Funniest NCAA Photos Out There


It’s time to get some hot dogs, a cold beer, and grab a seat. No, you are not going to watch another NCAA game, but be prepared for a serious performance. The NCAA regulates athletic games of over 1,000 institutions and works with almost half a million college student-athletes. With these numbers, things are bound to go wrong from time to time. We found some of the funniest NCAA moments caught on camera. From cheerleading gone wrong to some weird mascots, we covered it all. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just an occasional spectator, you will love these hilarious photos.

Creative Celebrations

The thrill of winning can bring about creative ways to celebrate. As the Irish appeared on the big screens, they got inspired and decided to imitate a dog walker. How random! Christine Halfpenny, the coach pointed out, “I don’t see many of the celebrations until they’re replayed, and they’re HILARIOUS.” Looks fun. Sign us up?

Cheerleader Down

Football can be a dangerous sport at times. Players usually endure hundreds of injuries every season. But what about the cheerleaders? Apparently, they are fair game. The Ohio State University players were so excited to start the game; they almost ran over one of their cheerleaders. In other words, the “O” flag from “O-H-I-O” was down. Thankfully, the cheerleader was not seriously injured. Oh well, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.

Twisted Gymnast

Gymnastics requires coordination, flexibility, balance and…grace? Well, that’s kind of hard to achieve when your photo is taken mid-air. Fully determined, Penn State’s Lexi Carroll does her best during her dismount of uneven bars.  Unfortunately, the team ended up losing by one point. Maybe next time.

Original Mascot

Sometimes good luck can come from unexpected places. While you may have seen Big Al, the elephant mascot, or Otto the Orange, here’s a more original approach. Wright State accidentally hit a deer with their team bus and decided to bring the deer to the game! They ended up winning two series and crowned the deer as their good luck charm.


Someone Is Hungry

Being an athlete can be tough sometimes. So tough, you forget to eat? While the UNC celebrated a slam dunk against Providence, one player was spotted making what looks like eating signs. We’re all for celebrating with a good meal! Good thing the photographer was there to capture this awesome moment.

Go With The Flow

Send your team to Wal-Mart and who knows what they will bring back. LSU’s coach sent his players to get some snacks, and they returned with a live fish! They decided it will be their good luck charm and named it Juanita. They even brought Juanita into the dugout in hopes of beating Auburn. When asked about it at a press conference, the team couldn’t hold back their laughter. Careful not to knock down the aquarium during the heat of the game!

Sad Teletubby

Being a dedicated fan is not all fun and games. During a National Championship game where Wisconsin lost to Duke, one sad Teletubby was spotted in the crowd. The fan came to the game with high expectations but ended up very disappointed. It wasn’t long before the sad Teletubby became a viral meme. While CBS Sports tweeted the photo and compared it to a sad scene from the movie “The Notebook,” coach Carson Cunningham tweeted, “loosing: it’s much worse when you wear a Teletubby suit.”


Teletubbies Gone Wild

From one sad Teletubby to a few shocked ones. From the looks of it, the Hoosiers fans aren’t too pleased with whatever it is they are witnessing. While everyone is either shocked or sad, the guy on the left (with the grey sweater) looks indifferent. But the highlight of this photo is the group of Teletubby fans whom seem too focused on the game to remember they are still wearing their playful costume. I guess clothes really don’t make the man.

Picking A Winner

When you’re under the public eye, things can go wrong. But it seems Jordan Henriquez is fearless. While photographers of the NCAA have captured a range of embarrassing moments, nose picking is definitely at the top of the list. However, Henriquez doesn’t look slightly embarrassed. His passion for the sport….as well as nose picking…is undeniable. The camera is fully focused on his glorious nose-picking moment yet his stare is hardcore, his face says, “don’t mess with me.” Who knows, maybe he’s picking a winner?

Nothing But Net

Being a cheerleader can be harsh… especially when you need to look cheerful all the time. While cheerleaders can usually be found up in the air, this cheerleader’s routine was taken one step too far. As she was cheering enthusiastically, she got dunked like a basketball. How awkward. Maybe the team scored some points for making this basket? We hope so.

Upside Down

Eagle Eyes

When competing, it’s important to get into character. This is exactly what the Florida Gulf Coast players did as they jokingly stared at the crowd with their “eagle eyes” during a pep rally. This is the type of team spirit needed to win. Hopefully, their facial expressions continued to be this upbeat after the game was over.

Gotta Itch

Every coach has a play calling system or a sophisticated way to communicate with players. Hand gestures and signals can signify to the players whether to speed up, slow down, change position, etc. However, some signals are better left out. This coach was probably so focused on winning the game; he didn’t realize how ridiculous this looks. Or maybe his nose was itchy. Anyhow, it makes for a funny capture.

Defying Gravity

Fans of the Fighting Irish were on the edge of their seat. The game was close, and no win was for certain. However, a last-second tip in sealed their fate as winners of the game. Naturally, after all that tension, this amount of excitement was inevitable. The team performed all sorts of jumps and hugs as they celebrated their victory and this comic group photo was captured.


Army Intelligence

Whether it’s using a costume, a poster, or loud cheering- showing support for your team is what makes the game ten times more fun. After all, what is a game without healthy competition and team loyalty? The fans in this photo decided to make a clever poster and roast the competing team. Nailed it!


Who Doesn’t Love Breakfast

If you want to catch the photographer’s attention at an NCAA game, creativity is key. These BYU fans decided to abandon the standard animal costume and come together to create a “breakfast” costume. Seems like a standard breakfast…except for the hot dog? Anyhow, it seems like Halloween came early this year. We won’t object to that…


Free Throw Faces

One way to win is to distract the opponent. Free throw distractions are very popular among sports fans worldwide. Spectators have made a habit of using extreme measures to distract rival teams. This includes screaming, waving and yes- big head cutouts. This fan decided to make his craziest face into a cutout and use it to confuse the players. Later on, this became a trend adopted by many. Competition can sure make for some annoying fans!



Coincidence? I think not! We wonder how long it took for Alabama fans to come up with this one. LSU versus Alabama was a big game with much tension in the air. It seems Alabama fans were determined to make fun of their opponent, and no rain would stop them from doing so. We aren’t sure if it helped them win, but it certainly caught the media’s attention.

Do You Smell That?

Playing basketball is hard work. Players can get sweaty…and smelly? It seems that as Bobby Portis works the ball, he has encountered some weird smell. Or maybe he is looking to become the next viral meme. Whatever the reason, he seems bewildered. Hopefully, he won’t let distractions get to him. Portis, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball!

Lost Something?

Rule number one in sports: don’t lose sight of the ball! It seems that in the heat of the game, nothing could stop this player. Even if this means jumping over tables to get to the missing ball. The other people in the shot don’t seem too pleased with his apparent perseverance. At least they are holding him up so he won’t fall.

Oh, I Think I Found A Cheerleader

“Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader, she is always right there when I need her.” Or him? Arizona State fans are very creative when it comes to their curtain of distraction during free throws. From twerking animals to kissing unicorns, they have it all. Even guy cheerleaders with skirts and wigs. The crazy part? It actually works; according to a statistical analysis by The Upshot. Guess the opponents are in for a challenge.


Bench celebrations are an inseparable part of sports culture and are evident in every game. However, Monmouth University’s basketball team is known for having a particularly funny way of celebrating. Their joy is always over the top, and their creative celebrations surely steal the spotlight. They even have a twitter account called “Monmouth Bench” with over 13,000 followers and USA Today has noted that they “may have assembled the greatest bench squad in college basketball history.” We’re loving the victory headstand in this photo!

Welcome To The Gun Show

We all know that feeling- something good happens and you get the sudden urge to do a victory jump. Since Sandy Morris is a professional pole vaulter, this jump surely comes naturally. In this photo, Morris is jumping with joy at the NCAA indoor track and field championship after breaking a personal record. Work those muscles and don’t forget- the sky is the limit!

Samuel L. Jackson

Sometimes it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. What do you get when Lousiville’s Traveon Samuel and Lamar Jackson sit next to each other at a game? Samuel L. Jackson! Not only did these two sit next to each other and create this hilarious coincidence, but they were also right in front of the TV crew, making the irony unmissable to all.


Grimacing Gymnast

Flying from bar to bar while attempting to maintain the perfect form is hard work. Added to that is the pressure of everyone scrutinizing your every move: judges, competitors, and the audience. No wonder UCLA’s Monique de La Torre has a hard time keeping a straight face. Stay strong Monique, and don’t forget- there’s no success without a little pain.

Perfect Portraits

Meet Evan Seltzer. Seltzer was a soccer player at Vassar College. Like every athlete, he had to take a photo for the online roster. However, sitting and smiling at the camera, as most people do, was not good enough for Seltzer. He had to go above and beyond. Although he kept it pretty simple for his freshman year photo, by his senior year, he was sporting a style that can only be described as a 360-degree chinstrap.


A brick in basketball is when a shot attempt hits the rim and bounces off. It is a player’s worst nightmare as the bounce back could end up anywhere. College fans love to try to get in the heads of their school’s opponent. This student section decided to build a huge brick in hopes that it may distract the player on the free throw line.


Rockin’ Out

The University of Wisconsin loves their football. The fans express their love of the sport so much that they dress up in costume. You may see some pretty wild attire such as people dressed as the band Kiss or even a group of nuns. However, are these women dressed up or are they actually super ecstatic fans? Either way, we love their spirit! God bless ladies!


I Feel Pretty

Basketball can get intense. With all the jumping and passing, you never know where the ball may end up. This shot was perfectly timed as it looks like one player was trying to balance the ball on a defender’s head like a hat. Furthermore, it seems the player was enjoying it and even modeling his new hat for spectators. Should we anticipate a new career path?


Caught Off Guard

Student-athletes always have to be on their best behavior. They are constantly being watched by teachers and coaches and are expected to follow all the rules. They are also watched closely on the court, not only by refs and fans but also photographers. If they are not careful, a photographer could capture a not so great photo. Unfortunately, there is only so much an athlete can do to control their facial expressions while playing the sport.


Hurdles Are Hard

Hurdling is not an easy sport to compete. It takes speed, agility, and strength. Only the very best in the country can compete at the top level, especially at schools where these two ladies attend. Both Oregon and Kentucky have great track and field programs. You can definitely see the intensity of their passion on their faces.