‘Home And Away’ Cast: Where Are They Now?


“Home and Away” first premiered in January 1988. The show, created by Alan Bateman, originally followed the Fletcher family and their foster children. From the very beginning, the show has touched on some very controversial storylines. Despite the controversy, the soap opera has excelled over the years to become one of Australia’s most successful shows. With all the drama, it is hard to forget many characters, even after they left Summer Bay. Find out where the actors, of your favorite characters, went after leaving “Home and Away”.

Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher) – Then

Kate Ritchie began playing the role of Sally Fletcher in 1986. She landed the role after taking a 2 year hiatus from TV roles. Despite the break, her talent never wailed and she remains many viewer’s favorite character. After appearing on the show for over 20 years, she became the longest running original female character. She reprised the role of Sally for a short time in 2013.


Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher) – Now

Kate Ritchie never saw the same success as she did during her time on “Home and Away”. She had roles in the TV movie “Stepfather of the Bride” and the short film “Mere Oblivion”. However, she has decided to take on other interests, such as writing. She published a a children’s book in 2016. Also, in 2016, she was named the brand ambassador for QV skincare.


Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) – Then

Darryl Braxton was one of the three brothers known as “The River Boys” on “Home and Away”. Along with being a surfer, most of Brax’s story followed his relationship with Charlie Buxton. Although Charlie first denied his advances, she eventually gave in. Even after Brax’s ex-girlfriend showed up, it was obvious that there was a strong connection with Charlie. Brax left the show in June 2016.


Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) – Now

To many, “Brax” is still Stephen Peacocke’s fans’ favorite role. However, his career has recently begun to gain speed. In 2016, he appeared in the hit film “Me Before You”, alongside “Game of Thrones” star, Emilia Clarke. He also returned to Australian TV with a recurring role on “Wanted”. Unfortunately, for all the Brax lovers out there, Peacocke has formally stated he most likely will never return to “Home and Away”.


Melissa George (Angel Parrish) – Then

Angel Parrish was Melissa George’s first major TV role. Angel Brooks first appeared on “Home and Away” in 1993. She had several tear-jerking storylines since the beginning. However, her main story involved her romance with Shane Parrish. The two fell in love and married. Unfortunately, in one of the saddest episodes of the show, Shane died in her arms. After mourning the tragedy of her love’s death, Angel left Summer Bay in 1996.


Melissa George (Angel Parrish) – Now

Melissa George’s career, in both TV and film, took off after leaving “Home and Away”. She landed lead roles in hit box office films such as “The Amityville Horror” and “30 Days of Night”, along with roles of TV series like “Alias”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “The Good Wife”. George is also an entrepreneur and created Style Snaps. Style Snaps is a product that allows you to change the hem length of your pants, without any sewing.


Nic Testoni (Travis Nash) – Then

Nic Testoni began playing surfer boy Travis Nash in April 1995. However, his love of the sun and sand, sadly backfired, as he discovered melanoma on his body. Although the melanoma was successfully removed, Nash was never the same, after the surgery. He stayed inside often and isolated himself from others. He last appeared on the show in August 1999 before leaving to take a job on a ship.


Nic Testoni (Travis Nash) – Now

Nic Testoni has mainly stayed away from on-camera roles since leaving “Home and Away”. However, he did stay in the business. “I wanted to try other things and move behind the camera,” he said during an interview. “I studied filmmaking in New York and returned to make a documentary on Aboriginal art for ABC TV.” Nic also works for an events company as an MC for social gatherings such as parties and weddings.


Laura Vazquez (Sarah Thompson) – Then

Despite only appearing on “Home and Away” for 2 years, the “goody goody” Sarah Thompson, had some very memorable storylines. She dealt with a very jealous boyfriend as well as endured a very scary asthma attack. Of course, the show also followed her relationships with boys such as Tug and Nathan. Thompson originally left Summer Bay in 1994. However, returned for guest appearances in 1995 and 2005.


Laura Vazquez (Sarah Thompson) – Now

Laura Vazquez’s career seemed promising while on “Home and Away”. Unfortunately, after her last appearance in 2005, she has not landed any other on-screen roles. However, she has stayed in the business in a different way. Today, she runs a successful beauty blog and even worked on “Home and Away” as a makeup artist.


Tammin Sursok (Dani Sutherland) – Then

Dani Sutherland, played by Tammin Sursok, had some of the most controversial storylines ever on the show. She was raped by Kane Phillips. After anger, she hit him with her car. But despite their past, Dani was still sent to jail for her crime. After getting out of jail, she was harassed by stalkers. Summer Bay was clearly not the place for her and she left in 2004.


Tammin Sursok (Dani Sutherland) – Now

Despite being such a well-known character, Tammin Sursok has landed a role which is known worldwide. Since 2010, she has played Jenna Marshall on the hit Tv series “Pretty Little Liars”. Aside from playing Jenna, Sursok has also had roles on Tv series such as “Hannah Montana” and “The Young and the Restless”. She has also dabbled in music and has released 4 singles.


Beau Brady (Noah Lawson) – Then

Noah Lawson, played by Beau Brady, had a very controlling and religious mother. In order to protect her son from evil spirits, she would light candles around his bed. Unfortunately, this led to Lawson’s bed catching fire one night. She was sent away to a mental institution. Unfortunately, after acting as hero, Noah was later shot and killed. However, after death, he still appeared on the show, haunting his wife’s dreams.

noah lawson

Beau Brady (Noah Lawson) – Now

After leaving “Home and Away” in 2004, Beau Brady landed roles in various productions such as “The King”, “Wonderland”, and “The Lost Nirvana”. As he is staying sporadically active in acting, he founds other ways to make a living. He is working as a laborer and personal trainer.


Tempany Deckert (Selina Roberts) – Then

Selina Roberts was known as very promiscuous among Summer Bay residents. Unfortunately, this made Selina somewhat of an outsider. She struggled with many issues emotionally. However, she did fall in love with Steven who returned those feelings. They got engaged but Selina broke off the engagement on their wedding day. However, Steven still had feelings and later re-pledged his love to her.


Tempany Deckert (Selina Roberts) – Now

After leaving “Home and Away”, Tempany Deckert landed roles in several theatre productions as well as some small roles on TV. However, she has focused mainly on writing. She has acted as author and illustrator for several books:  The Green-Eyed Monster, Maddy’s Big Break, The Big FudgeFashion Police, and Radio Rebels.


Chris Egan (Nick Smith) – Then

Nick Smith was originally introduced to viewers in March 1999. As just a guest role, Smith was played by Matt Juarez. However, Juarez was replaced by Chris Egan as Nick Smith when he was turned into a regular cast member, in April 2000. Nick appeared on a reality show, in which he did not win. However, producers loved him, so he was offered to film his own reality show in Hollywood. Nick accepted and left Summer Bay in 2003.


Chris Egan (Nick Smith) – Now

Just like Nick Smith, Chris Egan also headed to Hollywood after leaving “Home and Away”. The move seemed to be a good decision for Egan as shortly after he began landing small roles. He has since appeared in “Empire”, “Everwood” and “Resident Evil”. His most recent role was from 2014-2015, playing Alex Lannen on “Dominion”.


Nicolle Dickson (Bobby Simpson) – Then

Bobby Simpson was the last foster child taken in by the Fletcher family. Despite having a family, Simpson, played by Nicolle Dickson, seemed to always be searching for something – her place in society or her need for a real family. Sadly, she got into a boating accident in 1993. She passed due to her injuries. However, she appeared on an episode in 1995 as a ghost.


Nicolle Dickson (Bobby Simpson) – Now

Since leaving “Home and Away”, Dickson has only added 4 more roles to her resume. She had small roles on TV series “All Saints”, “G.P.”, “Wishbone” and “Murder Call”. She also participated in “Australian Celebrity Survivor”, in 2006. Today, she stays out of the spotlight and works as a accountant and bookkeeper.


Alex Papps (Frank Morgan) – Then

Frank Morgan, played by Alex Papps, was one of the original cast members of “Home and Away”. Along with being one of the Fletcher family’s foster children, his character also acted as the series heartthrob (despite his mullet). Papps originally left the show in order to pursue a role on “The Flying Doctors”, in 1989. However, he returned multiple times to reprise his role of Frank.


Alex Papps (Frank Morgan) – Now

Today, Alex Papps is most well-known as the long time host of the children’s show “Play House”. However, Papps hopes to one day work in productions aimed towards adults. He recently appeared on the show “Offspring”, and hopes this could be his first step towards that goal. “I’m still on the audition trail and very committed to acting more,” Papps said. “I’d love to have the opportunity to explore a character (in a drama) beyond a guest role.”

alex papps

Jessica Tovey (Belle Taylor) – Then

Fiesty Belle Taylor first appeared on “Home and Away” in 2006. She came to Summer Bay in search of her birth mother. Belle, portrayed by Jessica Tovey, also had a strong inclination for writing and was hired in a cadet role at the local paper. Shortly before her marriage to Aden, she was diagnosed with cancer. She died from the disease soon after the wedding, in 2009.


Jessica Tovey (Belle Taylor) – Now

Jessica Tovey left “Home and Away” in 2009. After which, she continued to land small roles on several TV series such as “Underbelly”, “Cops LAC”, “Dance Academy” and “Mr and Mrs Murder”. Her most recent role was as Kristy on “Wold Creek”, in 2016. Tovey is also actively involved in non-profit work and is currently devoted to spreading awareness about the Great Barrier Reef.

Dieter Brummer (Shane Parrish) – Then

When Dieter Brummer landed the role of Shane Parrish, he was only 15-years-old. Parrish was the husband of Angel and many were sad to seem him go in March 1996. However, Brummer was part of the decision for his character’s death. He felt as though Shane’s story had run its course. When announcing that he was leaving the show, Brummer said “I know there’s life after ‘Home And Away’ and I’m not afraid of it. Now it’s time it’s time to move on.”

shane parrish

Dieter Brummer (Shane Parrish) – Now

There was life for Brummer after he left “Home and Away”. In 2005, he participated in “Celebrity Circus”. In 2009, he landed a recurring role on “Underbelly”, which was soon followed by a recurring role on “Neighbours”. His most recent role was from 2013-2014, as Jason Ross on “Winners & Losers”. In March 2017, an Australian radio station reported he was seen help harness guests for a “Dinner in the Sky” event.


Tristan Bancks (Tug O’Neale) – Then

Peter “Tug” O’Neale was originally written as a short-term character. However, Tristan Bancks’ blew producers away with his performance. Therefore, the character was extended to become a regular on the show. Tug was considered a “hardened, streetwise tough kid” and fulfilled the role of villain in Summer Bay. Bancks says his character was so relatable because many sympathized with Tug’s rough childhood.


Tristan Bancks (Tug O’Neale) – Now

Tristan Bancks played the role of Tug O’Neale for 2 years on the show, from 1992-1994. After leaving the show, he landed a few more small roles. However, he chose to take the same path as many other actors on this list and move behind the camera, as a director. He has also written several books including 8 short novels.


Nicola Quilter (Donna Bishop) – Then

Donna Bishop, played by Nicola Quilter, only appeared on the show for 1 year. Despite that, she still dealt with some intense storylines, specially domestic abuse. Quilter recalls her time on “Home and Away” as a happy one. However, she also recalls a time where she and Melissa George had a stalker. “One guy said he was a child star, impersonating someone called Chris from an old TV show. He used to hang out with us all the time, spending money he didn’t have. He was quite sweet but entirely mad,” she said during an interview.


Nicola Quilter (Donna Bishop) – Now

Nicola Quilter has only landed 3 more roles since leaving “Home and Away”. She had a role on the TV series “Casualty”, as well as roles in short films “Privacy” and “Verity”. However, she has also taken on a role behind the camera, and has helped produced a few short films. Along with working in entertainment, she also runs a small fashion label in London.


Matt Doran (Damian Roberts) – Then

Damian Roberts, played by Matt Doran, had a rough childhood. His mother was an alcoholic and his brother abused him. He was therefore, raised mostly by his older sister.  Damian always seemed to be searching for something he could never find. But, he did always find himself in a lot of trouble. After getting Selina pregnant, who miscarried, Damian left Summer Bay to become a priest.


Matt Doran (Damian Roberts) – Now

Luckily, Matt Doran has had a lot more luck than his character. After leaving the show, in 1996, he quickly began landing roles on TV series such as “Love Is a Four-Letter Word”, “All Saints” and “Doctor Doctor”. He has also been seen on the silver screen in films such as “The Matrix”, “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, and “The Thin Red Line”.


Dannii Minogue (Emma Jackson) – Then

Dannii Minogue played tomboy Emma Jackson from 1989-1990. After attacking her stepfather, she was sent to Summer Bay to live with her aunt (who didn’t even know she existed). Emma was also considered a punk and had a rebellious attitude. She always found herself in trouble. She got fired from jobs and even expelled from school. Minogue was nominated for “Most Popular Actress on Australian Television” for the Logie Awards, in 1989.


Dannii Minogue (Emma Jackson) – Now

Dannii’s sister, Kylie, also had a stint on a popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”. Just like her sister, after leaving the soap, Dannii decided to try a career in pop music. Her first album was moderately successful, but the second one didn’t do as well. However, she recently decided to reinvent her sound and has created several dance hits. Many of her songs have landed on the dance top 100 charts. Since 2017, she has been acting as judge on BBC’s “Let It Shine”.


Daniel Amalm (Jack Wilson) – Then

Daniele Amalm landed the role of Jack Wilson through luck. His friend could not make the audition so he went in his place. He began playing the role in 1994. Wilson was considered a bad boy, which was conveyed in his storylines of joy riding and racial abuse. Amalm left the show in 1996 to concentrate on his music career. However, he returned, in 2000, to reprise Wilson on 3 episodes.


Daniel Amalm (Jack Wilson) – Now

Amalm released his first single “Classical Gas”, the same year he left “Home and Away”. His single was seen as a moderate success and was quickly followed by his second single “Honey Dip Girl”. Amalm also works as a music teacher classical, flamenco and rock guitar. He currently lives in Norway and is still making music.

daniel am

Bonnie Sveen (Ricky Sharpe) – Then

before landing the role of Ricky Sharpe, Bonnie Sveen played the role of Hayley Dovers on 2 episodes of “Home and Away”, in 2010. Sveen returned as the regular cast member, Bonnie, in 2013. Sveen announced that she would be leaving the show on her Instagram in 2016. “If someone had told me 10 years ago that I’d be playing a staunch, surfie chick in Summer Bay (and that it would bring me more joy than I could imagine) I wouldn’t have believed them,” Sveen wrote on her social media post. “Playing Ricky has shaped me for ever. I carry every bond that was forged and so many fond memories, into the new beginning.”


Bonnie Sveen (Ricky Sharpe) – Now

Bonnie Sveen originally left “Home and Away” to begin performing on the TV series “The Secret Daughter”. Despite this being the only on screen role she has landed sine leaving the show, she has kept busy with other ventures. She wrote a story that she wanted to create into a film. To do so, she created her own production company, Worker Bee Films. Her first short film, “Riley”, debuted in May 2017.


Naomi Watts (Julie Gibson) – Then

Naomi Watts made her on-screen debut in 1986. After a few short stints on various TV shows, Watts landed the role of wheelchair-bound Julie Gibson on “Home and Away”. Although she only appeared on 19 episodes, in 1991, Julie faced some hard times. Her overbearing brother destroyed a romance and her father died of a heart attack. She left Summer Bay after she chose to attend University.



Naomi Watts (Julie Gibson) – Now


Soon after appearing on “Home and Away”, Naomi Watts decided to take some time to travel, and visited Los Angeles. While she was there, Nicole Kidman introduced her to several agents, after which she decided to permanently move to the United States. A smart decision on Watt’s part, as she is now one of Hollywood’s leading actresses. She has starred in hit films such as “King Kong”, “The Ring”, “The Painted Veil”, and many more.


Heath Ledger (Scott Irwin) – Then

By 1997, Heath Ledger had already had several roles on TV on series such as “Ship to Shore”, “Sweat” and “Roar”. He appeared on “Home and Away”, in 1997, as the love interest of Shelly, Scott Irwin. Unfortunately,  Scott was only using Shelly. Scott left the show after he was expelled from school.


Heath Ledger (Scott Irwin)

Heath Ledger’s success continued to grow after his short stint on “Home and Away”. He has starred in hit films such as “Brokeback Mountain”, “10 Things I Hate About You”, “The Dark Knight” and “Casanova”. For his performance as The Joker in “The Dark Night”, he was awarded the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. Sadly, Heath Ledger passed away in 2008 at the age of 28.


Chris Hemsworth (Kim Hyde) – Then

Despite appearing on show such as “Neighbours”, before “Home and Away”, many believe the role of Kim Hyde is what truly kickstarted Hemsworth’s career. Kim moved to Summer Bay when his father was given the job as Principal at the local school. The cute, new boy received lots of attention from the ladies which led to several relationships. In 2007, Kim decided to leave the Bay to go with live with Kit and new new son.


Chris Hemsworth (Kim Hyde) – Now

After Chris Hemsworth left “Home and Away” in 2007, his career exploded. He has starred in hit movies such as “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Rush”. However, he is best known for her role of Thor in multiple Marvel films. He has portrayed Thor in 10 productions, including his most recent in 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok”. We can only expect Hemsworth’s career will continue to flourish.


Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) – Then

Luke Mitchell actually wanted to be a professional tennis player. Luckily, for “Home and Away” fans he chose to pursue acting professionally instead. In 2009, he began portraying Romeo Smith on the show. Smith was considered fun-loving and confident, traits many of the Summer Bay women couldn’t resist. Mitchell announced he would leave the show in 2012 and he last appeared as a regular in April 2013. However, he returned in October 2013 for a brief cameo appearance.


Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) – Now

Luke Mitchell decided to leave “Home and Away” to pursue a new series, “Tomorrow People”. Unfortunately, “Tomorrow People” only lasted one season. After appearing in films, “7 Minutes” and “Mothers and Daughters”, TV show producers once again began looking at Mitchel for new roles. He landed recurring roles on hit series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Blindspot”.


Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed) – Then

Isla Fisher played Shannon Reed on “Home and Away” from 1994 through 1997. Reed dealt with some very controversial storylines such as anorexia and sexuality. Reed left Summer Bay, in 1997, in order to live with her love, Mandy, in Paris. Fisher received a Logie nomination in 1995 and 1997 for her performance as Shannon.


Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed) – Now

Isla Fisher continued to land small roles after “Home and Away”. But her breakout role came in 2002 as Mary Jane in “Scooby Doo”. Since then her career has sky rocketed. She has appeared in hit films such as “Wedding Crashers”, “Now You See Me” and “Nocturnal Animals”. She has been married to actor, Sascha Baron Cohen, since 2010.


Indiana Evans (Matilda Hunter) – Then

Indiana Evans began playing Matilda Hunter in 2004. When Evans landed the role, she said “I had been watching Home and Away for quite a while, so joining the cast was quite weird. The show is so fast-paced and at first it was overwhelming but at the same time was quite laid back.” Evan’s character, Matilda left the show in July 2008 to attend University.

Matilda hunter

Indiana Evans (Matilda Hunter) – Now

Indiana Evans’ TV career has continued since leaving “Home and Away”, in 2008. Her role as Matilda, was quickly followed with the recurring role, of Bella, on “H2O: Just Add Water”. During her time on “H2O”, she helped write and create several songs for the series soundtrack. She also had recurring roles on series “Crownies”, “Secrets and Lies” and “Ash Vs Evil Dead”. Along with acting, she also does editorial modeling.


Isabel Lucas (Tasha Andrews) – Then

Isabel Lucas originally auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter. However, she did not receive the role as producers thought she wasn’t the right fit. But, they loved Isabel’s performance so much that a new part was written just for her, Tasha Andrews. Lucas played Andrews for 3 years. In 2004, she won the Logie Award for “Most Popular New Female Talent”, for her portrayal of Andrews.

tasha andrews

Isabel Lucas (Tasha Andrews) – Now

Isabel Lucas left “Home and Away” and went to Hollywood. In 2009, she appeared in “Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen”, as well as “Daybreakers”. More recently, in 2017, she performed in films “That’s Not Me” and “Shooting in Vain”, along with having recurring roles on TV series “Emerald City” and “MacGyver”. Despite being so successful on TV, Lucas rarely watches her performances, or TV in general, as she doesn’t own a TV.