The Stars Of American Pie: Twenty Years Later


It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the characters that made American Pie and its sequels so fun, as well as the performers that brought those characters to life. Along the way, we’ll see what your favorite cast members have been up to in recent years and you’ll get a chance to see what they look like today, also. Call it an American Reunion of sorts.

Natasha Lyonne As Jessica

Kids from the 1980s may remember Natasha Lyonne as Opal from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. She also appeared in Slums of Beverly Hills and Everybody Says I Love You before she was chosen to play the role of Jessica in American Pie in 1999.

Natasha Lyonne Today

Like some of her American Pie co-stars, Lyonne had an unfortunate battle with addiction but seems to have kicked the habit. She has had a really successful last few years, appearing in Orange is the New Black and also on Portlandia on IFC.

Jason Biggs As Jim

It wouldn’t be American Pie without Jim, the star of the first movie and the character who we mostly focus on throughout the series of films. Jim was played by New Jersey-born actor Jason Biggs, a former child actor who appeared on Drexell’s Class years before landing the role in American Pie.

Jason Biggs Today

Like a lot of his American Pie co-stars, Jason has found it a bit hard to get out from behind the series’ shadow, but he has had roles in movies like Saving Silverman, Wedding Daze, and Amateur Night. One of his most prominent roles in recent years was as Larry, the fiance of unlikely prisoner Piper in Orange is the New Black.

January Jones As Cadence

In American Wedding, January Jones plays Cadence, Michelle’s sister. She becomes a big part of the story when both Stifler and Finch decide that they want to win her heart. Eventually, of course, Stifler wins out as he shows a more sensitive side than what fans of the series were used to seeing by then.

January Jones Today

2003 was the breakout year for January Jones’ career, as she had prominent roles in Anger Management, American Wedding, and Love Actually. Of course, the role she is most known for is that of Betty Draper on Mad Men. Most recently, she’s been playing Melissa Chartres on the series The Last Man on Earth.

Seann William Scott As Stifler

Seann William Scott was another relative newbie to the acting world before he was thrust into stardom for playing Steve Stifler, the role that he is debatably still most known for. He was paid only $8,000 to star in American Pie, but you can bet that he made a fair amount more than that in the later films!

Seann William Scott Today

Seann had a lot of success immediately after American Pie, although he ended up playing similar characters to Stifler in films like Dude, Where’s My Car?. He also appeared in The Rundown and Final Destination before his career cooled off and he entered rehab in 2011. He has made something of a comeback, though, appearing in the TV series Lethal Weapon and a number of recent films.

Denise Faye As Danielle

The early portion of American Pie 2 upped the ante with a scene that featured Stifler and Finch finding themselves in quite a situation after encountering a pair of women who thought they were getting some alone time. Denise Faye played Danielle, one of the two women in the classic scene.

Denise Faye Today

Believe it or not, Denise Faye has appeared in several Broadway musicals and graduated from Columbia University with a double major in Urban Studies and Psychology. That’s quite a resume for a woman whose best-known screen role is as a character who appeared for five minutes and got topless in American Pie 2. Sadly, she hasn’t acted since 2013 and appears to have moved on to other things.

Thomas Ian Nicholas As Kevin Myers

It may be surprising to realize this now, but Thomas Ian Nicholas was the biggest star among the kids in American Pie when the film came out. He had starred in the films Rookie of the Year and A Kid in King Arthur’s Court before taking the role of Kevin Myers in the raunchy teen comedy.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Today

Ian Nicholas has been seen in The Chicago 8 and seems to have focused on television acting, being featured in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Party of Five over the years. He has also worked on developing a music career, having released an album and putting a song on the American Reunion soundtrack.


Jennifer Coolidge As Stifler’s Mom

Jennifer Coolidge had worked in Hollywood before American Pie but had lacked a breakout role, making appearances on Seinfeld and elsewhere. However, when she played Stifler’s mom, she not only got the attention her career needed, but she became the inspiration for the term “MILF” while becoming a new generation’s Mrs. Robinson.

Jennifer Coolidge Today

Coolidge has really benefited from the exposure that the American Pie series has granted her. She had a long-running part on the hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls and appeared in a number of films such as Best in Show and Legally Blonde. She also appeared in Sex and the City.


Lisa Arturo As Amber

Lisa Arturo played Amber, the second girl in the unforgettable scene with Stifler and Paul Finch. Before she was cast in the small role in American Pie 2, she appeared in movies such as Bullets Over Broadway and Border to Border while also making appearances in Married…With Children and other TV series.

Lisa Arturo Today

After American Pie 2, Lisa’s career pretty much continued as it had been going, as she continued taking supporting roles in small films and making appearances in TV series. Most recently, Lisa Arturo was seen playing the role of Nancy in a pair of episodes of Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson himself.

Chris Owen As Chuck Sherman

Who can forget The Sherminator himself? Before he took the now-iconic role, Chris Owen had appeared in the family movie Angus in what was a pretty small role. However, he got an unexpected big break when he got cast to play Chuck Sherman in American Pie.

Chris Owen Today

Chris Owen has worked regularly as an actor in the last two decades, although he is definitely typecast as the result of his performances as The Sherminator. He has mostly appeared in low-brow comedy fare such as the National Lampoon films and of course, the American Pie sequels. There have been exceptions, though, such as 2007’s The Mist.


Eugene Levy As Jim’s Dad

Although fans of American Pie may not have known Eugene Levy before the film, he had already earned a reputation in the comedy world from SCTV, Splash, Armed and Dangerous, and other productions. As Jim’s dad, he would unwittingly provide the inspiration for the comic situation that gave the film its title.

Eugene Levy Today

Eugene Levy has never seen a role that he didn’t like, appearing in everything from A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration to stuff like Josie and the Pussycats and The Goon. He is also the only main cast member to appear in all of the American Pie straight-to-video spinoffs.

Dania Ramirez As Selena

In American Reunion, Dania Ramirez played the role of Selena Vega, Michelle’s best friend from band. During the movie, she ends up falling in love with Finch. The two have their drama but eventually decide to go to Europe together. Before American Reunion, Dania was best known for playing Callisto in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Dania Ramirez Today

Dania’s career has not slowed down at all in recent years. She played the part of Rosie for four years on the show Devious Maids, following it up with a starring role in the independent horror film Lycan. Most recently, she appeared as Cinderella in Once Upon a Time and will also be in the upcoming series Tell Me a Story.

Eddie Kaye Thomas As Finch

Eddie Kaye Thomas was actually more of a Broadway actor before he was cast to play Paul Finch in American Pie. He even appeared in the Broadway version of The Diary of Anne Frank with none other than Natalie Portman herself! Of course, he’s much better known for playing Finch nowadays.

Eddie Kaye Thomas Today

Although Eddie doesn’t win a lot of high-profile roles, he’s had a successful career nonetheless. He voices Barry Robinson on American Dad! and has appeared on TV series such as ‘Til Death and How to Make It in America. He was most recently seen on the TV drama Scorpion.


Tara Reid As Vicky

Tara Reid was a child actress in her youth, although she didn’t do a whole lot of note other than roles in a number of commercials. However, business had started to pick up with roles in Urban Legend and The Big Lebowski before being chosen to play the role of Vicky in American Pie.

Tara Reid Today

Many thought that Tara Reid would shoot to stardom, but it hasn’t been the case. A number of blunders, including some poor cosmetic surgery and an infamous wardrobe malfunction, contributed to her downfall. She most recently has appeared in schlocky fare such as the Sharknado movies and parody films.

John Cho As John

John Cho had a small, but quite memorable role in the original American Pie and reprised the role in American Reunion. “I was out of the country, shooting another movie, and had missed the release of American Pie, and was unaware it was a really big hit,” Cho explains. “So I came back to America, and kids were chanting ‘MILF! MILF!’ at me on the street. And I was really confused, and it took me a while to understand what was happening, actually.”

John Cho Today

Although Cho had far from the biggest part in the first film, he’s actually surpassed many of his co-stars since, having starred in the Harold and Kumar films and the recent Star Trek reboot. He also has been featured in People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive magazine two times.

Chris Klein As Oz

Chris Klein was an actor who had not yet made any kind of splash in the business when he had a huge year out of nowhere, earning a role in Election and of course, the role of Chris “Oz” Ostreicher in American Pie. He was actually discovered at his high school when director Alexander Payne found him while location scouting.

Chris Klein Today

Like some of his fellow American Pie cohorts, Klein has had a tough time replicating the success of his role in the series. He’s also had personal problems related to alcohol, which ultimately led to a stint in rehab in 2010. He once dated Katie Holmes, but of course, she decided to marry Tom Cruise instead. Recently, he’s been seen on the series Wilfred and Idiotsitter.

Amanda Sisten As Fraulein Brandi

In American Wedding, Amanda Sisten played Fraulein Brandi, one of two adult entertainers sent to liven up Jim’s bachelor party. The film represented her film debut, which is kind of a mixed bag…it’s good to start off in a huge blockbuster comedy, but maybe playing a stripper in your first role isn’t the best thing for your career.

Amanda Sisten Today

After American Wedding, Amanda played April in The Girl Next Door and did guest appearances in a number of TV series, but she hasn’t acted since a 2006 appearance in the TV show Cracking Up. Since leaving the acting world, she’s written regularly about serial killers and become something of an expert on the topic.

Nikki Ziering As Officer Krystal

If you thought that the producers of American Wedding were going to back off the rampant nudity just because Jim was getting married, you must have forgotten about the bachelor party! Nikki Ziering played Officer Krystal, one of two um, entertainers that showed up to make the bachelor party memorable for everyone.

Nikki Ziering Today

Nikki Ziering is the ex-wife of Ian Ziering, who was known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210 and later, the Sharknado series. Although American Wedding was one of the highest profile films she’s been in, she also had a small role in Austin Powers in Goldmember. She continued to take small roles in low-profile films until 2011, the last time she acted.

Alyson Hannigan As Michelle

Alyson has been immortalized forever as the girl behind the huge twist that led to a million redundant “One time at band camp…” jokes. She was a child actress that appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer before being cast as Michelle Flaherty in American Pie. One interesting fact is that she was originally considered for the role of Heather.

Alyson Hannigan Today

While many cast members from the American Pie films failed to replicate the success of the series, Alyson was able to feature on the hit series How I Met Your Mother for nine seasons. She recently appeared on The McCarthys but seems to have slowed down a bit to focus on her family for the time being.

Mena Suvari As Heather

Before 1999, Mena Suvari’s biggest role was likely in the Disney film Hocus Pocus. However, she had a breakout year in 1999 with American Pie and American Beauty, two films with similar titles that otherwise couldn’t have been more different if they’d tried.

Mena Suvari Today

Suvari did not turn out to become the leading lady many expected, but she has become a valued character actor in productions such as Six Feet Under and American Horror Story. She was more recently seen in the drama South of Hell and is actively involved in charity work to benefit children and victims of domestic violence.

Shannon Elizabeth As Nadia

Shannon Elizabeth played Nadia, the biggest bombshell in American Pie and the object of Jim’s adoration. Shannon was a model before she started to appear on TV shows such as Arli$$ and USA High. Some of her roles she’d probably prefer to forget such as the straight-to-video horror film Jack Frost.

Shannon Elizabeth Today

Immediately after American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth seemed to be the breakout star of the bunch, having appeared in Scary Movie, Thir13en Ghosts, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She currently plays poker professionally in the World Series of Poker and is in the upcoming film Playing With Beethoven. She has been in every installment of the American Pie series except for American Wedding. Being wedding based meant that most of series secondary cast was left out.