks are perfectly leveled the same, too. That must make it weird when one girl is hungrier than the other!

Don’t Know Their Weight

Many people don’t like to weigh themselves, but the twins have a different reason than most: they’re afraid that they’ll weigh different amounts. Since they don’t want to open that particular Pandora’s box, they simply never step on the scale. After all, eating the same and doing the same exercises may not mean weighing exactly the same.

Too Much Scrutiny

The twins have recently admitted that all of the scrutinies that they’ve put on themselves hasn’t always been healthy. In fact, they became depressed recently because they continued looking at their flaws and differences and rarely wanted to leave the house when they noticed the smallest issue. They each also blamed the publicity they’d gotten as making the issue worse.

Quite An Investment

The two girls are very much interested in keeping themselves looking youthful and pretty, but also want to stay looking exactly the same. As such, they’ve spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery. They decided to get breast augmentation surgery as their first procedure to look more like Kim Kardashian, with the girls moving from their natural petite sizes to DD sizes.

The Procedures Keep Coming

After the breast augmentation, the twins added other procedures to the list, from dental treatments, lip fillers, eyebrow tattoos to microdermabrasion treatments. As it turns out, the two are afraid to age, as people don’t always age identically. In addition, they both believe that beauty comes with a certain amount of pain and discomfort. And financial costs, apparently!

Full-Time Job

It seems like keeping up their appearances is a full-time job for the twins. They go to infra-red saunas, microdermabrasion treatments, and skin peels on a weekly basis as part of their regular upkeep. In addition to wearing the same outfits, they also never wear outfits more than once! “We like looking after ourselves,” said Anna. “What girl doesn’t?”

Costing A Fortune

Get out your calculators as we try to count up the likely expenses for the twins as they continue to alter their appearances. We have microdermabrasion at $25,414, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos at $1,105, dental treatment at $5,311, lip fillers at $10,620, and breast augmentation for $23,714. Skin peels cost $20,109, infra-red saunas cost $21,248, wheatgrass shots total $3,031, and home spray tans are $9,106. That’s not even counting their regular makeup, hair, and other beauty costs!

They Like To Share

Earlier, we mentioned that the girls share a single purse, which Lucy carries. But that’s not all! They also share a car, cell phone, bank account, and social media accounts. Like many twins, they also claim to feel each other’s pain and be able to read one another’s thoughts or finish one another’s sentences. Of course, that seems pretty likely if you lead exactly the same lives.

Sisters For Life

Many siblings or best friends say that they will be besties for life, but these twins really take that kind of commitment seriously. They don’t want to be apart at all for the rest of their lives. “We can’t imagine a day when we’re not in each other’s company,” Lucy said. “To be honest, I don’t think that would ever happen,” Anna added.

Is That Necessary?

Although the twins claim that the only “real” plastic surgery they’ve ever had done is their breast augmentation, they also said that they’re really considering going under the knife a second time to make them even bigger. Of course, the natural response to that information is, “Why?!?” Like many people, perhaps they’ve gotten a bit too addicted to self improvement and plastic surgery?

Change Of Heart?

The girls may think the same things at all times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change their minds. For instance, a recent interview with the two showed them starting to feel remorse over the procedures they’ve had done and opted for a more “natural and healthy” look in the future. Lucy even went as far as to say she was “ashamed” about some of the procedures they underwent.

Sharing One Guy

This next part of the twins’ story is perhaps the most unbelievable aspect of the whole thing. The twins are dating the same guy and have been for quite some time. His name is Ben Byrne, and aside from being one of the luckiest guys alive, he is also often found blushing when asked by envious men about his lifestyle. It seems people just don’t understand the situation.

No Privacy Here

You might wonder how in the world anyone gets any privacy when the twins are constantly with one another and they’re dating the same man, on top of all that! Well, the answer is, there is no privacy for the three of them. The girls even go to the bathroom and shower together, so when considering all of that, it maybe makes more sense that they don’t mind sharing a guy.

They Tried The Traditional Way

The thing is, the girls have tried to date separately before, but it simply did not work out, because no two guys could ever understand why two girls would want to spend literally every moment together. Furthermore, the two guys would have to become about the best friends imaginable for it to work, right? “They wanted to take us out separately,” Anna said, which is obviously a no-no for the girls.

This Guy Gets It

You may have to ask how in the world an unassuming guy like Ben can land a pair of identical twins. Well, it seems that his most important quality is his ability to understand them. He’s a fraternal twin and doesn’t question or try to get in the way of the bond the sisters have. Since they share a boyfriend, they never have to be apart in order to date, and Ben gets that.

Three’s Company

Ben has learned to stay out of the twins’ way when they need to coordinate things, especially in the morning. The twins spend tons of time picking out their outfits, putting on their makeup the same way and making sure they look absolutely identical. Anna and Lucy said that their life can be “hard,” especially when it comes to getting their eyebrows exactly the same. Yep, that sounds like a hard life!

Kids With The Same Guy?

Of course, not only do the twins want to marry the same guy, but they want to have kids with the same guy too, and preferably on the same timeline. They’ve been with him for several years and are looking into places where their type of marriage would be allowed. You have to wonder just how mad they might be if they were both pregnant and one went into labor before the other, though! Would they insist on the other sister being induced?!?

Equal Opportunity Boyfriend

Ben may have it pretty good, but on second thought, it may not be easy being with identical twins who demand the exact same treatment. For instance, if Ben kisses Anna, he kisses Lucy right after, and he either holds both of their hands or neither of them. “We have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy too,” the girls said.

Not-So-Constructive Criticism

With attention comes scrutiny, and when the public learned about Lucy and Anna’s admittedly strange story, not all of the opinions were positive or constructive. In fact, they got a bunch of mean comments, as you might expect, and it even included a few threatening messages. Over time, this started to undermine the girls’ confidence and make them dread living their lives together.

Getting Help

To top it all off, the girls have struggled with depression and been diagnosed with body dysmorphia, which is a common condition where a person imagines themselves to look different than they actually do, usually for the worse. The girls say that the doctor who helped them “saved their lives,” and they’re now on anti-depressants that you can assume they take at the exact same time together every day.

Don’t Judge Them

At the end of the day, the twins say that they do not deserve to be judged for caring about one another, sharing a future husband, or living their lives in a way that makes them happy. “We are not hurting anyone,” Anna said. “We’re just living the way we want to live our lives,” Lucy agreed. The girls strive to keep their positive outlooks from day to day.

Back To Basics

After going back to basics, focusing on their sister relationship and their fiance Ben, the girls were able to get back on track and in the public eye again. They have shared social media accounts and a YouTube channel where they interact with admirers, and they continue to try to help people understand their unique lifestyle. One thing’s for sure, these girls will never be lonely as long as they’re together!