What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas…Except These Photos

A famous quote regarding Las Vegas is that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” As you’ll see in the following photos, however, this isn’t always true. People love to chronicle their adventures while they’re visiting Las Vegas on vacation, and that means that some of the things that take place are definitely going to follow party-goers home, but at least we get to enjoy a little entertainment out of it. So let’s take a look at some memorable photos that people took during their unbelievable visits to Las Vegas.

Quit Monkeying Around

Some women say that men are all the same and after taking a look at this picture you have to wonder if they mean males regardless of species because this monkey seems just as handsy as your average guy at the bar. He would fit right in!

This just goes to show that in Las Vegas, nobody is on their best behavior…even the representatives of the animal kingdom! This is one of the reasons why Las Vegas is truly a special and extremely strange place in the world.

What A Honeymoon

With a photo like this, you can pick your backstory and pretty much assume that it’s right on. Was this a case where a young woman was left at the altar and said, “Hey, might as well make the best of it and go to the casino?”

I prefer to think that she had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas and decided that the best way to kick off the honeymoon was at the slot machines. We wonder if the wedding didn’t go as planned and now she’s trying her luck at the casinos.

Don’t Fall Asleep

Was this temporary tattoo via permanent marker the product of someone falling asleep around her friends earlier that day or did she just think it’d be a nice touch with her strapless dress? One can absolutely never know when it comes to these things.

Either possibility could be the one, but give her credit for at least not going to the tattoo shop and making a decision she’d likely regret. We wonder if maybe she managed to do this completely on her own. One can never be sure in Vegas.

Nervous Bladder

Nervous bladders are a real thing, and some guys don’t really like peeing at a urinal with another person right next to them. Well, this choice of decor really takes it to the next level, with photos of ladies giving various “reactions” to what they’re seeing below.

My advice would be not to take the first urinal unless of course, you’re hoping to take a funny pic. It would actually make a very funny picture. This a great design for a bathroom in a casino and possibly only something you’d see in Vegas.

Right Guy, Right City

If you’re looking to meet girls in Las Vegas or just pilfer some free drinks, you could do worse than looking like one of the most memorable characters from a Vegas-based movie like the classic film The Hangover.

Clearly, this guy has thought through his strategy and it’s paying off…look at those girls all over him! just looking at him is making me consider if he is actually the guy from The Hangover.  He very well could be for all we know.

Interesting Hats

These two decided to make some makeshift hats for their night out in Las Vegas. We can say that they probably went with the hopes of getting some laughs. They appear to be a couple and have been gearing up for a big weekend out on the town.

It’s hard to say whose hat has a less complimentary saying on it, however. You can kind of tell by their smiles that maybe he’s not so thrilled with his hat. Nobody in their right mind would want to wear a hat that says that.

Huddle For Warmth

Sometimes, things don’t go so well when you’re out having drinks with friends. Occasionally, someone may have a few too many and end up passing out pretty early, which just sets them up for possible photo opportunities like this one.

What did his friends decide to do? Well, spoon him for a funny photo, of course! That’s what friends are for. Las Vegas is definitely the kind of place where a lot of antics are bound to take place. There is also always that friend that passes out.

Don’t Blame The Machine

Gambling is all good if you have the money and can be absolutely messed up if you don’t. This is your friendly reminder that if you are going to live or die based on the results of the flashing symbols, you probably shouldn’t be gambling.

This guy clearly gambled money that he couldn’t afford to lose and when things didn’t go his way, he decided to take it out on the machine. Now he’ll have a fine and perhaps some repairs to pay for, too! Hopefully, he had enough money to eat that day.

What Isn’t Allowed?

Most signs that start like this are spelling out all of the things that aren’t allowed in any given location, but in this case, a savvy taxi driver realized it was the perfect way to get happy party people in the mood for Las Vegas (and probably generate some tips, too). Welcome to Vegas, baby!

In no other place in the world would this behavior be welcomed by anyone. That is when the magic of Vegas comes in. It is a place where anything goes. If you want to let it all hang out without any shame, Vegas is the perfect place for this.

Bigfoot Sighting

In Las Vegas anything is possible. You have people coming from all over the world and sometimes even myths walk into the casino. Most of the photos that purport to show Bigfoot out and about are pretty grainy and out of focus, but this one is an example.

I’m not sure what’s more surprising to see: Bigfoot playing cards or such a well-lit casino! You have to wonder if this sasquatch sighting is going to convince any skeptics. The people next to him surely seem at ease about having a hairy neighbor.

Couple Of Bros

Yep, that’s the Super Mario Bros. themselves after what appears to be an eventful night out in Las Vegas. By the looks of it, Mario and Luigi have been partying pretty hard after saving Princess Toadstool for the umpteenth time.

Hopefully, they are strong enough to save her when she gets kidnapped again. Hey, you have to live it up while you can! Before they know it, Bowser will have kidnapped her again and they’ll be dodging fireballs. Let’s just hope they don’t start drinking on the job.

A Valid Point

Las Vegas didn’t become world famous by being boring and completely safe. This place is the exact opposite of a dry county. There’s plenty of evidence that Las Vegas has a good sense of humor, including this store advertisement on an area billboard.

And sure, while a drink may not be as permanent a solution as therapy, it can be the perfect way to forget some of the bad decisions that you made earlier…because of drinking. Hmmm. This is one smart and accurate ad if you ask me.

Sleeping Arrangements

Although just about everything goes in Las Vegas, you have to think that the proprietors of this fine establishment won’t be so enthused to see a shirtless dude camping out on the floor. Especially when he isn’t even fully dressed up.

You have to hand it to him for being thorough, though: the even brought his box spring for a little-added comfort through the night! That said, gambling is an addiction and maybe this guy just took things to the complete next level.

Now That’s Talent

Once again we have to say that anything is possible in Vegas. When you’ve seen one balloon animal, you can say that you’ve seen them all. I mean, a balloon dog and a balloon cat are pretty dull at this point, but this guy’s hat? That’s truly a work of art.

He looks pretty proud of it, if I may say so myself. Now her? She doesn’t look quite as sold on his new headwear as he clearly is. We hope that his girlfriend’s new found jealousy over the balloon doesn’t wreck their relationship.

What In The World?

If you don”t have this guy figured out, I think we do. What a hot mess this is. You’ve got a rather pale shirtless man wearing bachelorette party gear, but his little faux-Asian fan shows that he’s interested in getting some tips for…what, exactly?

Looking crazy? Wearing a fanny pack and Crocs out on the street in Las Vegas? It’s unclear what service he’s really providing here. At the end of the day, this guy could likely be a homeless man trying to get some change or some fort of street performer.

What A Night

Clearly, these men had a crazy night out in Las Vegas and are feeling pretty sleepy. Unfortunately, while their plan to get some caffeine from the coffee shop was a smart one, it seems as if it was too late to prevent their narcolepsy from taking hold.

Don’t worry about them: they’ll be awake and ready to party all night again in no time. We’re sure that the crowds in Las Vegas are completely used to this kind of scene. No doubt people in Vegas go hard or go home.

It’s Your Tattoo, Also

Las Vegas may not only be the entertainment capital of the world, but also the bad choice capital of the world. Bad choices can come in many forms: 24-hour wedding chapel marriages, going all-in at the poker table, and of course, tattoos.

This particularly tattoo is wrong in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to start. “Jon Bovi,” for God’s sake? I believe that this is actually a quote from the 1980s British band Talk Talk. This will serve to always remind this man of his time in Vegas.

Missing All The Fun

This guy decided to take a little break at the slot machine and has no idea that he’s missing out on the time of his life. Instead, these three lovely ladies are just going to settle for the photo opportunity. We wonder if he ever saw this picture afterwards.

He’ll wake up at some point and be none the wiser about all of the shenanigans he missed out on as he was nodding off. If only he could have woken up as this was all happening, who knows what kind of adventure he could have went on.

Why So Tired?

There are a lot of reasons why somebody may get this tired while playing poker in Las Vegas. Lack of sleep, of course…or perhaps jet lag. The lifestyle in Las Vegas is great for a couple of days, but after awhile it begins to really take a toll on people.

It’s hard to say which of these got the better of this snoring poker player, but hopefully, she wakes up before someone makes off with her chips! Everyone in a casino is just waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on some money.

What Happens In Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. When you go to this city, many people give themselves permission to get extra wild. The city lit by lights can be a really fun and even strange place. Go there and check it out for yourselves.

There is excitement and suspense around every corner and you can never quite know how things are going to go. A woman as innocent looking as this blonde girl can be anyone in Las Vegas. You might think she’s sweet, but there might be more to her than meets the eye.

Party Mouse

What happened to Minnie Mouse? We’re going to guess that she was partying with Mario and Luigi and ended up alongside a garbage bin passed out.

So apparently, Disney characters like to go to Las Vegas when they get time off. You can’t really blame them…Disney World must get boring after a while and certainly doesn’t have the drink selection that Vegas has.

Nice Message

Las Vegas is full of smart marketing like this message at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. The pastor wants possible visitors to know that their sins are forgiven and they can come in and relax without fear of bursting into flames as soon as they walk through the door.

That’s grace for you! Hopefully, this sign helps attract some people through the doors after long weekend binges.

Finally Got Married?

Yep, that’s the “bachelorette” guy from earlier in the article. He seems to have changed his outfit up a bit though, which makes you wonder if he finally tied the knot and got married?

Let’s hope he found love, but it seems more likely that that was his Monday outfit and he switches to this one on Tuesdays.

Almost Made It

Las Vegas is a crazy place. Where else can you find a group of ladies who start the night out looking classy and drinking expensive martinis and end the night doing shots out of each others’ belly buttons and passing out outside of public restrooms?

Apparently, she almost made it to the restroom, but probably had to wait her turn and decided to take a little nap while she did.

Helpful Reminder

Every now and then, people need a bit of a reminder that while most things stay in Las Vegas, there are certain things that go home with you…such as STDs, if you aren’t careful.

Kudos to these guys for finding a funny, yet truthful, way to remind people to take precautions even when they’re out for a good time in Vegas.

You Never Know

It’s easy to make fun of this Starbucks employee for spelling “Courtney” in a pretty ridiculous way, but this particular Starbucks is located in Las Vegas, where the names can get a little bit weird.

I’m sure there have been stranger names – and spellings – than this throughout this particular baristas time in Sin City.

How Punny

Las Vegas does everything bigger, including costume parties. This guy had a pretty funny concept for his, as he became a rather literal nightstand, but you have to wonder how convenient that costume will be in a crowded bar.

The fake bottle of Viagra and other adult items were definitely a nice touch, however.

Cat Daddy

This is one cool cat. He’s so cool, in fact, that he once netted 45-year-old owner Rebecca Lemon a decent income from tourists who wanted to take a photo and leave a tip afterward.

Unfortunately, Rebecca and her cat Cheddar were put out of business by a relatively recent law that prevents owners from using animals in this way for personal profit.

Impressive ‘Do

I’ve seen some impressive hairdos, but this one really takes the cake. To not only have a mohawk that says that erect, but to get a pretty amazing airbrushing job on it to top it all off, is quite memorable.

This guy definitely loves Las Vegas and the United States (possibly in that order). He probably didn’t have to pay for any drinks that night, though.

Another Funny Hat

If you saw the couple from earlier in the article with a pair of paper hats, this woman clearly went to the same restaurant, which is Dick’s Last Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

They gave this woman a paper hat and wrote this funny saying on it, but she doesn’t seem offended at all. She definitely has a good sense of humor.

She Said Yes

If you are at all nervous about asking the lady in your life to marry you, try to do it within arm’s reach of Britney Spears, as there’s no way she’s going to turn you down with Britney right there.

These two met at a Britney Spears concert and he was lucky enough to get Britney to help him out a bit with the proposal, too.

Food Coma

When people think about all of the vices they can engage in while in Las Vegas, they often miss out on the ridiculous amounts of food available.

After all, from all-night buffets to about a thousand different pizza places, there are many ways to stuff your face after a big day (or night) in Vegas. Just ask this young lady!

Now That’s A Costume

Earlier, we saw a pretty funny costume that was a play on the phrase, “One-Night Stand,” but I think it’s fair to say that that outfit is nothing compared to this elaborate roulette table costume, which even includes a spinning roulette game!

This outfit strikes the perfect balance between sexy, clever, and just plain impressive.

Smile For The Camera

If anybody in the sports world knows how to party, NBA stars certainly do. Here’s Timofey Mozgov of the Cleveland Caveliers taking a selfie with a couple of groupies, er, fans at one of Las Vegas’ many night spots.

We’re sure that he kept the interaction with these two lovely ladies completely classy afterwards…right, Tim?

Unwilling Participants

You can only guess what’s going on in this photo. There appear to be two women who may be having an argument or just aren’t that happy to be dragged out onto the dance floor, and a third friend who is determined to have a good time no matter how annoyed it makes her friends.

I say good for her! Don’t let negative Nancys ruin your night in Vegas!

Ducky You

Normally, a photo with five lovely young ladies in Las Vegas would be a pretty sexy thing to behold, but these five have been afflicted with a disorder commonly known as “duck faceitis,” resulting in smoochy faces gone completely wrong.

Not only that, but most of them couldn’t decide whether to close their eyes, keep them open, or even whether to look at the camera!

Rough Ride

A lot of things are a bad idea after you’ve had a few drinks. Unfortunately, most of those things seem like a great idea at the time, such as riding a mechanical bull.

This woman thought she could handle the rough ride, but she was tossed off in an embarrassing fashion just like the dozens of tipsy, scantily clad women before her.

Bathing In Style

Everything is big in Las Vegas, including the tubs. This guy decided to take advantage by taking what can only be described as a deluxe bubble bath, complete with a glass of champagne to add to the festivities.

Hey, you’ve gotta get clean before you go out, so you might as well have a good time while you’re at it!

The Name Says It All

The famous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas isn’t really an exaggeration, as you can tell by looking at the huge burger on the left side of this photo.

The restaurant takes its gimmick so seriously that the waitresses dress like nurses and serve “patients” who wear hospital gowns and wristbands over their regular street clothes.

Just Say No

This photo provides yet another reminder that many bad ideas take formation in Las Vegas. In particular, “planking” is one of those bad ideas.

When people like this woman decide to start planking, you know that the trend has run its course. Not saying anything mean about this woman, who is probably very nice, but you wouldn’t exactly look to her for the coolest trends and fads.

Riding The Bus

You may have been on a party bus before, but not like this one! This party bus comes complete with a pole (which this gentleman is obviously getting a lot of use out of). Look at the faces of the other patrons!

They’re definitely impressed, and why wouldn’t you be? It’s hard enough to swing around on a pole, but on a moving bus? Even more difficult.

Just Go With It

There are a ton of pretty strange characters wandering around on the Las Vegas Strip, which means plenty of funny photo opportunities for travelers.

This particular visitor to Vegas may have bitten off more than he can chew with this gentleman, however. Did he get more than he bargained for? We can only wonder.

Super Classy

If there’s one thing that Las Vegas might struggle a bit with, it’s subtlety. Everything is pretty over the top in Sin City, especially when it comes to romance.

Maybe the cupid on the wall was enough and you didn’t really need one on the bed, the other wall, and everywhere else? All the red furniture, the heart-shaped ceiling mirror…maybe a bit much?

Return Of The Plank

Planking is just a strange thing to begin with and you have to wonder how it really ever caught on.

In any case, this likely inebriated customer decided to plank on the restaurant’s counter and the employees don’t seem to mind, judging by the smile on the manager’s face as he takes a photo of the event. It’s all in good fun, right?

Fancy Dog

Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel is no place for a basic dog. No, you have to step your game up before you venture down the Grand Canal, so this dog owner decided to bring out the French artiste in her pooch.

Unfortunately, it seems like the fancy duds probably aren’t doing a whole lot to ease the poor pup’s anxiety as they sail along.

Laundry Day

This woman is wearing the official laundry day uniform: Comfy clothes? Check. Hood up because she hasn’t done anything with her hair? Check.

Unfortunately, she needs to use fabric softener next time, because a pair of her undies seems to have attached itself to the back of her shirt. When she turns around, hopefully the Starbucks employee will see it and give her a heads up.

Follow Instructions

This isn’t the best time to disobey explicit instructions from police. However, when you’re inebriated, you often don’t make the best decisions, and this gentleman decided that he was going to finish his drink even though a police officer explicitly told him not to.

Hey, officer…he’s just trying to avoid wasting a perfectly good drink!

Typical Night

At this point, you can’t really be surprised by anything that you see in Las Vegas. Batman, the Joker, and Bane just chilling together at a fast food restaurant?

Eh, no big deal. You have to hand it to these gentlemen for going all out when it comes to their costumes, even if it is a bit strange to see them getting along so well.

So Many Questions

It would appear that the gentleman getting married at this quickie wedding parlor is dressed up as Elvis, even though Elvis is also performing the ceremony?

Or is the official conducting the ceremony supposed to be Prince? We’ll never know. And to top it all off, it looks like the lovely bride is doing a Marilyn Monroe look. Is anyone themselves in Vegas?

Classic Prank

When you’re hanging out in Las Vegas, the only thing better than throwing back some drinks with your friends is messing with them and pulling pranks.

This gentleman walked right into the famous “mess with your buddy while he’s in the shower” prank. But look at his face! It really looks like he did do something. And since it’s Vegas, that’s a safe guess.

Blue Genes

In Las Vegas, you can let your freak flag fly. There’s no better evidence of this than this photo of a pretty masculine looking dude who decided for some reason to rock a short dress, sparkly glasses, tights, and a flower on his head – all in blue.

The best thing is that nobody is even that interested in him. It’s just another day in Vegas.

You’ve Gotta Specify

When people come to Las Vegas, they come ready to party. That means you’re going to encounter a lot of strange things and distinctive…uh, smells around the hotel.

The proprietors of this hotel know this and really didn’t want to leave any room for misinterpretation when it comes to the specific rules for the floor.

Gambling Brings The World Together

When it comes to sitting around that old blackjack or poker table, you’ll see people from all different walks of life. You’ll people in their twenties playing 60-year-old men. It doesn’t matter because everyone is out for one thing and that’s to strike it rich.

While things are intense inside of any casino, they are the most intense when in Las Vegas. In a casino, you’ll an array of emotions ranging from hopeless to overjoyed. You can witness a man lose it all as another strikes it rich.

You’ve Gotta Specify

When you go to ap lace like Las Vegas you can see anything. For instance, you might run into Screech from Saved By The Bell doing a magic trick. Just kidding, we don’t think that is Dustin Diamond, although it sure looks a lot like him.

As you can see, he is showing this woman a magic trick that has something to do with a quarter. I don’t know the trick but obviously, the quarter is glued to the card or something. These magic tricks are all illusion at the end of the day.

Emptying The Bank

This is what it looks like when your trying to keep it together but have just lost everything you own at the gambling table, including your house. She doesn’t want to cry in front people, so she is trying to hold back the tears with every ounce of strength she has.

We don’t know how she is going to explain this to her husband, but hopefully, everything is okay in the end. That said, everything is final once you sit at that gambling table. You know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you start playing.

Sometimes You Win Big

Across from the girl in the picture above, is probably someone who looks like this. Smiling big because they just won a ton of money. In a lot of ways Las Vegas can be the happiest place on earth, but could also be a nightmare. This woman is definitely having a great time.

Don’t be bought by that smile though, this woman could have very been the one that lost it all. At the end of the day, it all comes down to pure luck when you’re gambling. Some win million and sadly some lose millions.

Street Magic

There is a place for everyone in Las Vegas. If your a curly haired person with glasses, sunglass or just regular old reading glasses, chances are your going to be practicing magic on the streets and trying to impress pretty girls that aren’t going to be so impressed.

We’re sure that this girl has seen this trick about hundred times since she got off the plane. When your in Las Vegas, the street magicians come in flocks and are hiding out at every corner. They are just sitting and waiting for that moment to strike.

The One And Only Las Vegas

If you’re a lover of the desert, but you can’t live without the big city, Las Vegas is definitely the place that you want to move to. The city is really an oasis in one of the world’s hottest deserts. You find another place like this in the world.

When it comes to having a great vacation, Las Vegas will definitely deliver the memories to keep you fulfilled. Las Vegas is without doubt a city that doesn’t sleep. There is no shortage to the amount of crazy that you can find there.