Most Hilarious World Cup Moments


Watched the world over, no other sporting event can even start to claim that they are on the same scale as The World Cup. Throughout the years this spectacle has owed up to some of the sport’s most iconic plays and upset victories. Golden moments that had fans on the edge of their seats all around the globe. Given the wide audience and the clash of cultures, there have also been a handful of moments that have had us cracking up laughing. Here are some of the funniest World Cup moments.

Awkward Russian Fan Gear

The first picture takes us far East to Russia. Get a load how these females fans decked themselves out for this World Cup game. Their traditional soviet wears along with those soccer ball bras would have anyone cracking up upon seeing them. Just take a minute to close your eyes and imagine these twins waddling through a stadium somewhere.

Over The Top Costumes

You probably won’t find a funnier bunch at The World Cup. I feel like they knew they looked stupid and decided to just go with it anyway with no shame. I would love nothing more than to see these fans when Japan doesn’t take the Cup. Imagine all these hilariously dressed people crying in these costumes.



Looks like this guy wandered right out of his local WalMart and into the World Cup. We don’t even want to think about what a pain it must have been to have maneuvered one of those WalMart scooters through a crowd of hectic soccer fans, but this guy was so determined that he made it.

Face Smash

Cudos to the cameraman who caught this perfectly timed shot of a speeding soccer ball completely rearrange this Spanish player’s face. It’s amazing how the mouth is completely moved over to the right side of the face. I for one would like to see how this player looked after the accident.


Chest Hit!!

Either this was some kind of unique chest hit in which he stuck out his chest and sent the ball flying across the field, or someone had kicked the ball directly into this man and he is tensing himself up and getting ready for the crash of a lifetime. Whatever the situation might be, he looks pretty funny sticking his chest out like this. Let us not forget to mention the look on his face.

Illegal Face Grab!

This is one way to get a guy on the ground during a game. I suppose at some point you get so fed up with the defense that you have to remove them on your own grounds. This man took the old grab them by the face and throw them to the ground method. From the looks of the guy getting it, he is a bit shocked something like this is even happening to him.

Help From Jiminy Cricket

You might not see anything too funny or shocking upon looking at this picture but look at that shoulder. Looks like Brazil’s James Rodriguez was getting tips from a little friend throughout the 2014 World Cup. It’s shocking that Brazil didn’t take the world cup in 2014. With Jiminy Cricket, Disney’s wisest insect shouting into their ears and encouraging them, one would have expected them to have walked away with the gold. Sadly, looks like he was really working against them.

Beach Ball Problems

It’s the quarterfinal game between Germany and Bulgaria. The crowd is wild with chanting fans and…beach balls. Seems these lovable balls were one of the staples of the 1994 World Cup. Here we have the referee, Jose Torres Cadena fed up and chasing down yet another beach ball that has strayed from the hysterical fans and onto the playing field. If this would have substituted the soccer ball during England’s games they may have won the cup that year.

Bird Pooping On The Parade

The year is 2002, you’re at The World Cup and to top it all off you are one of the hottest players at the world cup and then a bird poops on your head. This is exactly what happened to Beckham. The cameras are flashing, the crowd is going nuts, and suddenly a passing gull comes and makes you look foolish. Way to rain on someone’s parade.


French Fans

Very hard for a non-French person to tell if these are legitimate French soccer fans or fans of another team making fun of the French. I am personally clueless, but I might go with the latter guess. These chaps at the 2010 World Cup are really taking it to the fans of the opposing team. The striped shirts, the berets, and the fake mustaches have really got to be hitting the French hard. The chap in the middle seems to be signaling a tear rolling down a French cheek.

The Most Handsome Fan In Holland

If you ever find yourself in Holland for the World Cup, make sure to hope with all your might that you won’t land a seat next to this creepy guy. I can definitely picture him going to these games alone, making unwanted small talk and breathing very heavily the whole time. Picture all the food that must get stuck in those teeth.


Pope Of Soccer

With a hat like that, I can’t help but believe that this guy is some kind of soccer pope or another holy figure in the world of balls being kicked into goals. I kind of imagine him in cloud looming over Argentinian soccer stadium shoving handful of popcorn in his mouth and dropping it on the commoners below.

It’s All Over

It’s the 1992 World Cup and it looks like Sweden is taking the fall to England. Sven-Goran Eriksson, the Swedish coach is sticking his hand out as if in an effort to stop time as his team takes the dive. If you look into the bulging eyes you can almost see all his hopes smashing in slow motion. With this picture, I can almost hear someone simultaneously yelling out “Goooooaaaal!”

A Fan And His Armadillo

I cannot begin to explain the connection between Argentina and the wounded Armadillo on this fan’s head. Perhaps it is the team’s mascot or the country’s animal. All I know is that it looks mighty concerned while sitting on the top of this man’s head. The fan with the armadillo seems to be completely in his element as if having an armadillo strapped to your head is an everyday norm.

Hand On Head Tension

England is drawing against the USA in the 2010 World Cup. As things grow intense every British man on the field takes up the same nervous hands over the head stance. Few amongst the crowd have awestruck faces. The young lady with the large sunglasses looks like she was dragged to the even and could care less. It is that man with the red face paint and the cape that is most memorable. It looks like the tension is going straight to his head.

Soccer VooDoo Doctor

Picture yourself as one of the players on the field. Imagine looking up at the stands to see this guy starring hard into a soccer ball, possibly chanting and wearing a cactus hat. I definitely wouldn’t continue running in this guy’s direction. It’s a good way to get a curse put on the whole team. The mustache, the widened eyes, and protruding tongue. This guy has bad news written all over him.


Argentina Fans Quickly Losing Hope

The beginning of the end for Argentina. Germany had scored one point with tons of time on the clock during the 2014 World Cup and already the Argentina fans are a falling apart. Both of them are on the edge of tears. While the one on the left looks stressed and worried, the one on the right looks very disappointed like it was all too good to be true from the very start.


Italian Pride Fan

I can’t exactly say what makes me chuckle about this picture, but it inspired a light chuckle. Maybe it is the way this awkward girl just kind of rises out fans draped in any Italian flag like some Italian Statue of Liberty. There is also the tacky stomach paint, the “Viva Italia” across the chest and her odd expression. My favorite part is the dude below her looking straight into the camera. He’s probably thinking the camera is aimed at him and he wants answers as to why.


Loud And Obnoxious

You’d have to look pretty hard to find a lamer bunch of World Cup fans out there. Everything from the flag capes to the poster the dead serious eagle is enough to make someone cringe. In a filled up soccer arena, I can almost promise you that they will be over the top loud and definitely be kicking the seats in front of them. Stay away from this bunch no matter what you do.


You Can’t Lose If You Cheer For Everyone

This guy can’t be let down if he roots for every team. At the end of the day he doesn’t care who wins, he just loves his soccer. Seeing as this was taken during the 2014 World Cup and he has the German flag on his helmet, we’re pretty sure he went home happy that year. That said,  this does come with its disadvantages. Not only does he look funny as heck with all those flags sticking out of his helmet, but he’ll have to do twice the amount of cheering.

Crying In The Camera

The childhood dream of winning a World Cup has come crashing down for this player. Now he walks off the field in tears while one of his supporters puts a supporting arm around him and looks disapprovingly at the folks who laugh at the big cryer. Nothing is worse than crying when you lose, but he seems to have caught his own image in the big screen. This will be one for that scrapbook of memories.

Clutching To The Dream

Crying is rarely ever a funny thing, but when it comes to this old man clutching to his Gold Cup for dear life as Brazil lets down all their fans, I can’t help but smile. A love for soccer managed to bring out a repressed little child in this very old man. The dream is all over for now, old fella.

Pure Shock

We may never know what brought this face of utter awe, but we’re glad it happened. Did this Mexico fan just see the goal or a lifetime or witness a moment that cost her team the World Cup. Maybe it was both in one, but one thing is for certain and it’s that this facial expression is priceless. Whoever happened to put a camera on that face and that moment needs a big congratulations.


Shin To Face

Soccer isn’t without a great number of injuries and facial ones are no exception. Dempsey pretty much got a highspeed leg to the face right here and he probably isn’t going to look pretty in the morning. Although the soccer ball is clearly present, this is only one case of soccer pictures turning out to look more like Mortal Kombat and less like a game of soccer.

Cold Tubs

Seeing as the 2018 World Cup is going to be in Russia, we can prepare ourselves for a very cold time. Forget relaxing in hot tubs this year, it isn’t going to happen. All the people watching the games will head home afterward and go directly for a dive into the snow.

Cute Losers

Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of losers? Even as Japan loses their place in The World Cup, their fans still manage to look cute in the face of a broken dream. Maybe next time, Japan. It is almost as if they are aware that their picture is being taken. The girl to the left just happens to look down shyly while the other sports a sad lower lip.


Brawling Glitch On The Field

This picture has confusion written all over it. The dude in the blue is not even facing in the direction of the ball or looking at the guy who is kicking him out of the way. The guy with the ball looks confused as to how he even got the ball. I think what is really going on here is that the dude in the orange is kicking the guy in the blue to cut down the defense.

Fan Fair To The Next Level

The people of Ghana take fan fair to the next level. They don’t just sport their team’s colors but they look like something out of a carnival in Brazil or something. These definitely aren’t fans you want to mess with. The girl has “die-hard” written across her chest and it looks like she could steal your soul just by glancing at you. The guy next to her looks like some sort of ancient figure.

Dramatic Movie Moment

Can you see the ball going towards the goal in slow motion? Quickly it cuts to this group of fans that look on in suspense. Maybe the woman can be the mother of one of the players or something. The goal is a success and everyone rises to their feet. Looking at this picture it is very hard to believe that it isn’t part of some summer blockbuster about soccer.

Back To The Cricket

As this player runs and swerves through a mass of defensive players he has this little cricket whispering on his shoulder, directing his turns and making sure he goes for the goal. Could anyone ask for a better partner on the soccer field? Once the World Cup is won, this little guy will likely hop off into the stars and vanish forever.

Calling Restroom Conditions

The year was 1996 and England was facing up against Moldova in a World Cup qualifying match. Andy Gray, one of England’s most witty and beloved announcers took a break from calling the game and took a cameraman with him to report on the treacherous and filthy state of Moldovan’s restrooms. This certainly took things in a humorous direction.

Hit By Ball And Foot

Take a second to really look at this picture. Not only is this guy about to get hit in the chest or face with a ball, but he is taking a foot directly to his private areas. You can only imagine what the photo looked like only a second later. Him probably on the floor struggling to exist.

Tangled Up

One Can’t be too sure how something like this is even possible when it comes to a game where everyone is simply running around a field and kicking the ball? It leaves me to believe that they simply passed out on top of each other.

Stealing Her Spotlight

People who attend the World Cup come in the thousands upon thousands. You got a stadium full of different personalities. While this German girl tries to look hot for the camera, this dude decides to mock her. In making fun of her pose, he manages to steal the show from her and get the laughs while she just looks kind of foolish.

Stealing Her Spotlight

Next time your playing soccer and got someone on your back, take a note from this guys strategy book and just start kicking wildly in their direction. It’s a perfect way to scare off a smaller opponent. As you can see from the picture, the little bald rushed to the floor rather than have taken the cleat to the face.

Sticking It To The Cameras

Sometimes you get so fed up with the cameras all over you that you need to take a stand and give them a piece of their own medicine. This is exactly what England’s Paul Gascoigne did when he was sick of all the press at the 1990 World Cup. A lot of soccer players have since followed in his footsteps.