Funniest Mexican Photos Out There


You gotta love Mexico. There’s burritos, sombreros, and Cinco De Mayo! The Mexican culture is full of tasty food, fun celebrations, unique outfits, and an awesome language. If you want a good laugh, look no further. We found some of the funniest Mexican photos out there. You can find here everything from huge sombreros to donkeys in gas stations. Read on.

I’ll Have A Diet Coke With That

You may know all of the traditional Mexican meals: tacos, burritos, and fajitas. But have you ever seen this Mexican…sandwhich? It looks like nothing was left out of this recipe- from cheese to avocado to meat- this meal truly has it all. We wonder how long it took to create such a huge sandwich. Can we have a diet coke with that?

You Had One Job

If you only have one job to do, it can’t be too hard, right? Wrong! This Taco Bell worker had to fill this taco for the customer. However, the simple task turned out to be an epic fail! The worker must have confused the cardboard for the taco and put the filling in the wrong place. At least the customer got a funny photo out of it.

Mexican Recliners

These guys were busy working when all of a sudden they got tired. They had no place to rest so they decided to get creative and create their own “recliners.” After this photo was taken, it wasn’t long before it became a viral meme which read, “Mexican recliners, now available at Home Depot.” We’re all for creative solutions. Hope it was comfy!

That’s One Way To Ride The Subway

These people were riding the subway as part of their daily routine when all of a sudden they saw this man on the ceiling. Looks like he was sick of the traditional way of riding the train and decided to spice things up a little. He definitely got a few laughs and confused faces. We’re all for thinking outside the box! But what happens when there’s a sudden stop?

Say Hello To Your New President

During a parade in Mexico for the pope, this dog was spotted walking through. It looks like he thought the parade was for him, just look at his happy expression. The photo became viral on “Reddit” and many hilarious comments followed, including: “dog backwards spells god” and “his face looks like a happy old man that’s just had his entire life’s work justified.”

How You Doin’?

Animals in sombreros are simply the best. But animals in sombreros and a mustache? Even better. This adorable dog has adopted the Mexican lifestyle head to toe with his tiny sombrero and mustache. The look definitely suits him and it seems like he’s enjoying every moment. He is looking straight at the camera, ready for his close-up and probably thinking, “how you doin’?”

Lets Taco About It

Taco Bell, a chain of Mexican-inspired meals, is very popular in the USA. They serve tacos, burritos, nachos and more. However, it looks like this Taco Bell branch had not only good food but also a good sense of humor. Their sign reads, “need a job, lets taco bout it.” We love the play on words. Where do we sign up?

Make Some Room

Motorcycle riding is very popular in Mexico. Since the country has relatively warm weather, you spot motorcyclists all year round. While it’s already a dangerous form of transportation, this guy just made it worse. For some reason, the girl riding with him needed extra comfort on the bike and so they decided to add a chair. Interesting technique.

Time To Shave

The traditional Mexican mustache, also known as the curled mustache, is very popular nowadays. Men love growing it and flaunting a Wild West look. However, it seems that this guy has taken the trend a bit too far. He hasn’t trimmed his mustache in a while and it has grown way too long. Well, it sure does give him a unique look!

Happy Hour

The sombrero is a cultural symbol in Mexico. Since wearing a sombrero is a great way to celebrate, its no wonder animals want to get in on the fun. Apparently, this dog has had too much fun and is so tired he fell asleep in a cup. This is truly an adorable scene. We love how the sombrero fits him perfectly.

Taco Fail

We love tacos. What’s so good about them is that they can be filled with all kinds of dishes: chicken, pork, fish, beans, guacamole and more. But spaghetti? That’s a first. This is definitely a taco fail- these two dishes do not work together. We’re not quite sure what this cook was thinking but we have a feeling no one ended up finishing this meal!

Haters Gonna Hate

Sombreros play a huge part of Mexican society. The styles range from region to region. But here’s one style you don’t see every day. That is one huge sombrero! Maybe this guy really doesn’t want to get sunburned. Whatever the reason may be- he is rocking that hat! We love how nonchalant he is.


Is The Party Over Yet?

Cinco De Mayo celebrations occur every year in May. It is a fun holiday full of parades, music, food, and lots of dancing. The owners of this dog clearly wanted him to join in on the fun festivities. However, he was not into it- to say the least. This dog is definitely ready for this holiday to be over.


Very Punny

Juan is a popular name and since it sounds a lot like “one,” people love making “Juan” jokes. This restaurant made good use of the play on words and named their place “Juan In A Million” (which can be read as “one in a million.”) The place, open since 1980 in Austin, serves homemade Mexican meals. And the best part? Juan loves to shake hands with each customer who enters the door.


It Was A Long Day

Sometimes work can be tough. So tough that you must sleep, no matter the circumstances. It looks like this guy, spotted at Playa del Carmen (a resort town in Mexico), was so tired he decided to get creative and create a bed using two tables. While it may not be too comfortable, it looks like it works fine for him. Sweet dreams!


Call Juan, He’ll Save The Day

Nowadays, everywhere you look you see signs. This abundance has created competition and now everyone is trying to capture our attention. One great way to gain some customers is by making them laugh. It looks like this taco place has found a clever way to do that. The play on words and sarcasm is sure to make any customer check out their tacos.



Food Coma

Sometimes a big meal can give you a food coma- or a strong desire to sleep. Looks like these guys had too much to eat and fell asleep at the restaurant. They just couldn’t wait and had to rest right then and there. What makes this moment even better is their matching sombreros and colorful outfits.


When The Movers Cancel On You

Another hilarious moment spotted in the resort town, Playa del Carmen. These guys had to move this armoire but had no car to do it. Instead, they decided to move it using their two bikes. It’s a surprise that they made it this far. Hopefully, everything made it in one piece. Who knows- maybe after this they can open their own moving company?


Caution! Or Is It Too Late?

The American crocodile can be found in several countries including Peru, Venezuela, Cuba…and Mexico. The crocodile can be dangerous and attack humans. That is why this sign reads “cuidado” or caution. Unfortunately, the other half of the sign was ripped off. That’s quite ironic considering the fact that it’s a sign warning of crocodiles. We can’t help but wonder if a crocodile took a bite.

It Looks Alive

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday which focuses on remembering those lost loved ones. The holiday includes parades, costumes, and dolls. This dog was taken out for his daily walk when all of a sudden he spotted another “dog.” Since this fake dog is part of the Day of the Dead, it looks a bit threatening. This dog looks very concerned and is ready to put up a fight.

Plug It In The Palm Tree?

Mexico is full of palm trees. In fact, some of the world’s most beautiful palm trees can be found in Mexico. However, for some reason, this palm tree became a power outlet. We’re not sure how this happened but it looks like a messy situation. Just plug it in the…palm tree? Nope, that doesn’t sound quite right…


Worst Christmas Tree Ever

Everyone loves Christmas. One of the best parts of the holiday is choosing a tree and decorating it with ornaments. However, sometimes things don’t always work out as planned. This sign reads “arbolitos de davidad, $100.” In other words, “Christmas trees, $100.” However, this tree being sold is very disappointing. It definitely doesn’t feel like holiday spirit.


We Found The Perfect Spot

One very popular pastime in Mexico’s coastlines is scuba diving. People from all over the globe go to Mexico’s beach destinations to dive underwater and discover the world of fish and coral reefs. The divers in this photo enjoyed their underwater experience so much they decided to have a meal in the ocean. That’s one dinner they won’t forget!

Sleep Tight

In countries where the weather is warm, a siesta, or a short nap taken in the afternoon, is tradition. The word siesta means “sixth hour,” or the sixth hour since dawn. This guy found the perfect spot for his siesta but the sun was in the way. Good thing he had his sombrero to provide him with some shade. It looks like the perfect nap!

That’s One Tiny Sombrero

Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated every year on September 16th. On this day, there’s a huge “fiesta” or celebration throughout Mexico. This includes parades, fireworks, music, and food. This Independence Day, the guy in the photo was definitely feeling patriotic. He decided to paint his face with the colors of the Mexican flag and wear a sombrero. However, that’s a very tiny sombrero for a man like himself!


These Boots Are Made For Walkin’…Or Not?

Mexican pointy boots have become a trend in Mexico. It began in a rural town and later swept some parts of Texas. Later on, they even appeared on the runway in Paris. The bizarre trend left many speechless. The shoes are generally worn by men who enjoy dancing to electronic music. It must take some skill to dance with these shoes!

I’m Nacho Friend

Here’s another street sign guaranteed to make you smile. This one is about an argument between a taco and a nacho. The taco asks the nacho “why don’t you wanna taco ’bout it?” and the nacho answers “’cause I’m nacho friend anymore.” Aw, how sad. We love the play on words and skilled drawing!

A Case Of Bad Placement

Marketing and branding are all about capturing the audience’s attention. Good branding can help differentiate one company or person from the rest. But it looks like this sign stood out and caught our attention for the wrong reasons. While they were to trying to gain a wider audience, they accidentally placed Gabriela’s face on the bus light. This made her look like she has a mustache. Oops!


When Cinco De Mayo Is Coming Up

Every year, Mexicans wait for Cinco de Mayo (translated as the Fifth of May). The holiday has gained popularity worldwide and is now a big part of the country’s heritage. The celebrations include festivals, parades, and lots of food and drinks. The family in this photo was spotted shopping with a very large amount of drinks. Guess Cinco de Mayo is coming up.

Gotta Fill Gas

Donkeys are known as a symbol of Mexican culture. In Otumba, Mexico, every year there is an annual festival honoring the Mexican burro! This guy seems to love his donkey so much he has made him his main form of transportation. However, for some reason, he was spotted at a gas station looking like he wants to fill gas. Someone here must be confused…