Funniest Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera


Is there anything better than spending a day on the water fishing? It can be as relaxing or as intense as you may want. Some people prefer to go deep sea fishing while others prefer to fish off the coast. Despite the overall relaxed atmosphere, a day of fishing can lead to a day full of mishaps. Luckily, most people go fishing with friends, and many of these mishaps have been caught on camera. Keep reading to see the funniest fishing photos ever caught on camera.

Catch Of The Day

Fishing is full of surprises. When you sit with your fishing rod for hours, you never know what to expect. This lucky man seems to have won the fishing life jackpot. Look at the size of this fish! With such a catch, anyone would want to show off, and that’s exactly what this man is doing here by emphasizing how big this fish actually is. Lucky for him, his wife doesn’t mind playing along.

The Power Of Nature

Never underestimate the power of nature. Or fish? This guy seems to have found himself in quite a struggle. Whatever it is that he caught- it seems to be putting up a fight. But this man is determined to win the war. Just look at that grip. We guess fishing is not all fun and games. We hope the hard work paid off at least!

Seize The Moment

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. While pulling up a chair and fishing rod isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when a flash flood occurs, it looks like this man is enjoying himself. After all, isn’t that what fishing is all about? Hopefully, he inspired others to take it easy and make the best out of the unfortunate situation.

A Smart Fish

Fishing is not as mindless as it seems. You have to outsmart the fish. Unfortunately, sometimes the fish sees through your trickery and outsmarts you. Take, for example, this fish. It realized that the bait being dangled in front of him was dangerous. To further prove his point, he swam right underneath the poles and right in front of the fishers to show off his intelligence.

Rule Breakers

Signs are always posted for a reason. Whether you like it or not, you have to stop at stop signs and obey speed limit signs. However, when it comes to this “no fishing from bridge” sign, everyone for someone reason chose not to obey. This must be a great spot to fish. Otherwise, these men most likely wouldn’t risk getting in trouble.

Caught In A Net

Using a rod is the most popular way to fish. However, there are several other tools you can use as well. The second most popular tool to catch fish is with a net. However, it is less used than a rod, as it is much more difficult. This woman, however, looks fearless with her net. She is so good with a net; she decided to sport it on her head as well. We aren’t going to knock it as her wardrobe is clearly helping her catch some fish.

Fish Photos

This snorkeler may not have set out in his underwater journey to catch any fish, but he certainly caught something. Luckily, for the internet, this swimmer dove into the depths with a very talented friend, who was able to catch this perfectly timed photo. Before you decide to cast out your reel, take a dive underneath the surface, and you too may be able to catch more than you originally planned.

I Got Ya Buddy

Is there anything better than spending a day on the water fishing with your best buddy? The answer is no. However, sometimes the mood can be ruined if you happen to drop your favorite lure in the water. Some people may just count it as a loss and keep moving, while others understand the rarity of finding a great lure. Luckily, this guy had his friend there to help him out when he decided to go in after it.

When The Boat’s Rockin’

Many say that driving a boat and is a lot like driving a car. Furthermore, just like in a car, you have to watch out for hazards such potholes. However, on a boat, the hazards become a lot more dangerous. You must keep your eyes peeled for things such as large rocks. A pothole you may be able to gracefully drive over. However, a large pile of rocks is a little less forgiving.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

When you have a big trip coming up, it is hard to sleep due to your anticipation. To ease that excitement, often times people will sleep in certain clothes or check out photos online before heading to bed. This guy, however, decided those options weren’t good enough. He was so excited about his trip, that he decided it would be best to snuggle with his fishing rods at night.

Flip Fish Flops

Flip flops are great footwear. Not only can you wear them in lots of different terrain such as grass, sand and even in the water, but they make for perfect fishing shoes. Therefore, someone decided to take advantage of that perfect combination. These fish flip flops will be great for your next big fishing trip (or to scare the women in your household, as their detailing looks so real)!

Road Reeling

Floods or heavy rains can be extremely disastrous. If an area is not prepared, water can ruin’s people’s homes and businesses. However, lots of rain can also lead to hilarious situations like this. Although we do not think this man is going to get any bites in this pothole, it at least makes for a hilarious picture.

Baby On Board

A romantic fishing getaway with your wife can be the perfect vacation. However, life happens, and sometimes the babysitter cancels. Luckily, this couple thought of a solution. Although it is not the perfect getaway this couple may have imagined, it is now a lovely family vacation (but, maybe not the safest).

Different Species, Same Teeth

There are approximately 28,000 species of fish on earth. Each species has its own unique characteristics. One of those characteristics is their teeth. This fish has a very unique set of chompers. Although it may be unique in the fish world, it apparently isn’t so unique in the human world. The fisherman, who caught this fish, has the same teeth.

You Need Water To Fish

There are certain things that are necessary in order to fish. The first may be a rod or net and second is water with fish. Therefore, this sign is totally unnecessary. There is definitely no water, which means there is certainly no fish. We hope that whoever put up this sign that it was just dry season when this photo was taken (or has a very “dry” sense of humor).

Age Can’t Stop Me

If there is one great thing about fishing, it is that it can connect generations. Grandfathers can fish with their grandchildren and uncles with their nieces and nephews. Age is never a deterrent from the sport and once your “hooked,” you’re hooked for life. This man might have to use a walker, but that certainly isn’t going to stop him from enjoying his favorite pastime.

From The Altar To The Water

Certain things go hand-in-hand with a wedding day. For example, the special occasion always includes food, flowers, family and of course, fishing. Well, the last one is not always included. However, if a wedding is a day to celebrate love, why would one leave out his or her love of fishing. This bride had the right idea and went straight from the altar to the water.

Lazy Boy Boats

If you decided to spend a day on the water, one could expect to be out for many, many hours. Inventions have been made, such as seat pads, to make the day more comfortable. However, these men wanted to take it a step further. Why just enjoy the comfort of a lazy boy recliner in your living room, when you can take out on the water? It is a guarantee to be comfortable all day long.

No Fishing On The Fishing Bridge

Picture this. You are walking around the woods looking for the perfect place to cast your line. You happen to find this “fishing bridge.” You think to yourself “perfect!” Unfortunately, this moment of happiness quickly diminishes. Upon second inspection, you see another sign that says “closed to fishing.” Not only do you walk away upset but utterly confused as well.

Fishing & Floating

Fly fishing is one of the most popular techniques to catch fish. One must walk into the water before casting out his or her line. This requires a lot of waterproof gear. This guy stepped up his fly fishing game. He realized that being out in the water, but still close to shore was not good enough. He bought a hilarious giraffe float and went out even further. Hopefully, the giraffe didn’t scare the fish away.

Fishing Is Therapeutic

If you are an avid fisher, you know that fishing can be therapeutic. If you are an avid fisher and are lucky enough to own a boat, why not share that information with the world. This boat is clearly owned by someone who understands how therapeutic fishing is, as he or she named the boat “reel therapy.”

Taking The High Ground

We have already seen many people go to extreme lengths to find the perfect fishing spot, such as breaking the law and using blow-up floatation devices. But, these men, take the cake. Somehow, they had access to a giant crane. They decided it would be best to fish from very high up in the air. It is said that those with the high ground normally win. Maybe it is the same for fishing.

Cats Love Fish

Commercial fishing is a booming industry. Fishermen across the world spend hours on the water to sell their catch to local markets and restaurants. However, these two men have other customers. The local cats may be a burden to many. However, these two men are happy to share their wealth with the friendly felines.

Loungin’ Around

Some men value comfort and bring lazy boy recliners on their boat. While other men just value being alone. This man created the perfect fishing boat for one. Although the chair may not be super cushiony, it is certainly more comfortable than sitting on plastic or metal. The boat also has a motor so you can jet around from place to place.

Wrong Way

Owning a boat is a luxury that should not be taken for granted. However, with any luxury comes responsibility. A boat must be kept out of the water and in a safe place during the offseason. When the weather is right, the boat can then be taken back to water. Luckily, there is a loading ramp to do this. Unluckily, this man didn’t realize that the boat has to go into the water first, not the truck.

Flash Flood Fishing

As stated previously, floods can be very dangerous, especially if one is not prepared for it. However, this guy looks like he was more than prepared. He not only had enough time to stock up on beer, but he also made sure he had enough bait in the house to take advantage of the rising flood waters in his backyard. This is a perfect example of how to turn a bad moment into a great one.

Requirements Necessary

Here is another example of a sign telling you what you can and cannot do. However, this time, at least the sign is humorous. Not only does it tell dogs to keep their “masters on leash at all times,” but it also says swimming is only allowed if “you have fins and gills or feathers.”

Couple’s Getaway

When you are lucky enough to find someone who supports your fishing habits, hold onto them. Although this woman supports her husband’s hobby, she clearly does not feel the need to partake herself. Not only is she talking on the phone, but she is also wearing heels. With that shoe choice, it is obvious that she had no interest in partaking in the activity that day.

Strong Follow Through

When a person first learns to fish, he or she is taught how to cast out the line and how to follow through the cast with your arms. However, this guy wanted to cast his line very far into the water. However, he forgot the cardinal rule of just following through with his arms. He followed through with his whole body and sadly, ended up in the water.

Now That’s A Reel

The reel is one of the most important tools while fishing. It helps control your line, and without it, fishing would not be possible. One person took the idea of the reel and brought it indoors. Not only is not a reel and important tool on the water, but also in the bathroom. This reel helps dispense one of the most important items in the bathroom.

Not Today Fisherman

After you reel in your fish, most people think the hard work is done. However, if you catch a large fish, the work has just begun. This man was super excited to get the biggest catch of the day. All he had to do was lift it up into the boat. However, this large fish had other ideas. As the fisherman bent down to pick up the fish, the fish smacked the fisherman in the head with his back fin.

Broken Dreams

We have already seen several photos of men trying to find the perfect fishing spot. Sometimes this requires a crane and other times a blow-up flotation device. This man literally “went out on a limb” or a board in this case. This man thought he was clever by going on a board that was extended from the dock. However, we believe he felt immediate regret once that board snapped right underneath him.

Never Leave Home Without A Ruler

Competition in fishing is huge. Whether it is friendly or for a money prize, it is always exciting to participate. Normally winners are decided by amount caught or height and weight of the catches. In order to do the latter, one must have a scale and ruler. Unfortunately, rulers can be easily lost. This man, however, found a solution to that. He never leaves home without his ruler.

Recycled Lure

Recycling and being sustainable is a huge topic in today’s society. It looks like whoever made these lure is jumping on the conservation trend. Obviously, we know the creator loves the outdoors because he loves to fish. We also know he is trying to help the environment by recycling his beer bottle tops into lures. What a great idea!

Bird’s Nest

There are several different types of rods one may use while fishing. A popular choice for a rod is the bait caster. However, if you have never used this type of rod, problems can arise quickly. The spool is not automatic, and one must use just the right amount of pressure to control it. If it is not used correctly, backlash can happen. By backlash, we mean a tangled bird’s nest like this one.

Rod Stands

Fishing days could mean many hours on the dock. Therefore, at times, you may not want to stop fishing completely. However, you also need to put your rod down and relax your hands and arms. This is why rod stands were invented. It allows you to keep your rod in the water, but also step away for a few minutes of relaxation. But, what happens when there are more rods than rod stands? A human stand-in, of course!

Someone Got Caught

Fishing is all about catching fish but it looks like in this situation things went wrong. In this photo, it looks like instead of catching a fish, the fisherman was the one who got caught. While this situation might not actually be real, it surely looks like it is. The boots fit perfectly in this fish’s mouth and it appears to be one scary situation.


When you’re fishing in the woods, you never know what animals you might run into. It can be a fox, a deer, or even a bear. This guy was so excited to catch a fish he had to take a photo. Little did he know, a bear was hiding nearby, ready to create a serious photobomb. We wonder how the photographer reacted once he saw this surprise.  

This Is My Territory

This guy was having a chill weekend fishing when all of a sudden this crocodile jumped out of the water. This surprise was not what he was expecting to find in these waters. It looks like he just barely escaped the huge bite. What makes this photo more epic is the fact that someone was there with a camera to capture it all.

Sewer Fishing Gone Wrong

Believe it or not, this guy calls himself the pioneer of sewer fishing. You heard that right. This teenager from Texas goes fishing through sewer holes. Apparently, the crazy fishing technique works for him. One Youtube video shows him catching a largemouth bass! However, it looks like his friend is not having the best time- he almost fell right down the sewer.

Looking For Something?

Fishing can get tiring. Sometimes you sit for hours and hours waiting and end up leaving without catching a thing. Maybe this guy was sick of waiting and decided to search for fish with his own eyes. Or maybe he lost his fishing rod. Whatever the reason, that water looks freezing so we hope the search was worth it.

Snack Table

Fly fishing is normally not the best activity if you enjoy snacking. As it is a sport that requires you to be in the water, it is not the best environment to carry food. However, what if you do enjoy snacking while fishing? This man does and created a way to have the best of both worlds. He simply put a tray table on top of a tube. What a smart guy!