Your Favorite Celebrity’s World Cup Team

With the World Cup on the horizon, everybody is going to be in the stands or in front of their televisions rooting for their favorite teams. This doesn’t exclude your favorite celebrities. Just because their rolling in the millions doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be going nuts when their teams score a goal. Today we’re going to reveal what country your favorite celebrity is going to be rooting for during the World Cup.

Marisa Tomei – United States

Marisa Tomei became a hit sensation when she debuted on The Cosby Show spin-off, A Different World. In the past thirty years, she has continuously bloomed as a star. She has always been a sporty kind of actress and has acted in a lot of movies involving sports. That said, we’re pretty certain she’ll be tuning into the World Cup. Given her all American image, it is safe to assume she’ll be standing behind a North American team, or possibly Italy given her Italian background.

Jim Carrey – United Kingdom

Most People wouldn’t link Jim Carrey to the world of soccer. The actor started out as a successful comedian and eventually made his way into the movies in the 1990’s. When promoting Dumb and Dumber 2, Carrey’s love for soccer became public when he toured the Arsenal arena in the UK. Seeing as this was in the UK and not the USA, we can safely say that Carrey will be standing behind England during the World Cup.

Ali MacGraw – United States

Ali MacGraw, who is most famous for being in films like 1970’s Love Story is an all American girl. She was born and raised in New York City. I’d naturally assume that she’d be backing up the United States, but since they aren’t playing in the World Cup this year, she’ll probably be supporting Canada. It isn’t too far from New York and the big city has quite the Canadian population.

John Travolta – Australia

It’s been well known for years that John Travolta has been a die-hard follower of the Australian national soccer team. When the World Cup was in South Africa, the star flew his very own plane from America to Africa just to cheer them on in person. He has even given them pep talks before some of their games. It’s safe to assume that he’ll be cheering on his team during this year’s World Cup.

Tiger Woods – Spain

Despite being Golf’s biggest and most successful star, Tiger Woods spends his free time watching soccer. His team has and will forever be Barcelona. There are pictures of him, Messi and Suarez trending online. No doubt, Tiger will be tuning into the World Cup to support Spain. They haven’t won the gold in a while, but they’ve always managed to come pretty close. Perhaps this year is their year.


Big Hoss – United States

Big Hoss will forever be associated with the hit reality show, Pawn Stars. He is man who knows how to measure the worth of something. This isn’t something that can be done by everyone. That said, we’re sure he takes an interest in soccer. The World Cup is only the single biggest sporting event in the world. Someone with an interest in business cannot stand by without giving this some attention. We’re certain he’ll be rooting for America.

Cheryl Ladd – Australia

Cheryl Ladd can best be remembered for playing Kris Munroe on Charlie’s Angels. Since those days she has taken a major interest in the world of golf. One sport usually isn’t too far from the other. If she is hardcore into golf, she must know something about soccer. She looks like the more elegant type of lady. Something about her makes me suspect that she’ll be cheering for Australia during the World Cup.

Frank Fritz – United States

You never know who might be a huge soccer fanatic. Upon looking at a reality TV show host like Frank Fritz, you’d never believe him to be a soccer fan. Frank Fritz looks like the kind of guy who wouldn’t stray too far from anything that doesn’t remind him of home. That said, we’re sure he’d be supporting the USA if the USA was in the World Cup.

Lucy Liu – China

Lucy Liu is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood today. She is best known for roles in movies like Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels and Shanghai Noon. Lucy Liu has quite the interesting back story. Both of her parents were from China. This gives Liu a direct connection to the Eastern world. We wouldn’t be at all shocked if she were to support China in the World Cup.

Nadia Comăneci – Romania

Romania’s own Nadia Comăneci became a living icon when she struck success at the 1976 Olympics. She won three gold medals that year as a gymnast. What makes her wins all the more impressive is that she was only 15-years-old at the time. She has lived in America since 1989, but despite that, she still has a fair amount of Romanian pride. No doubt, she’ll be sticking by her home team during the World Cup.

Blake Shelton – United States

Blake Shelton is a country singer who came to prominence with his 2001 self-titled debut album. He has since become a judge on the popular show, The Voice. He has since struck a romance with No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani. Sightings of him dropping her and her son off at soccer practice have surfaced multiple times. Seeing as he is a supporter of the sport, we imagine he’ll definitely be cheering on America at the World Cup.

Reba McEntire- United States

Reba is probably one of the famous artists to come out of country music. She began releasing albums in the 1970’s, became famous in the 1980’s and in the 2000’s was given her own television show. Few country performers can claim to have worldwide appeal, but she does. Being a country singer, we imagine that she’ll be standing behind team America.


Daniel Craig – United Kingdom

007 himself, Daniel Craig is apparently a major fan of Liverpool F.C. His wife has claimed that he would never dare attend a Manchester United game. We imagine the UK star will definitely be supporting England during the world cup. With the spy tactics that he mastered from portraying James Bond, we imagine he’ll sneak into Moscow to catch a few games.


Tom Hanks – United Kingdom

Soccer doesn’t come so easily to Americans. When acting legend Tom Hanks decided that he wanted to follow a team, he decided by which choosing the team with the coolest sounding name. That said, he is now a loyal follower of Birmingham’s Aston Villa.  Hainvg one of Hollywood’s biggest team showing up to your games is extremely big for any team. That said, he’ll definitely be supporting the UK at the World Cup.


Sylvester Stallone – United Kingdom

Some years ago Stallone probably never pictured himself being a die-hard soccer fan. While filming for the movie Creed, Stallone went to an Everton game to record fan sounds for the movie. He apparently got hooked and has since been spotted at a number of Everton games. Being a Liverpool based team, we imagine that he’ll be backing the UK and cheering some of his favorite players.


Gordon Ramsay – Scotland

We all know Gordon Ramsay as the British chef that doesn’t mine yelling at his understudies and destroying a kitchen. He didn’t get tough by running and back forth out of the kitchen. He got his attitude when he used to play for the Rangers F.C. Sadly, a knee injury put his career on the sidelines and he began cooking. That said, we imagine he’ll be supporting Scotland during the World Cup.

Kobe Bryant – Spain

Kobe Bryant is a legend in his own right. The guy led the Los Angeles Lakers to a number of Championships during the 2000’s. That said, when it comes to soccer he is a fan just like us. Kobe cannot get enough of F.C. Barcelona. He became a fan after doing a promotional event with the team in 2006. It was at this time that he became friends with Ronaldinho and fell in love with the sport.

Ronda Rousey – Brazil

UFC legend and WWE superstar, Ronda Rousey is actually quite the soccer fan. She was introduced to the sport by her sister during the 2014 World Cup. Brazil had always been one of her favorite places in the world. She followed the whole cup and rooted for Brazil. We expect that this year she will support Brazil this as well.


Rod Stewart – United Kingdom

2012 saw one of the fiercest battles in the history of soccer. The Celtic F.C. went head-on with Barcelona. In the end, the Celtics stood victoriously and Rod Stewart stood in the stands rocking tears of absolute joy. He has always been a die-hard fan of the Celtics F.C. and has even written about them in one of his songs. Certainly, Mr. Stewart will be supporting the UK when the World Cup starts.

Cote de Pablo – Chile

Cote de Pablo brought fame to her name by portraying Ziva David on NCIS. She has since hung up her career in terms of televisions shows and has focused more on the movies. Her most personal role came in the movie The 33. She stated that it hit her close to home as she is a native of Chile and loves her country dearly. That said, it is safe to assume that she will be rooting on Chile during the World Cup.

Fabio – Italy

Fabio was the world’s top male model throughout the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Being native to Italy, most would assume that Fabio would be cheering for his native country during the World Cup. That said, as of today he is an American citizen and embraces the American way fully. He stated that the day he got his citizenship was the best day of his life. He may just go on cheering for America during the World Cup.

Julio Iglesias – Spain

It should shock no one that one of Spain’s most renowned singers supports a team from his native country. When he isn’t making smooth music, Julio is cheering on Real Madrid C.F. Heh as been a fan since his teenage years and continues to cheer them on in his old age. When it comes to who he’ll be cheering on at the world cup, it will obviously be Spain.

Paul Oakenfold – Argentina

Paul Oakenfold is one of the best DJs to come straight out of LA. When he isn’t rocking out, he’s cheering on the Boca Juniors. He has been a big fan for years now. The Boca Juniors are one of the most acclaimed teams in Argentina. He travels there regularly to attend some of the games and enjoy the laid-back cool that comes with South America.

Zahia Dehar – France

Zahia Dehar is a much talked about French fashion and lingerie designer. Although she became a celebrity at the hands of scandal, she is still a celebrity. She actually has a few modeling gigs and is firm PETA supporter. This controversial figure is also a soccer and has stated that the only team she could ever support is the French National Team.

Steve Nash – Canada

If the name isn’t familiar, you’ll know Steve Nash the point guard of the Phoenix Suns. Although basketball is obviously his first passion, Nash also has an undying love for Soccer. He is a fan of multiple teams that stem from Real Madrid and the Tottenham Hotspur. That said, he is the owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps. We imagine he’ll be representing Canada at the World Cup.

Drew Carey – United States

Drew Carey is very unique in that fact that he actually really love American soccer teams. He is also a minor share Holder of the Seattle Sounders. This is the team that currently has a hold on his heart. In the previous years, it was the Los Angeles Galaxy. He would frequently buy season tickets and be seen at the games. No doubt, Mr. Carey will be supporting the United States at the World Cup.

Roger Feder – Switzerland

Roger Feder is highly regarded in the world of sports. Maybe you haven’t heard his name too much and if you aren’t heavily involved in the world of professional tennis it’s perfectly understandable. The Swiss native is regarded as the second greatest player currently in the male tennis world. We imagine he’ll be representing Switzerland during the world cup. He is already a die-hard fan of the FC Basel.

Samuel L. Jackson

Growing up in Washington D.C. in the 1960’s, Jackson couldn’t have known much about soccer. It just wasn’t a thing in America in those days. His love for soccer was brought about while filming the movie The 51st State. One of the main characters in the movies was a die-hard Liverpool fan. This must have caught onto Jackson because today the man roots of Liverpool. I imagine he’ll be backing England in the World Cup.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the second and best lead singer for the band ACDC. His most famous album with the band is 1980’s Back In Black. When this rock star isn’t taking the stage and rocking the crowd, he’s doing the cheering in a much different crowd. He is a proud supporter of the Newcastle United. Being an English native this isn’t at all surprising. We imagine he’ll be supporting the UK in the World Cup.

Kiera Knightly

There has always been a connection between Kiera Knightly and soccer. She made her major motion picture debut in the movie Bend It Like Beckham. She is apparently a huge fan of the West London team the West Ham United. When the World Cup comes around Kiera is obviously going to be cheering on England. It wouldn’t seem proper any other way.