The Funniest Skiing Photos Ever Caught On Camera


Skiing With Sheep

There is actually a heroic story behind this photo. Skier Pete Oswald was in the Hector Mountains in New Zealand doing a photo shoot. He spotted a 40-kilogram ewe rolling down the mountain. He quickly picked up the struggling animal and skied it down the mountain to safety. The ewe had a bloody nose, but Oswald saved him.

Simpsons Skiier

If you are a Simpson’s fan, you may remember when Ned Flanders sported a sexy outfit on the slopes. This woman had the perfect idea to recreate that look. Her outfit is almost an exact replica of Ned’s. However, we are not sure how well it would actually withstand the elements.

Pay Attention

When you see a sign like this, one most likely thinks “DUH!” However, these signs are there for a reason. Normally ski resorts do not waste their money on signs just to waste their money. This resort must have seen lots of accidents with trees. Therefore, they must have felt the need to further express to their customers that “trees don’t move.”

Not The Best Outfit

Skiing normally requires a few things, skis, and a nice warm outfit. Most people wear heavy jackets, snow pants, and even goggles. Unfortunately, it looks like this woman did not get that memo. She is wearing thin stockings as well as a denim skirt. Not the best water-repellent clothing. At least she’ll look good while gliding down the slopes.

Forgot A Belt

Believe it or not, this is a picture of an expert skier, an Olympian nonetheless. However, he somehow forgot that wearing very baggy, loose-fitting clothing is not the best idea. The slopestyle skier, Henrik Harlau, was competing in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi when his baggy pants got caught on his skis. Unfortunately, Harlau did not make it to the podium those games.

Take Caution

Most people have the common sense to understand that certain areas are dangerous and blocked off for a reason. However, so many people often ignore their own good senses and make a wrong choice. That is why these types of signs are needed. If you happen to venture off so far from the designated areas of a ski resort, you too may come across a sign like this.

Scared Skier

For those who did not grow up skiing, it can be tough to learn. It takes strength, balance, and coordination. Those three things combined with the fear of falling can lead to disaster for any person. This woman did not realize how intense skiing can actually be and her sense of fear is caught in this photo. Hopefully, someone was able to help her.

Guess What Day It Is?

We have no idea why, but these two ladies decided to wear a camel costume down the slopes. As the costume is lined with fur, it certainly must be keeping them warm. However, the costume is also one piece and therefore, the two women are forced to ski extremely close together. This must mean they are seasoned skiers as they seem to be handling the obstacle well.

Wrong Way

All skis, although some are more advanced than others, are essentially built the same way. The ski itself is a long slick material that easily glides across the snow. On top of this long piece is an attachment that binds to a person’s ski boots. Therefore, there is a part for the heel and the toe that align with this attachment. It must be this woman’s first time skiing because she clearly does not know that.

Silly Sign

If you are a seasoned skier, you will understand why this sign is so hilarious. To those who are not avid skiers, this is a sign that points to the different level of difficulties amongst the slope. The green is the easiest and double black diamond is the most difficult. The writing next to each symbol is a metaphor to describe the difficulty.

Funny Masks

There are a few accessories that every expert siker would suggest buying for the slopes. On that list, one might find a helmet, goggles and even a facemask to protect yourself from the elements. One company decided to have a little fun with the masks. They imprinted animals on it. Therefore, don’t let your eyes confuse you, as this is not a cute dog siking down the slope, just a human wearing a funny mask.

Bathroom Views

This photo will definitely make you do a double take. At first glance, it looks like a toilet is about to head down the slopes. But, look closer. It is actually a bathroom. Someone loved skiing so much that he or she decided to bring it indoors, and more specifically, to their bathroom. Now he or she and all of his or her guests can experience the thrill of skiing during any season.

Lego Man

Costumes have always been a staple on the slopes. It is very rare when you head to a resort that you can go a day without seeing one. However, the costumes usually do not interfere with the skiing. This costume, however, certainly will make the person less aerodynamic. Luckily, it’s a very well put together costume and definitely caused a great photo.

Bathroom Signs

Signs at ski resorts are often the second best thing to the actual skiing, as they are frequently hilarious. This resort used the metaphor of getting off the ski lift as going to the bathroom. Hopefully, those searching for the restroom also understood the joke or else they may be in trouble.

Is That A Baby?!

Another perfectly executed costume for the slopes. This picture definitely makes you do a double take as the baby mask almost perfectly matches the man skin. It really does look like a baby is about to ski down the slope. If this man falls, he will certainly be crying like a baby, as he has nothing to protect his skin from the cold snow.

Goggle Tan

If you have spent a lot of time on the slopes, you know there is always that unavoidable consequence – goggle tan lines. If you did not know the culprit behind this photo, one might think this man has funny facial hair or is even wearing makeup. However, he just spent a lot of time shredding on the slopes. His tan line is a symbol of his adventures.

Beginner’s Luck

OK, so this photo is not actually real. However, someone who has been skiing took to photoshop to create what he believed is the most honest description of the beginner’s slope. “Hundreds and hundreds of people” and “first day skier that falls without reasons” are only two of the biggest obstacles you will encounter. This should definitely be printed on a real sign and posted at ski resorts everywhere.

So Doggone Funny

Animals are very talented. If trained correctly, they can do almost anything (except maybe something that requires thumbs). If you are extra attentive, you can even teach your dog to wear a hat, stand on some skis, and take this adorably funny photo. We wonder if the little guy can also actually ski. Either way, he is paw-sitively adorable.

Trees Hurt

Just another hilarious sign to show you that ski resorts are low-key comedians. This resort, like one previously featured, most have had some problems with people running into trees. Therefore, they put up this sign that says “Trees Hurt Slow Down.” Not sure if anyone actually reads this sign, but at least if something happens again, the resort can say the skier was warned.

More Money, More Snow

This is a tip jar at a bar located on a ski resort. We are sure the bartenders are great at their job and offer excellent service. However, to entice their customers to tip just a little more, they added a nice incentive note on their tip jar. The note reads “the more you tip the more it snows.”

Santa Is Real

Around the holiday season, many people like to dress up as Santa Clause to bring holiday cheer. However, it seems that all of these people had the same idea and headed to the slopes. Do you think this is the world record for most Santas on a ski lift at once? Are the reindeer headed up the lift next?

Does That Happen Often?

Public bathrooms are some people’s worst nightmares. Often times they are not cleaned well and are, therefore, very unsanitary. In order to avoid touching germs, people may try to figure out creative ways to flush the toilet. Apparently, using your ski or snow boots is a popular way to flush the toilet at this resort. It is so popular that they felt the need to put up a sign.

Who Needs A Fancy Resort?

Many people choose to go to ski resorts to enjoy a day on the slopes. However, a one day pass to a ski resort can be outrageously expensive. Therefore, to save some money, this guy built a slope in his own backyard. Not only is it cheaper, but it is less crowded, and there are never any long lines waiting for the lift. However, the safety may be lacking.

Bearded Beauty

We have already seen one hilarious face mask. However, this one takes the cake. Is it a male or female wearing this knitted beard? We do not know. What we do know is that a mask like this will definitely protect the skier from the elements and keep him or her nice and warm.

Watch Where You Sit

Another hysterical sign from a ski resort. However, this one is so hilarious because it wasn’t meant to be funny. The sign was posted to show skiers how to sit down on the lift. However, the placement of the chair and how the person is bending over makes the imagination wander. However, apparently to the designer, it was a perfect depiction of a person sitting on a chair.

Stilt Skiing

With many sports, there are stunt professionals that can do crazy tricks. However, this one may take the cake. Skiing on stilts not only takes skill but it also takes courage. Falling down while skiing hurts enough. Now, imagine falling an extra 6 feet. Do not try this at home kids.

Monster Snowman

When you and your family are spending the weekend a ski resort, skiing isn’t the only activity around. There is always tubing, snowboarding, and even just playing in the snow. This family took advantage of all the good packing snow around them and built this hilarious snowman. Don’t worry; the boy didn’t actually stuff his little brother in the snowman.

Snowball Fight

What is the weekend in the mountains without a snowball fight? (Not a great one if you ask me.) Although we do not advise bringing your camera to a snowball fight, luckily, someone did during this particular fight. Maybe it was due to superior photography skills or maybe it was just luck, but someone was able to capture the most perfectly timed snowball fight photo ever.

Six Fingers

There are always rules when riding a chairlift, specifically how to sit and how many people can fit. This chairlift can fit six people. How do you know? Because the sign says so and it also has a hand pictured with six fingers. It is just bizarre. The artist should have possibly decided to include two hands instead of one, as the majority of people have five fingers.

Coordinated Corgi

What’s funnier than seeing a person gliding down the slopes in costume? Seeing a corgi gliding down the slopes in a costume, of course! This well trained little guy must love purple as he is sporting purple goggles, a purple jacket and using purple skis. One thing is for sure; this adorable boy deserves lots of treats!