You Won’t Believe These Funny Yoga Photos


While many people like to show off their yoga prowess, there are also a few wonderful souls who aren’t afraid to look a little silly and show their epic fails and funny moments with the rest of us. Let’s take a note at some of the funniest yoga photos taken in recent years. Some of the photos represent complete fails, while others just show that yoga, like life, isn’t necessarily meant to be taken seriously all of the time.

That’s Not Downward Dog

This yoga dog doesn’t need a mat to show off one of his favorite poses, and now, it isn’t the downward facing dog, either. Instead, this little guy decided to jump right into the famous cobra pose. You can bet that he’s enjoying that nice stretch in his lower back that makes this pose a favorite, right?

Uncomfortable Stretch

If you need that much pressure applied to help you get a deeper stretch, you may have ascended to a level of flexibility previously unreached by mankind. In the meantime, you have to wonder why this guy showed up to hot yoga practice wearing speedos and a headband. Between his curious choice of attire and the strange pose as he stands on her back, there’s a lot to wonder about here.

I Can Do That

Like our previous dog friend, this pup is also showing off his best cobra pose. Even more impressively, he’s using a mat so he doesn’t snag the carpet with his toenails. How thoughtful! You have to admit; it’s pretty impressive to see a dog emulating a yoga video on TV. Not a bad way for a furry friend to get some exercise!

Really Getting Into It

Sure, many yoga poses are named after different animals, including everything from dogs and cats to cobras, but generally, yoga instructors don’t ask their students to actually mimic the facial expressions of said animals. This photo provides a pretty good reason why they don’t. And when has a lion ever made that face, anyway?

Stick To The Oldies

Speaking of strange facial expressions, here we see fitness icon Richard Simmons making a rather curious face while doing a pretty strange pose. Is that the “dog at fire hydrant” pose, perhaps? Between the pose, the strange orientation of his yoga mat and the crossed eyes, it may be best if Richard sticks to sweatin’ to the oldies instead.

Not Happy To Be Here

This furry feline does not look very happy to be at yoga class when she could be at home, relaxing by the window absorbing an afternoon sunbeam instead. Regardless, cats are quite flexible and even while grumpy, this cat can show the ladies behind her how they’re supposed to be doing the pose.

Now That’s Impressive

The next time somebody tries to challenge yoga’s impact on lifetime wellness, show them these three photos. Is there a better example anywhere of the fact that yoga can help you stay young and fit? Sure, it looks a little funny to see an elderly woman doing these challenging poses, but it’s also extremely impressive!

Namaste, Spider-Man

Okay, so remember the part about how we’re constantly taking familiar activities and adding a new twist to them? Here’s Exhibit A. What makes people want to dangle from the ceiling and do yoga poses upside down? Who knows, but these people look pretty happy, if a little bit silly.

Quite A Workout

Sometimes, people decide that yoga’s just not for them. This guy apparently decided that pretty early on into the class and has decided to just relax and enjoy himself instead of straining to do all the poses that his classmates are doing. He may not burn as many calories this way, but he does look relaxed!


Wait, How Do I Do That?

Yoga doesn’t come naturally to everyone. As such, this proud redneck is a little bit taken aback by how easy it looks when the ladies in the class hit the required poses. Many people get into yoga thinking it will be easy and end up looking just like this guy, wondering how others do it. Hopefully, he stuck with it!

Seal Pose?

Maybe it’s time to rename the cobra pose as the seal pose. This beach-goer just wanted to enjoy a few yoga stretches on a beautiful day near the water, but much to her surprise, she found a seal to be a partner for the day. Too bad there isn’t another photo to show how the seal adapted to the other poses!

That’s The Spot

Sometimes, yoga can be a very useful skill. This is the case, for instance, when you have an itch that you can’t quite reach and there’s nobody around to help you out, either. Looking at this woman’s impressive skills, it’s easy to guess that there’s no spot on her body she couldn’t reach, even if she needed her feet to do it.

More Like No-Ga

Some pets are simply not into fitness. They want their human owners to be focused on more important things, like feeding them and petting them constantly. This cat seems to have taken offense to its owner’s yoga workout and has taken matters into his own hands. Let’s hope that cat is declawed!

Gotta Start Somewhere

Anybody who has done yoga for any length of time has seen people like this guy at their class before. Perhaps you even were this person when you first started out! Sure, it’s a little funny to see a beginner stumble through yoga poses, but at the same time, you have to give it to this guy for doing his best.

Showing Off

Not only will yoga provide you with a way to become healthier, more balanced, and in control of your body, but it will also provide you with fun new ways to show off on social media! Take this lady for example. Why does the cobra pose on a flat surface when you can do it on your staircase railing? I think she needs to up the difficulty. How about a revolved half moon pose on the railing, instead?

How Is That Comfortable?

No matter how flexible, strong, and coordinated you are, this is pretty impressive. Not only is her balance amazing, but she’s actually smiling while holding this pose! What’s even better is that she looks like she’s just happy to help someone out here. “Oh, the bathrooms? Right over there, third door on the left!”

You Don’t Bend That Way

Although this is by no means one of the more difficult yoga stretches you’ll see online, what sets this one apart is the woman’s facial expression. Instead of having a serene look on her face, she actually looks the way most of us would look when bending our legs back at that great of an angle. Yeah, that hurts, doesn’t it? You’re not supposed to bend that far, lady!

Cold Yoga

The popularity of hot yoga shows how far people will go to take a familiar thing and find a strange little twist that somehow makes it new again. This polar bear has found the next big thing in fitness, though: cold yoga! I’m not sure if doing yoga on glaciers will become the next big thing, but this polar bear certainly looks quite pleased with it.

Help, Please!

I know the look in someone’s eyes when they need a little assistance, and trust me…something went terribly wrong here. The girl on the right appears to be completely stuck and in need of being unraveled like a pretzel. I could have saved her a lot of discomfort and warned her not to try to grab her own head with her feet, but I doubt she’d have listened.

Rear View

While yoga is about stretching, balance, and exercise, it’s also about focus, meditation, and relaxation. Well, it’s pretty hard to stay focused and relaxed when you have a dog like this one who sees fit to position his hind quarters right in your face as you hold your cobra pose. Props to this woman for keeping it together despite the distraction!

Frog Yoga

Sure, this doesn’t look quite real, but it doesn’t make it any less funny. Something about the looks on these frog’s faces reminds me of all of the Instagram yoga all-stars with their peaceful, serene expressions. Between the seriousness and the bulging eyeballs, these guys would be welcome at my yoga class anytime!

Exhale Deeply

Sure, dogs have shown us that they can do the cobra pose pretty well, but they have nothing on this kitty cat. This cat looks so focused that you have to imagine that he’s breathing in and out perfectly with the movements and everything. In typical cat fashion, he doesn’t care that he’s on a public sidewalk, either. Eh, pedestrians can walk around him until his workout’s done!

Not So Super

It’s not just those who aren’t that physically fit that find yoga a bit challenging. In these photos, we see Captain America himself, Chris Evans, attempting yoga poses to varying degrees of success. His strength is pretty impressive, but it looks like his balance could use a little work. And what’s with the socks, Chris?

Goat Ahead, Do Some Yoga

The internet is full of photos of pet owners whose dogs and cats simply don’t want to let them focus on their yoga workouts, but goats provide a whole new level of disregard for the focus of their human friends. This poor woman is trying to plank, but her adorable baby goats feel like it’s the perfect time to climb her and chew on her shoelaces.

That’s Dedication

Obviously, this guy is a bit of a beginner, but you have to hand it to him for being dedicated to making yoga work. Not only is he struggling through a pretty difficult pose without so much as a mat, but he appears to be doing so in a room about as large as your average broom closet. If he falls over, he’s going to take every piece of furniture in that tiny room with him!


Full Contact Yoga

I thought in our staircase photo earlier that we established that yoga is best done on a flat surface, A.K.A. the ground. This woman really wants to up the ante, though, and she’s a tiny slip away from a very painful landing on her kitchen floor. The sign in her kitchen says that she lives life to the fullest, but you can’t live your best life when you’re busting your schnozz after falling three feet onto your face!

Finally, Some Honesty

Now, this guy gets it! Yoga isn’t always as relaxing as people make it out to be, after all. It’s often challenging and occasionally very uncomfortable, too. This guy doesn’t feel the need to hide his discomfort, which is rare when it comes to social media sharing. On the not-so-bright side, some say that he’s still stuck in this pose to this day. Can we get a wellness check on him?