Most Hilarious Gardening Moments Caught On Film


Why Won’t This Start?

These two girls decided to try and mow the lawn. How hard can it be? Apparently pretty hard. They just can’t seem to start the lawnmower. Maybe next time they shouldn’t try to do this with heels? No matter the circumstances, it looks like they are very determined to succeed at the task. We hope it paid off!

Photoshop Fail

At a first glance, this looks like a regular photo. However, if you look closely you will realize that there is something wrong here. The shadow doesn’t match the woman! Where is her head? Guess when this girl shared the photo with her friends she decided to photoshop it a bit. However, next time she should pay attention to details!

Timing Is Everything

This lady was just enjoying a beautiful day out in her front yard. In fact, it was such a nice day, she asked her husband to capture a photo of the great moment. However, this dog had completely different plans. He felt like it was the perfect moment to go to the bathroom…Looks like he found the best spot to create the ideal photobomb.

Oh, Hey Kevin Spacey

One Saturday afternoon, this girl decided to take a stroll in the park. Little did she know, this day would turn into an epic story. As she was strolling through the park, she found a nice spot to take a photo. Meanwhile, actor Kevin Spacey happened to be nearby and saw the opportunity for a serious photobomb. I bet paparazzi would kill for a moment like this! That’s one lucky girl!

Let’s Spice Things Up

This cute couple was having a calm picnic at the garden. It was all so romantic; they simply had to take a photo to remember it all. However, it looks like someone felt left out…this dog found the perfect moment to jump. It all looks so well timed. What makes it even better is the dog’s crazy facial expression. Guess it spices things up.

Wrong Direction!

When fall arrives and the leaves begin to pile up, a leaf blower is a must have. While the leaf blower helps move debris by blowing air, this time it’s being used for a completely different purpose. Maybe this guy just needed a mouth cleanse? Or maybe it’s his first time using a leaf blower and he got a bit…confused. Anyhow, this is certainly one hilarious moment! Hopefully, he got the hang of it later on.

They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’

Now that’s one way to mow the lawn! It was that day of the week. This kid had to do his chores in order to get his weekly allowance. But he was feeling bored so he thought: let’s get creative. Why stand up and mow the lawn when you can ride your bike? This way you get your daily workout and your chores done at the same time. Plus, we’re sure it’s an extremely quick method. Maybe we should adopt this ourselves…

Best Day Ever

You know that feeling. It’s a hot summer day. You walk outside for two minutes and feel the instant urge to cool off. It looks like this dog was going through this exact experience. All he wanted was something to help fight the heat. All of a sudden he saw this sprinkler and the rest is history. It looks like a truly glorious moment. Something about sprinklers always makes dogs go crazy. In fact, there are actually several Youtube videos dedicated to “dogs and sprinklers.”

Get Out!

Every gardener’s dream is to grow the ultimate tomato garden. For this lady, all was going well. She was excited to grow the perfect tomatoes. However, then this cat came along and threatened to ruin things. Good thing she was on guard and ready to kick him out. The kid who took this picture described the moment: “caught the perfect shot of my mom trying to get the cat out of the tomato garden.”

Shower Time

We’re not sure who arrived here first. Was it the motivated gardener or the innocent salad eater? They both seem really into what they’re doing- completely ignorant to one another. Isn’t the salad eater bothered by the water behind him? Isn’t the gardener worried about getting this guy wet? This photo was captured not only in perfect timing but also at the right angle. It actually looks like this guy is getting a shower during his lunch break.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Sometimes in life things can get messy. Very messy. We’re not sure what brought this guy to this situation but it seems like there was a series of unfortunate events which led him here. That looks pretty painful. Is he sleeping? Did he get injured while gardening? Maybe he just fell and was captured at this exact moment? We’re not sure. Anyhow, we hope he didn’t remain in these bushes for too long!

Just Chillin’, You?

It was a nice day out. The last thing this guy felt like doing was trimming the hedges. However, he had no choice, he needed to get the job done. So he decided, “if I’m going to trim the hedges, why not do it like a boss?” While it doesn’t seem like the smartest solution out there, it seems to be working for him. He truly found a way to have fun while working. Good for him!

This Won’t End Well

Thinking is a crucial part of humanity. It helps us plan ahead and do things the right way. However, sometimes people simply forget to think. These situations can be disastrous. In this photo, this guy has one target in mind: cut the tree’s branch. However, this might be a bit of an issue considering the fact that he’s sitting on the very branch he wants to cut. Obviously, the cameraman understood the problematic side to this. We wonder if he warned him or just let him live with the consequences of his own actions.

Oops, Wrong Spray

This guy had a beautiful green lawn. It was the perfect entrance to his house. However, it looks like he managed to completely ruin it. One small mistake and now his lawn looks like a two-year-old’s painting. This guy probably didn’t realize he was using the wrong spray bottle. Oh well…hopefully he can find a way to fix this. At least now he can say he has a unique garden. No one could argue with that.

Your Feet Are Killing Me

If you are a true garden lover, you probably put in a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect garden. There’s nothing more irritating than working hard on your garden and then having someone step right on it. It looks like this garden lover found the best way to avoid this: guilt-tripping unwanted visitors. We sure wouldn’t want to step on this garden…

What’s That Smell?

We’re all for getting creative in the garden. The web is full of amazing do it yourself (DIY) projects just waiting to be discovered. These projects are not only fun to do but also a great way to save some cash. However, it looks like this person took the “do it yourself” trend a bit too far. Using toilets as flower pots? Not the best idea. We wonder where he found all these toilets.

You Had One Job

Whoever was in charge of setting this sprinkler clearly wasn’t thinking straight. This person had one job- position the sprinkler in the right place so that it waters the grass. However, out of all the places he could have set the sprinkler, he placed it in front of this electricity box. We’re pretty sure the electricity doesn’t need watering. What a complete fail!

Creative Gardening

This person is clearly over the traditional gardening methods. He decided it’s time to make things more efficient, even if that means taking a few risks. We’re not quite sure how this lawnmower is actually holding up but surprisingly his method seems to be working for him. Nevertheless, we would definitely not try this at home. We hope the garden was worth it!

It Was A Bit Windy Today…

These people had the perfect front lawn. They worked hard to make it beautiful. Unfortunately, nature had different plans for them. One windy day things got a bit messy and their perfect lawn turned into a total fail. So the saying “the neighbor’s grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is not always true! Well, at least no one needs to mow the grass today…

Because There’s Just So Much To Step On…

Usually when people step on the grass it can be harmful to the lawn. However, in this case, there is not much grass to step on…How did this small piece of grass even get here? And why did someone feel the need to put up this sign? We might never know the answers. All we are left to do is laugh at how much this doesn’t make sense…One thing is for sure, it won’t be hard to keep off the grass. 

Stating The Obvious

Who put up this sign? I mean, would someone really attempt to sit on this extremely sharp fence? It doesn’t look too comfy to us…We wonder why they felt the need to state the obvious with this sign. Maybe in the past someone tried to sit on the fence? If that did happen we would like to see the evidence. That could be one funny video.

Spring Is Here?

If you live in a cold area, you know the feeling. The weather has been cold for months, the snow won’t stop falling. There’s nothing you want more than the arrival of spring. It looks like this family was sick of the winter and decided to get creative. They thought, “if spring won’t arrive, we’ll take matters into our own hands.” Drawing flowers on snow is almost like the real deal, no?

Is It A Tree Monster?

This photo is definitely a perfect example of gardening gone wrong. Whose idea was it to put this bench so close to the tree? Trees have been on earth for about 370 million years, they’re strong and able to survive many different circumstances. So it’s no wonder this tree just continued growing over the bench. What a total fail!

Creative Gardening

Here’s another attempt at creative gardening. Why use the typical flowerpot when you can mix it up and use lingerie? Nowadays, everyone is trying to stay green and recycle. While recycling is certainly helpful with reducing energy waste and pollution, it doesn’t work with everything. At the end of the day, we’re pretty sure your neighbors don’t want to see your lingerie hanging outside like this.

In Case Of Zombies…

It looks like this guy is a real professional when it comes to gardening. Just look at all these tools. It seems like he has a solution for every gardening need out there. We love his ability to laugh at himself. The sign reads “in case of zombies…or yard work.” Because seriously, who needs this many gardening tools? The next time there is a zombie apocalypse, we’ll know where to go.

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

It’s always fun to decorate your garden. The best part is getting creative.  After all, why should you be conventional when you can be unique? We love this hilarious spoof of the regular garden gnome. It looks like this sculpture came straight out of some crazy monster movie called “The Great Garden Gnome Massacre.” We are sure many movie lovers would enjoy watching that.


Fake It ‘Till You Make It

The neighbor’s grass is always greener. Or in this case… the neighbor’s grass is only an illusion. If you can’t water your grass, why not paint it and make it look green? Unfortunately, California has a terrible drought. Homeowners are forced to get creative when it comes to gardening. While spray painting grass may be a great solution to saving water, it certainly is a funny one as well. The next time you visit California, don’t let the green lawns fool you- it’s all an illusion.


A Redneck Bird Feeder

Nowadays many people use bird feeders. The device, placed outdoors, supplies birds with seeds or bird food. It’s great for bird-watching or just for helping out the animal. But why go out and purchase a bird feeder when you can make your own? It looks like this person found a great life hack- using a toilet plunger as a bird feeder. However, while it may help save money, it’s not the prettiest solution there is.

Beware Of The…?

In certain areas in nature, it is important to warn people of possible dangers. From time to time we hear stories on the news of travelers encountering unwanted visitors in nature such as foxes, bears, and snakes. However, it looks like someone here decided to make fun of visitors with this sign: “beware of the….” The rest of the sign is “bitten.” Guess some bear was hungry?


Almost A Tropical Resort

Everyone wants a nice garden or balcony. These outside areas are the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Usually, a nice garden or balcony consists of some flowers, patio chairs, maybe a water fountain…However, this guy was not into the traditional decorations. He wanted to go to his balcony and feel like he was visiting some tropical resort at the Carribean. So he got himself a palm tree. However, the tree looks a bit lonely there and a bit detached from the rest of the scenery…


In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

While most children nowadays prefer to spend their time at home in front of the TV or their iPad, this family does things differently. They decided to build a tree house inspired by the epic space film Star Wars. Someone spotted this treehouse in their neighborhood and posted it on Imgur. The post got many comments. One person noted, “parenting. You’re doing it right” while another said, “my childhood was disappointing in comparison to pretty much everyone who’s on Reddit/Imgur.”


Someone Is Rising From The Dead…

Imagine walking around your neighborhood. It’s night-time. No one is on the street except for you. Things start to get a bit spooky when all of a sudden you see something in your neighbor’s lawn. As you get closer you realize it’s a skeleton bone rising from the dead! Seems like a pretty scary situation to us! However, luckily this decoration is only meant to be used during Halloween time.


When My Wife Mows The Lawn

Mowing the lawn can be tough. It looks like this attempt ended in disaster. Whoever was mowing this lawn was obviously so motivated they didn’t notice the fence located right in front of them. This photo was posted online with the caption “when my wife mows the lawn.” Guess garden work is not for everyone. Hopefully, she managed to jump off in time…

Nailed It

Sprinklers are a great invention. They help water crops, lawns, and other areas when there is no rain. That is if they’re used the right way. These people obviously wanted to keep their grass green. However, for some reason, their sprinklers were only watering one part of the lawn. Now one part is beautifully green while the other is dying out. Yep, they totally nailed it. (Or not).

How Rude!

Neighbors can be a great thing. They can help us when we need to borrow milk or they can share with us their BBQ leftovers. However, some people are simply bad neighbors. Whoever created this shrub was obviously not feeling too friendly. And by the looks of it, his neighbor did not take it too well. Guess there will be no BBQ sharing between these two.