Here’s What The Cast Of Home Improvement Is Doing Today


Home Improvement was one of the most watched sitcom shows in the 1990s. The show had over 200 episodes and lasted for eight seasons. The series followed the daily life of Tim Taylor- a TV show host known as The Tool Man, and his family- a loving wife and three sons. It’s been 27 years since the show first debuted. Let’s take a look at what the cast of Home Improvement is doing today.


Patricia Richardson Then

Patricia Richardson plays Jill Tayor, Tim’s wife, on the show. Early on it is established that Jill is the voice of reason for the rest of the family. However, while she is known for having much common sense, she is also well connected with her emotions. Patricia’s acting in the series got her nominated four times for a Primetime Emmy Award! Jill has also been named one of TV’s most memorable moms.

Patricia Richardson Now

After Home Improvement ended, Patricia continued to appear on television screens with the medical drama Strong Medicine, the political drama The West Wing, and the crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The actress also went on to appear in several TV movies such as Smart Cookies and most recently Snow Bride. 

Michelle Williams Then

Already at a young age, Williams began acting; she started out by performing at local musicals. Her first ever screen appearance was Bridget Bowers on Baywatch. A year later, she appeared in the movie Lassie and then moved on to star in television series such as Step by Step and Home Improvement. On Home Improvement she played Jessica Lutz, Brad’s new girlfriend.


Michelle Williams Now

After Home Improvement, Williams began getting public recognition for her lead role in the show Dawson’s Creek. However, her big breakthrough came with the film Brokeback Mountain. Williams ended up getting an Oscar nomination for her role in the film. Since then, she has appeared in some highly grossing films including Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese and Oz the Great and Powerful. The star was also in a relationship with Heath Ledger for three years and had one daughter with him.



Zachery Ty Bryan Then

Zachery Ty Bryan played Brad Taylor on the show. His character was the oldest of Jill and Tim’s children. One thing which made him stand out was his different hairstyles. He was also known as the child who most often got in trouble. During his time on Home Improvement, Bryan also had guest appearances on other shows such as the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

Zachery Ty Bryan Now

These days Zachery Ty Bryan is married to Carly Matros and is a father of three. After the show ended, he had small roles in several TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, and Smallville. His last on-screen appearance was in 2009 with the fantasy thriller film Thor: Hammer of the Gods. In recent years he has stepped out of the limelight and has been working as a producer.


Tammy Lauren Then

Before Tammy Lauren was on Home Improvement, she appeared on many shows in the 1970s and 1980s as a child actress. Several of these are Family Ties, Little House on the Prairie and Who’s Watching the Kids. In the 1990s, the actress had a recurring role on Home Improvement as Patty, Jill’s friend. She appeared in seasons six and seven.

Tammy Lauren Now

Since Home Improvement, Tammy Lauren’s acting career continued to progress. She had roles in television shows such as Two and a Half Men, That’s Life, The Drew Carey Show, and Wanda at Large. You may have also seen her on the soap opera The Young and the Restless as Maggie Sullivan. Nowadays the star is married to actor Guri Weinberg. 


Taran Noah Smith Then

You may recognize Taran Noah Smith as Mark Taylor, or Tim and Jill’s youngest son. Mark was considered the geek of the family. His brothers Brad and Randy would torment him often. He was the victim of many of their pranks. Taran’s acting received several nominations and awards including the Young Artist Award in 1992 for “Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Under Ten.”


Taran Noah Smith Now

Since the show, Taran has stepped out of the limelight. He was quoted saying, “I started Home Improvement when I was 7, and the show ended when I was 16. I never had the chance to decide what I wanted to do with my life. When I was 16, I knew that I didn’t want to act anymore.” When the star was 17 years old, he married Heidi van Pelt who was 16 years older than him. However, six years later the two divorced.


Richard Karn Then

Richard Karn appeared on Home Improvement as Al Borland. He got the part by luck. After he got a traffic citation one day, he had to attend traffic school. There he ended up sitting next to an agent who wanted to cast him for Home Improvement. At first, he was a guest star in the pilot episode, but afterwards he became a regular cast member. His character, Al, is known as Tim’s good friend and sidekick on Tool Time.

Richard Karn Now

After the show, Karn became a game show host. He was the fourth host of the show Family Feud between 2002 and 2006. On the show, two families compete with the goal of naming the most popular answers to survey questions. Later, he was also the host of the game show Bingo America. He also had guest appearances in several TV series including Last Man Standing and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Jensen Daggett Then

When she was 18 years old, Jensen got her first acting role in the film The Fabulous Baker Boys. Afterwards, she appeared in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan as Rennie Wickham. While she was not a main character on Home Improvement, she did have a recurring role as Nancy Tayor, Tim’s sister-in-law.


Jensen Daggett Now

After appearing on Home Improvement, Nancy had small roles in several other films and shows including Maggie in Major League: Back to the Minors, Dr. Melissa Hill in Project ALF, and Charlie on The Single Guy. However, in 1999 she decided to quit acting and focus on raising a family. She has appeared however on the HGTV show Weekend Warriors where she was shown remodeling her home in Connecticut. Today she has become a Green Home Builder.

Betsy Randle Then

Betsy Randle appeared on seasons one and two of the show as Karyn Kelly; Jill’s best friend. Every time Karyn would visit Jill, she would give her feminist opinions and would make fun of Jill’s husband, Tim. Later, Karyn moved to California to be with her new boyfriend. Before Home Improvement, Betsy also made a guest appearance on the 1989 sitcom Family Ties. 

Betsy Randle Now

After her small role on Home Improvement, Betsy went on to play a main role on the sitcom Boy Meets World. The show portrays the everyday life of Cory Matthews from his middle school days and all the way to his life as a married man. Betsy plays Cory’s mother: Amy Matthews. After Boy Meets World, Betsy continued acting with smaller roles in shows such as Charmed and Girl Meets World. 

Tim Allen Then

Tim Allen plays Tim Taylor or “The Tool Man” on the show. He is the main character and the husband of Jill. Tim has three sons: Brad, Randy, and Mark. He loves anything that has to do with cars and tools. He also hosts his own show Tool Time- there, along with his assistant Al, he teaches the audiences about home improvement.

Tim Allen Now

After the show, Tim has stayed in the sitcom world. One role which has gained him recognition is Mike Baxter in the comedy series Last Man Standing. There he plays the main character- a senior employee of a sporting goods store in Colorado. The show follows his interactions with his neighbors, family, and co-workers. Recently the series was picked up for a seventh season. Allen also did the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s Toy Story and appeared in various films including The Santa Clause and Galaxy Quest. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Then

Thomas actually began his acting career back in 1990 when he played Kevin Brady on The Bradys, a spin-off show of The Brady Bunch. He also appeared on the comedy In Living Color. The star played Randy Taylor, Brad and Mark’s middle brother, on Home Improvement throughout his teenage years.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas Now

Thomas starred in several films during as well as after his time on Home Improvement. He was in Smallville, Veronica Mars, and Last Man Standing. On Last Man Standing he was reunited with his on-screen parents from Home Improvement: Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen. He is also a voice actor and took part in the classic animated film The Lion King. 

Bonnie Bartlett Then

Before appearing on Home Improvement, Bonnie Bartlett had already established herself as a successful actress. In the 1950s she had a major role on the daytime drama series Love of Life. She also played Ellen Craig on St. Elsewhere. On Home Improvement she played Lucille Taylor, Tim Taylor’s mother.

Bonnie Bartlett Now

Bonnie Bartlett enjoys acting and still acts today at age 88. However, while she took part in many shows in recent years, most of her roles were guest appearances. Some of these roles include Dr. Sylvia Chalmers in NCIS, Miriam Spinelli in General Hospital, and Rosie Bullard in Grey’s Anatomy. 

Earl Hindman Then

Earl Hindman played Wilson W. Wilson Jr. on Home Improvement. He was both Tim’s neighbor and confidant. He was known for always giving advice to the Taylor family using famous quotes or words of wisdom. His character was unseen- half of his face was always covered by some object (mostly by the fence.) He was rarely seen outside his yard but when he was, his face was still blocked by some sort of object.

Earl Hindman Now

Earl Hindman made a lasting impression on Home Improvement with his iconic character Wilson W. Wilson Jr. Unfortunately only a few years after appearing on the show, Earl Hindman was diagnosed with lung cancer as he was a long time smoker. At age 61, he died of lung cancer.

Sherry Hursey Then

You may remember Sherry Hursey for her recurring role as Dr. Ilene Markham on Home Improvement. Ilene is both an orthodontist and Al’s love interest. On the show, Jill sets Ilene up with Al and the two date from seasons three to five. Later on, they get engaged. However, on their wedding day, the two actually decide that they shouldn’t be together and end things. 

Sherry Hursey Now

Another memorable role Sherry had besides her role on Home Improvement, is Paula Carson on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Afterwards, Sherry guest starred in various shows such as NYPD Blue and CSI. She also appeared on the cheerleader film Bring It On. The star has also created her own TV movie called Lilly’s Light. 

Debbe Dunning Then

You may remember actress Debbe Dunning as Heidi Keppert or the “Tool Girl” on Home Improvement. In season three, after Lisa leaves the show to go to college, Heidi takes over and becomes Al and Tim’s right-hand woman. Later on in the series, she has a daughter and a husband named Scott. The star truly made construction boots look good!

Debbe Dunning Now

It has been 27 years since the show has ended. The actress is now a mom and has three children. She is also married to volleyball player Steve Timmons. She hasn’t appeared in many shows since Home Improvement. However, she did star in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Wicked Wicked Games. In 2017, Dunning started hosting Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Round-Up where she tours America and interviews farmers, ranchers, and fisherman. Dunning loves golf and often takes part in celebrity golf matches. In fact, in one of these matches, she reunited with Zachery Ty Bryan; her Home Improvement co-star. She is open to the possibility of a Home Improvement reboot: “It’s one of those shows where you go to work [and] couldn’t wait to get there. And when you leave, you’re driving home, laughing the whole time, make your dinner, you go to bed and you get excited.”

Pamela Anderson Then

The model and actress, Pamela Anderson, played the first Tool Time girl on Home Improvement. Her character, Lisa, appeared in the first two seasons. Her job was to introduce Tim and Al as well as give them any tool they need, bring in any special guests or fan mail. Later on, Lisa left for college. She did, however, appear again briefly on the show during one episode in season six.

Pamela Anderson Now

After Home Improvement, Pamela Anderson starred in the famous series Baywatch. There she played C.J Parker for five seasons and became one of the longest cast members of the series. Her role on the show has gained her worldwide attention and popularity. Since then she has continued to appear in various TV shows and films. Recently she starred in Baywatch (2017) which is a comedy film based on the original Baywatch series.