Newlyweds Purchase Dream Home Only To Find A Nightmare

Imagine putting together a life for yourself which saw all dreams and wishes come true. This young couple managed to do just that, but then something went terribly. Their perfect life together was in jeopardy. They then began to fight for everything they loved.

Finding Their Dream

July 2017 couldn’t look more perfect for Thomas and Rebekah Edwards, a newly wedded English couple. Things even looked better for the couple when right before their Honey Moon, they found their dream home in Blackburn, Lancashire. The house was everything they ever wanted. That said, when someone comes across one of their dreams in actuality, they’ll go pretty far to obtain it.

Dreaming Of The Perfect Home

The perfect home is something that everyone fantasizes about. It isn’t just dreaming about an ideal place to live out the rest of your life, it’s about building an ideal future with the person. You can picture yourself looking at them in their glory in youth, having children and growing old all within a home that matches your ideal.

Buying Their Home

The two weren’t particularly a wealthy couple. That said, they knew that getting this house wasn’t going to be a breeze. The four-bedroom house cost about $290,000. They managed to work hard enough to get a mortgage for their dream house. It was around Christmas time that they moved in. Their home was everything that they wanted it to be, it was large, warm and had a great countryside view. Once settled, the couple went on their honeymoon. When they returned, they ran into the unthinkable.

Every Dollar They Own

Thomas and Rebekah were both music instructors in their mid-twenties. Their profession wasn’t supplying them with millions of dollars a month, but they did earn a fair wage. Being young, they didn’t have massive savings to their name. That said they found an amazing way to garner some extra money.

Going Into Business

Rebekah and Thomas decided to go into business for themselves. This was a fact that definitely made it harder for them to get a loan that would garner them their dream home. Owning your own business is a gamble. You’re often slamming money down and getting back double or nothing. If what you have isn’t profitable, you might find your business sinking fast.

Too Good To Be True

This was part of the struggle that bit back against them getting the house of their dreams. The home was on a Persimmon Home Estate and they had never seen anything that was made more for them. This is where they wanted to live together as one. Things couldn’t look more perfect. Sadly, things wouldn’t stay perfect and this young couple was about to find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Kim’s Vengeful Neighbor

Going across the seas to the United State, Kim Hoffman also found herself in the middle a neighborhood dispute that she never wanted to be part of. it all started when Kim’s daughter tried to befriend the girl next door. This little girl ended up pouring nail polish in Kim’s daughter’s hair. This was an awful mess to clean up. Unhappy with what had occurred, Kim did what any parent would do.

Started With A Complaint

Kim marched right up to that little girl’s house and was going to have a talk with her mother, Lori Christensen. She performed the simple action of complaining to the mother about her daughter’s action. This small complaint would end up blowing up into five years of anger, depression, and strife. Lori was ruthless in her harassment of Kim and her family. There was no low that she wouldn’t hit.

The Horrible Wall

Lori even barged in during Kim’s son’s birthday party with a remote-control car and screamed humiliating words. In an effort to keep their crazed neighbor away, the Hoffman family got a restraining order against Lori, but this just made her crazier. She even put hateful signs in her front yard. Eventually, Lori was placed in jail for 90 days for violating the restraining order.

The Horrible Wall

Like Kim, Thomas and Rebekah also found themselves in a dispute, but their dispute didn’t include hateful messages, screaming or threats. While it wasn’t as bad, it was still strife that didn’t upfront concern them. What they found was equally distasteful and offensive.

Living In A Prison

Surrounding their dream home was an ugly wooden fence that blocked half of their beautiful view. The fence was 6 feet tall and according to Thomas, it resembled the Berlin Wall. Suddenly their dream home was looking like a maximum security prison. The fence troubled them deeply. One has to wonder why the fence was there, to begin with.

Caught In The Crossfire

Without even knowing it, the Edwards couple had found themselves right in the middle of years long drama between Persimmons Homes and David Preece of the Upper Mickle Hay Farm. The couple never knew it, but the two establishments were in the middle of a giant land dispute. Even though the Edwards couple wasn’t involved, the farm still didn’t mind putting up a giant fence around their property.

A Vile Plot

This time we will take you to Canada with another tale of two homes at war with each other. In the serene town of New Brunswick, David and Joan Gallant had just purchased a home on Indian Mountain. It didn’t take long for the couple to get an aggressive rivalry with their neighbors Lee and Shirley Murray. This battle went over the top when the Murrays decided to do something so nasty and horrible.

Brilliant And Disgusting

The Murrays put into action a plan that was both brilliant and disgusting. They loaded a truck with cow manure and dumped all around the Gallant’s new property. The couple would wake up at 4am to see trucks beeping and unloading the cow droppings. The pile quickly rose to such incredible heights that it could be seen on Google Earth. Complaints were made and the cow dung was eventually removed, but the Murrays were far from finished.

Taking It Too Far

Things only got worse for the Gallants as the Murray family became for aggressive with their acts of revenge. They would walk onto the Murray property and so carelessly just key their car. There was also a time when they go their snow blower and shower pebbles on the couple. Eventually, the Gallants grew tired and sued the Murray family. Shockingly, the Murrays were awarded $15,000


Heart Broken

The young couple was obviously heartbroken. They sat down together and discussed what could be done. The two thought about taking legal action but they didn’t know if they didn’t know if it would help their cause. What was really sad was that their new home was completely worthless to them now. Thomas said, “We bought it because of the view which has been replaced by a huge wooden fence.”


Rebekah’s Down Fall

Nobody took the fence worse then Rebekah. She was constantly in tears over the fence blocking her view. Not being able to stand the look of it, she stopped hanging out in the living room. While Thomas was also very sad when the fence was erected, his sadness suddenly turned into anger. What was happening to this couple was extremely unjust.


Hostage In Their Own Home

They thought constantly about why they had to suffer for a rivalry that didn’t concern them. They basically felt they were being held hostage. They were living with limitations within their own home. They hardly hung out on the first floor and would spend all their time on the second floor. If they would have known about the issue surrounding the house, they would have never bought it.


Looking Over Their Options

The young couple looked over their options. They thought about selling the house, but what chances would they have of selling it once word got out about the land dispute. They thought about tearing down the fence, but there were huge chances that it would erect again and it might be bigger. If the couple decided to stay put, they might be stuck in the middle of a never-ending argument.


Taking Action

Thomas knew one thing and it was that he wasn’t about to give up. He took his issue to Sylvia Liddle, a local councilwoman. Upon looking at the fence, she was disgusted by what was going on in her community. She gave them their support, but they really needed the cooperation of Persimmon Homes to step in and take action.


No One Takes Responsibility

Persimmon Homes didn’t take any responsibility for what was going on and the land developers pointed fingers at everyone but himself. He insisted he had only built houses on land that was his own. He stated that the only option was for them to take some legal action. It made sense, but what would the young couple do for the time being.

Fence Between Their Marriage

The fence had completely broken Rebekah’s spirit. She couldn’t carry on with that fence blocking her view. In a fury of tears, the young lady packed her bag and went back to live with her parent’s house 10 miles away. Thomas stuck it out with the house and continued fighting the good fight. To his astonishment, he suddenly found out that he wasn’t alone in the world.

Farmer’s First Fence

Apparently, the troubled farmer wasn’t solely picking on Thomas and his wife. He was also taking it to a different neighbor in the area. One day these neighbors stepped out of their house to find something so awful outside. It was a small, four-foot wire fence outside of their house. It didn’t block their view, but it was still bad.

Farmer’s Claim

The difference was that this neighbor caught the farmer in the act. He stated, “Two weeks ago I came out and saw him putting up this wire fencing. He claimed he was setting his boundaries.” If his cat was still alive, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to leave the area. The fence was eventually taken down. From the looks of things, Rebekah and Thomas would need to take action for themselves.

No Where To Run

While some stand on the sidelines, others take action and that’s exactly what New Zealand native Selwyn Whitman. The southwestern town of Pātea is usually quiet and peaceful, but when Selwyn got into it with his neighbors, it turned into a war zone of petty little acts neighborly resentment.

The Rock Throwing Begins

The neighborly rivalry was taken to epic proportions. The police were called 19 times amidst this tribal face off. Things took another turn when Whiteman found giant stones on his lawn. I didn’t take long for him to guess that his neighbor had thrown them over the fence. The sight of those rocks on his lawn drove him crazy. He picked them up and tossed them onto his neighbor’s lawn, but that wasn’t enough. This act of rock-throwing called for something more.

Anger Management

Stone-throwing wasn’t enough, Whiteman then grabbed his chainsaw and took it to his neighbor’s new fence. when his neighbors came home, Whiteman burst from his house and began throwing stones at their car. He was of course apprehended by the police and pleaded guilty in court for his actions. When all was said and done, Whiteman ended up having to take six months of anger management classes and a class on problem-solving, That said, Whiteman’s tale can’t compare to a neighborly rivalry that took place in Virginia.

Taking Things To The Extreme

The year was 1990 and Charlotte Barnes, a 67-year-old woman had just moved into a condo in Newport News, Virginia. Six years later Willie Nichols moved into the place next door. All was good, besides for their property line dividing the condos with a newly erected fence that separated the properties. That said, they could only enter the side of their property by going through Charlotte’s backyard.

Violating The Garden

Everything started out peaceful as it should have been, but of course, with boundaries constantly being crossed, things took a very bitter turn. One of Charlotte’s passions was her garden. Tending to it, watching it bloom and blossom gave her no greater satisfaction. Nichols was well aware of her love and decided to hit her where he knew it’s hurt most.

Losing Her Land

Security footage caught the war live as Willie was seen ripping the elderly woman’s flowers from the ground and spraying them with weed killer. This would cause permanent damage to her garden. Furthermore, he would scream at her as she mowed her lawn. That wasn’t even the worst of it. The condo association got wind of their battle and decided to move the fence between the two properties without any warning.

Charlotte’s Push For Justice

The condo association moved the fence almost four feet into her property and rewarded it to the Nichols family. That’s 130 square feet of land removed from her property. Imagine what it means for a gardener to lose all that land. She wasn’t going to stand by as the condo association robbed her. Charlotte decided to get a lawyer and sue the condo association and her neighbor on grounds that removing the fence was an illegal act that required her consent.

Things Getting Serious

“I trust in God that what was taken away from me will come back,” Charlotte stated. Nicols claimed that when he ripped out the flowers, he was only tending to the plants that were on his property. Charlotte knew that he wasn’t innocent in his actions. He was going out of his way to hurt her. That said, how to the authority handle this in court?

Removing The Fence

After taking in everyone’s testimonies, the court came to its conclusion and it didn’t exactly please Charlotte. Ultimately they did agree to place the fence back into its original position, but they cleared Nichols of all harassment charges. On one hand, she did get her garden back, but she didn’t feel truly safe. What could she do in such a situation? The experts recommend that you take these actions.

What The Experts Recommend You Do

Rivalries between neighbors are nasty business. They often involve a lot of resentment, anger, and aggression. It is completely tough for everyone on all sides. At the source of these heated problems are usually very petty and insignificant issues, yet these petty little problems can easily result in a bad argument or something even worse.

Removing The Fence

Since the beginning of time, like most mammals, people tend to get very territorial. Consider all the wars that have been started in the past centuries. The reason behind most of them usually had to do with territory. The thought of our space being invaded can trigger some of the worst effects possible.

Expert Advise

Experts advise that when in a neighborly dispute, you should take a few steps back and take a few deep breaths before taking action. That time you leave yourself for a second thought can be the difference between war and peace. Ultimately, what can someone do when they find their space invaded by a neighbor. The best thing they can practice is prevention.

What Can One Do

It is highly recommended that up purchasing a new home, you survey and take pictures of all the boundaries. If drama sparks off between you and neighbor, before anything you should bring out the survey and look over the information you initially garnered. This will prevent the need for lawyers and court dates.

Meeting Your Neighbors

If all your information shows up as correct, you can contact a lawyer who will then send those neighbors a polite letter that details the property lines. If you would like to be more upfront about the issue, you can arrange a meeting between you, the neighbor and a third party. They will then cover everything that needs to be talked about.

Bring In A Third Party

Setting up a meeting between you, your neighbor and a third party can add some non-bias perspective to the situation. It can also assure that both parties will be heard and will get to share their side of the story. It’s a great way to prevent things from getting too heated too quickly. Studies show that situations usually take a peaceful turn when they go down this route.

Getting Help

Thomas and his loving wife weren’t going anywhere. They were living within their dream home and selling the house definitely wasn’t an option. They were finally turning up the heat and decided to call a lawyer. This would result in the help that they really needed.

Seeking Closure

It was almost taken to the point where the couple was going to contact the local authorities. That would definitely give some closure to the case. Before that could happen, Councilwoman Liddle, who has last looked at the home was still on the case. She started thinking and cooking up a plan that would really give the couple a break in their case.

Getting Their Hopes Up

You can almost always count on people on the council not coming through. One day they care and the next they are long gone. This councilwoman evaded their negative expectations and stepped up on the scene. She had listened to them, thought their case over and over and was ready to help. The young couple was feeling extremely grateful for being heard and was hoping that the woman could really help their case.

Making Breakthroughs

At the end of the day, council woman Sylvia came through for them. She managed to talk higher people on board to look over the property. it goes without question that having people in a high political position on your side can really pay off. The couple finally got the break they were looking for and things were about to change.

Council Stepping Up

The council promised that they would further inspect the fence, the situation, and the land and further come to a conclusion about the fence. They would ultimately decide if it belonged there or not. Further inspection would see it that everyone can come to a conclusion together. It was a smart move by the councilwoman, one that would end up with everyone being very happy.

Awaiting The News

Finally, the council reached a decision. Everyone was waiting in anticipation, especially Rebekah and Thomas. If the farmer was unhappy with the decision, he could keep fighting and causing trouble, but ultimately he would then throw himself in harm’s way. Finally, after months of waiting a decision was going to determine the future of all these individuals thrown into the mix.

The Wall Comes Down

Their decision was made to the lowly farmer’s dismay. The land belonged to Persimmon Homes. Their decision determined that ultimately the fence was illegally put there. Hearing this, the poor farmer was probably fearful. Anything could happen to his now. Would there be repercussions for the swift moves he made in the past?

Rebekah Moves Back In

Persimmon Homes called up a few workers and had the fence ripped down. The couple was finally liberated and free to enjoy their new home to the fullest extent. Rebekah moved back in and began joyfully hanging out in the living room she never got to know and Thomas was just happy that their dream had made over the hurdle and had pushed forward.

Living Happily Ever After

As trucks pulled away carrying the battered old fence that kept them up for so many nights, they knew they’d live happily ever after. It’s never nice to feel like a prisoner in your own home. It is the one place where you should always feel free happy and welcomed. Your home is your sanctuary and it is a place that is fully yours. It looks like finally, the married couple’s worries were over….but were they?

The Farmer Is Still Out There

The councilwoman, as well as the rest of the council, were happy that they could do well by this newly wedded couple. Distress is something that no councilman would want in their community. She further stated that the fence down would have to be permanent and there will be no more fences going around any more houses, especially Thomas and Rebekah’s house.

Walls Crumbling Down

Thomas didn’t hold back his excitement when it came to getting his dream house back. “I can’t tell you how excited we are that the fence is down,” He has stated. That said, they are keeping in mind that this might not be the end of their woes. They know as well as anyone that the troubling fence might make a comeback, or maybe something else could happen.

Peace At Last

The farmer didn’t exactly walk away after a handshake and smile. He is still out there and possibly in his shed planning some kind of revenge. One thing we learned is that disputes with neighbors can go on for years. It doesn’t simply end because council or police get involved. Like Thomas and Rebekah, we can only hope that things remain peaceful for them from here on out.