The Cast Of Emmerdale: Then And Now


Emmerdale has given us everything throughout the years. The little village has never failed to bring us a fair share of tears, laughs, joy, and anger. The first episode was aired on October 16, 1972, and it has been going strong ever since. In almost fifty years we have been introduced to a ton of very memorable characters. While some left as soon as they came, others were on the show for decades. Today we’re going to reintroduce you to all of your favorite Emmerdale characters and let you know what they’re doing today.

Emma Atkins Then

Emma Atkins has made a name for herself playing Charity Tate on Emmerdale. She debuted the character in 2000 and portrayed her until 2005. It was at that point that she left the show. That said, she couldn’t stay away and Charity would return to Emmerdale in 2009. She has taken part in a number of essential storylines. Emmerdale fans can’t forget her marriage to Chris Tate, the reunion with her daughter or when she was framed.


Emma Atkins Now

Since Emma parted ways with the wonderful world of Emmerdale, she has seen a massive slow down in her acting career. She has made brief appearances in other BBC television shows but has steered clear of any consistent gigs. You probably caught her on New Street Law, Doctors, and Casualty. In 2010 she even stunned us all by getting nominated for best soap actress.

Adele Silva Then

Off and one for many years, Adele Silva would bring trouble to Emmerdale farms as the vile Kelly Windsor. We first met Kelly in 1993 and she has made appearances throughout that time. She last came on the show in 2011. When Silva wasn’t portraying Kelly, she off trying to become a model and acting on reality TV. You may remember seeing her on a little show called Celebrity Fear Factor.

Adele Silva Now

Adele Silva has kept herself very busy through the years. Just recently, the 36-year-old beauty appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and made it all the way to second place. She has since released an abundance of limited edition wines and was on the online reality show Mistress of The Vines.

Lorraine Chase Then

No character on the Emmerdale cast has ever brought on the controversy like Lorraine Chase. She portrayed the character of Steph Forsythe from 2002 to 2006. In that time she rocked Emmerdale like nobody else in the show’s long history. The character was a former convict with a deceitful side. She would end up in a murder storyline that would see her character put behind bars for life.


Lorraine Chase Now

Lorraine Chase has stayed very busy since parting with Emmerdale in 2006. You may have caught her on shows like My Family and Doctors. She surprised us all in 2011 when she showed up on I’m a Celeb. Then came 2013 and that is when the unthinkable happened. Chase returned to Emmerdale for a one-off episode when she showed up to Alan Turner’s funeral.


Peter Amory Then

Perhaps we thought that Christ Tate would forever be part of the Emmerdale cast. Peter Amory portrayed the character from 1989 to 2003. The character was introduced to us when he arrived with the entire Tate Family. Tate was full of surprises throughout his time on the show. His ultimate surprise perhaps came in the form of a plane crash that left him paralyzed from the waist down.


Peter Amory Now

in his years since leaving the enchanted world of Emmerdale, Peter Amory has distanced himself from the cameras of show business and has kept to himself. He married his Emmerdale co-star Claire King who played his stepmother on the show. After ten years of being wrapped in passion, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Gemma Atkinson Then

Most people know Gemma Atkinson for playing Carly Hope in the long-running English soap opera, Emmerdale. That said, her career was while on its way long before that. Hollyoaks, the popular Channel 4 teenage soap is where she got her start. It was after this brush with success that Gemma rose to the next level by appearing in the medical drama Casualty. It was only in 2015 that she would step into the shoes of her most iconic role on Emmerdale.

Gemma Atkinson Now

In 2017, Gemma walked off the Emmerdale set and never looked back. She has since kept herself busy acting and modeling. Her last appearance on television was as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. She is expected to show up in more productions in 2018, but has been away from the cameras as of late.



Noah Huntly Then

Noah Huntly stepped onto the set in 1993 and became the heartthrob of Emmerdale for two years. If your memory is a bit fuzzy, he portrayed Luke McAllister. When he first entered Emmerdale, Luke seemed like an innocent young man with good intentions, but time soon revealed the opposite as he sparked a feud between the Dingles and the McAllisters.

Noah Huntly Now

Noah’s career didn’t end when he shelved his leather jacket and walked off the set of Emmerdale. His career since portraying Luke has been on fire. While audiences in the UK will remember him for roles in shows like Holby City and Dream Team, American audiences will recall him from The Royals. Nobody can tell what’s next for this 42-year-old actor.

Bobby Knutt Then

For years, Emmerdale fans watched their favorite soap and saw Bobby Knutt portraying Albert Dingle. He was the oldest of the Dingle children and was married to Delilah. When he first appeared on the show in 1995, his character was involved in a crime and sent to jail. In 2004, the character was released from prison and made his final appearance.

Bobby Knutt Now

After he retired from acting in Emmerdale in 2004, he went on to write a two-part autobiography. He also took up work as a cruise ship comedian for a few years. After long touring schedules, he decided to take a break from the stage and do some traveling in a motorhome with his girlfriend. The trip resulted in him and her in Southern France. It was there that he had a major heart attack and passed away.


Ben Freeman Then

Ben Freeman lived every young actor’s dream. He was just a blooming actor taking courses and attending a theatre school. Upon graduating, he landed the role of Scott Windsor on Emmerdale. His role on Emmerdale was the first of many and he would go on to be quite the success.

Ben Freeman Now

Once he left Emmerdale, he began to do stage productions and starred in a major production of Romero and Juliet. He followed up that success by landing a role in the West End Production of Legally Blonde.  He then went on to portray the Fonz in a production of Happy Days. He switched back to film when he got a role on a film called The Dark Channel.

Charley Webb Then

When Charley Webb picked up the role of Debbie Dingle on Emmerdale, she was still a teenager with a bright acting career in store for her. Her young age didn’t stop her from picking up a nomination for best actress at the 2009 British Soap Awards. Her career started long before Emmerdale. When she was a child she took part in her first major production, a play called Bugsy Malone in Manchester.

Charley Webb Now

Now 28-years-old, Charley is still acting on Emmerdale almost twent years after getting the part. Off set, Charley has been dating David Metcalfe, her co-star on the show for years. The two have two children together and have broke up, but rekindled their affair.

Patsy Kensit Then

The 48-year-old started her career when she was still a child. That said, acting was second and she went for singing. The singing led her to perform in a group called Eight Wonder who performed between 1983 and 1989. As an adult, she joined the cast of Emmerdale in the year 2004. She played the role of Sadie King who was often seen a the snobbish blonde. She brought on some of the greatest storylines in the history of the show.

Patsy Kensit Now

After her time on Emmerdale came to an end, she immediately got a role on Holby City. She then went on to be apart of the show of Celebrity Big Brother. She left the show because she felt the commute to Yorkshire where the filming was taking place was too much of challenge. Today she is working on Tina and Bobby.

Stephen McGann Then

Most people will remember Stephan McGann for his role as Sean Reynolds. He held the role from 1999 to 2002 and appeared on 39 episodes. Before he was causing a stir on Emmerdale, he was working well throughout the 1990’s and 1980’s. His career began in 1982 when he acted in the musical Yakety Yak. Even more than television, Stephan loves the stage and has been in numerous stage productions throughout the years.

Stephan McGann Now

Although Stephan only acted on Emmerdale for a few years, he absolutely loved his time on the show. He was quoted as saying, “Within minutes of arriving I felt I knew what I was doing here and I was enjoying it. There’s good and bad in every genre, whether it’s films, television or theatre, but I have to say I think I’ve picked a good soap.”q

Linda Lusardi Then

Linda Lusardi made a name for herself in the 1970’s when she modeled and appeared in an edition of The Sun when she was just 18. She gradually moved away from modeling and began focusing on acting. She’s been in many roles, but her most famous is on Emmerdale as Carrie Nicholls. She only stayed on the show for the 2007/2008 season, but she made quite the impact. We’ll look at her and always picture her nurse character.


Linda Lusardi Now

As of today Lusardi is less active and hasn’t been on any major productions. She does, however, make guest appearances on Wish You Were Here…?. Beyond that, she has a career that covers a wide range of industries. From modeling, she has bloomed into an actress of the film and stage. She has also worked on a ton of reality shows.

Lucy Pargeter Then

Pargeter started her career as a member of the pop group Paperdolls, but she really came to attention when she was cast on Crossroads in 2002 and then Emmerdale, a role she still plays today. In addition, she is frequently seen on celebrity reality shows like Soapstar Superstar, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Lucy Pargeter Now

Lucy can still be seen on Emmerdale in the role of Chas Dingle, having played the role for over 15 years. Her onscreen love interest, Carl played by Tom Lister, have been recognized as one the best onscreen couples. She’s taken some time on off over the years for maternity leave but she alwasy comes back to Emmerdale to give fans what they want.

Kate McGregor Then

Kate McGregor was acting on Emmerdale for almost ten years between 1999 and 2008. We’ll forever remember this actress as Emily Kirk, the young girl who was victim to her father’s overprotective nature. He was a very strict man who would shelter her from doing anything and everything. it definitely had something to do with her mother passing away at a very early age.

Kate McGregor Now

Emmerdale will forever represent her career as the height. Since leaving the show in 2008, her name has yet to take off. In the ten years since her parting with the role, she hasn’t had a single acting role. That said, in recent years she has had the occasional guest role on Emmerdale.

Suzanne Shaw Then

Her path to Emmerdale started at a very young age. One can credit her first brush with the arts at the age of two is what put her on this path. She got her first starring role at the age of five as Annie in a stage production. She has exclaimed that she was always very passionate about acting and it was that devotion that landed her the role of Eve Jenson on Emmerdale.

Suzanne Shaw Now

Today Suzanne Shaw is stepping far from the spotlight. Her path away from the cameras perhaps started in 2005 when she picked up a relationship with Jason King. It didn’t take long for them to tie the knot and have kids. Today she focuses completely on raising her family.

Chris Chittel Then

For over thirty years we were blessed with watching Chris Chittel portray the villainous Eric Pollard. As the show went on, they tone downed his character and made him just a little more likable. Before he was on Emmerdale, Chittel was an acclaimed theater actor. In the 1960’s, he garnered a lot of experience with the National Theatre and also acted in a ton of movies. Most notably, he was in 1966’s To Sir, With Love.

Chris Chittel Now

Chris Chittel is 68-years-old currently and is married to his Emmerdale c0-star, Lesley Dunlop. Although his character is the show has taken multiple wives throughout the years, in reality, Chittel has only been married once. The two tied the knot in Cornwall only a few years after she joined the cast in 2008.