The Truth Behind Alicia Silverstone’s Controversial Divorce

Bliss In The Beginning

Their lives would change forever in 1997. That’s when everyday life would turn into a romantic dream for these two. At the time, Alicia Silverstone was riding on the fame that came with movies like The Crush, Clueless and Batman and Robin. She had hit the status of being America’s 1990’s sweetheart. It was on a summer night that the two met in front of a movie theater.

Living In The Lap Of Hollywood Success

At the time of their meeting, Christoper Jarecki was the lead singer of S.T.U.N., a Los Angeles based punk rock band. He covered topics such as class warfare, universalism, and socialism. No doubt these were ideas that appealed to Silverstone who was an animal rights activist and who had shortly before their meeting purchased an eco-friendly house.

Made For Each Other

After that fated meeting in front of the movie theater, the two began dating. They seemed to have a ton of things in common. No doubt, it was this that made them last so long. They were both vegans, both had a budding interest in activism and both believed that people had to be free. It wasn’t long before he was moved into her eco-friendly house and became concrete fixtures in each other’s lives.

The Long Awaited Proposal

In 2004 he finally proposed to her. She recalled the moment in a 2005 interview with People magazine, ”He was waiting on our old wicker love seat, ring in hand, with the most beautiful proposal any best friend could ever give,” After being in a relationship with him for eight years, it was pretty easy to say yes to him. The house was flooded by an eco-friendly bliss

Planning The Ultimate Hippie Wedding

Side by side, Alicia and Christopher planned the whole wedding together. The wedding was nothing like the ones you’ve seen in the movies. Alicia and Christopher did things their way. They had candles made from beeswax, a bar made out of abandoned barrels, bamboo chairs and recycled invitations. They were going to throw the biggest hippie themed wedding in Los Angeles.


Waves On Lake Tahoe

The wedding was something very special for the two. It took place in Lake Tahoe. Alicia recalled how the officiant went into the lake and got some water to bless them with. At that moment, on that dry and hot day, waves started moving through the water. She said it felt like their ancestors were sending them some kind of message.  It was a very mysterious moment for the young couple.


The Perfect Kiss

On a wedding day, you aren’t really supposed to kiss your significant other until all the ceremonies are finished. Alicia stated that she had the hardest time holding herself back from kissing Christopher throughout the whole ceremony. The desire was eating her up inside. When she finally got her chance to kiss him, she stated that it was the best kiss she ever had in her life.

New Age Wedding

The wedding was quite the new age experience. The tables were lined with onions and apricots, everyone was barefoot and the beeswax candles burned brightly throughout the night. The wedding closed out with everyone singing Beatles songs around a fire and eating vegan burgers. This wasn’t in any way your conventional kind of wedding, but there couldn’t have been a more fitting wedding for this young couple.

Happily Married

Things couldn’t look better for them in 2005. Not only were they embarking on a new life together, but S.T.U.N., Christopher’s band had just released their debut album after years of hard work. Meanwhile, Alicia continued starring in movies and building her career. The bright and new eventually settled into the every day, yet in the year 2011 life would throw another surprise at the couple.

Bear Blu

May 5, 2011 brought to Alicia the biggest change of her life. It was Bear Blu, her firstborn son. The cute little boy immediately became a hit amidst social media. They’d often report stories of her and him being caught touring fairs and going to parks. That said, a child doesn’t exactly fix a marriage and despite the birth of this thriving baby boy, Alicia’s marriage would soon take an unexpected turn.

Alicia And Christoper Separated

Behind all of the world’s back, America’s favorite couple separated on March 15, 2016. Christoper packed his bags and waved goodbye to the eco-friendly home they had lived so happily in. The separation came right in the light of their 11 year anniversary. Despite their expressionless front, this was no doubt heartbreaking for the family, especially for little Bear who was only six and knew a life of few drastic changes.

The Happy Couple Splits Officially

We wouldn’t find out about the separation until two years later in 2018. It was three weeks after the announcement of their separation that Alicia filed for divorce and officially ended the marriage between her and Chris. The hippie dream couple was shattered, yet it appears to be on completely good terms according to the couple. That said, there is more than meets the eye here.

She’ll Always Love Chris

They released a statement that pretty much eliminated any sense of there being a problem in their marriage. The statement says, “They still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends but have mutually decided to separate after being together for 20 years” With that said, at the end of the day there is a lot more then what meets the eye. The divorce report alone reveals that.


Everything Will Be Split Evenly

When it came to the cause of the divorce, the actress has stated that there were irreconcilable differences between them. They then went to request joint custody of Bear Blu. When it comes to spousal supper, the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement. They stated that once their debts and property is evaluated everything will be split fairly.

Alicia And Bear In Hawaii

Once the divorce was announced the media exploded. News sources from across the world have covered it relentlessly. Alicia saw this media storm brewing and decided to got on a trip with Bear to Hawaii. She has completely avoided giving the masses any details into her personal life and has covered her social media with pictures of her and Bear in Hawaii. This definitely isn’t what the people are looking for at this moment.


Alicia’s Lifestyle

When it comes to the reason for the divorce, much can be pinned on some behavior that was displayed over the past decade by Alicia Silverstone. While she grew up a normal girl from Los Angeles and was raised in a good home, she began dabbling in a lifestyle that isn’t shared with the masses. While we none celebrities do find ourselves becoming vegan and meditating once in awhile, Silverstone turned up the level.


Disagreements Surface

When Christopher and Alicia first met back in 1997, she was just a normal girl who was kind of quirky, but in a very cute way. As time went on that quirkiness took a turn for the strange. Things even got worse after she began parenting. Based off some of the facts floating around about her on the internet, we’re sure Christ and her engaged in a number of arguments over her controversial behavior.


The Kinds Mama

Shortly after she gave birth to Bear, Alicia wrote and published a book that is nothing short of absolutely bizarre. The book is called, The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning. Upon its release, it was very controversial and we’re going to share with you a few reasons why.

Going Vegan Extreme

Shortly after becoming and item Alicia and Christopher both went vegan together and they never looked back. Yet, her book shows that the actress puts a little too much trust in this lifestyle. She boldly states between the covers that a vegan lifestyle will prevent and cure any major disease. She has also stated that such a lifestyle will prevent mothers from going through post-partum depression.

Meat Is Bad For Pregnant Women

She thinks that eating meat and drinking any dairy products while you are pregnant is horrible for the baby. According to Alicia, the uterus is a baby house and those foods will leave the little baby floating in a pool of toxic sludge. The only way you can assure yourself that you’ll give birth to a healthy baby is to embrace veganism and 0nly eat foods that are 100% organic.


Alicia Is Anti Diaper

She also thinks very lowly of diapers. According to Alicia, no baby should ever wear a diaper. If your baby has to do its business you should rush him to the nearest toilet. We’re sure it has something to do with hygiene, but we can’t figure out why this would be such an issue for the actress. Perhaps, Alicia Silverstone had some really bad diaper experiences back when she was a child.


Sleeping In The Family Bed

She has also stated that you and all your children should sleep in the same bed together. There is no reason why they should be sent to sleep in a crib all night. Families should have a common bed. That said, she pretty much believes that once you have a child, you should never get a shot at a peaceful night of sleep ever again. I can imagine huge fights starting over this rule.

Spreading The Good Word

Alicia Silverstone also doesn’t think much of tampons. She was quoted in her book saying, “Unfortunately, feminine-care manufacturers aren’t required to tell you what’s in their products, which means that no one’s talking about the potential pesticide residues from non-organic cotton and the ‘fragrances’ containing hormone-upsetting, fertility-knocking phthalates that are inside of you.”

Alicia’s Feeding Controversy

Alicia Silverstone had grown significantly since the 1990’s. That said, it wasn’t until 2012 that the world really caught on to how much America’s sweetheart had changed. She uploaded a video of herself feeding her child like a bird. While she thought it was really cute, the rest of the world and the media looked on in horror. To say the least, this was very unconventional behavior between a mother and a child.

Speaking Up Against The Media

In response to the media backlash, Silverstone said,”I can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortable, possibly, because it’s new to them, but I do want you to know that this has been going on for thousands of years – still going on all over the place and is completely natural.” Many raised their voices and were concerned that she could be spreading germs and diseases to her baby.

No Regrets

Furthermore, she went on to state that she had no regrets over the video being posted. She again justified herself by saying,”My kid is healthy. My kid’s the happiest baby ever. He didn’t have teeth and he would choke, and, basically, how it started was simply that Bear — when he was about 5 months old — I’d be eating and he would come at me with his little mouth open and be in my mouth trying to get the food out of my mouth.”

Christopher Standing Silent

While the media hounded her for the oddities written in her book and her unconventional behavior, her husband stayed completely silent. He didn’t rise to her defense. That said, we need to wonder what was really going on with him. Did he just sit around silently without an opinion while Alicia took part in her unconventional parenting methods? Surely, Christopher couldn’t be happy about having to share his bed with the whole family every single night.

Lifestyle Differences

While being vegan is a huge lifestyle choice that comes with an array of positive impacts, some people still want to otherwise live a normal life. A wedding on Lake Tahoe with vegan burgers and beeswax candles sounds like a great time. On the other hand, diaperless babies, family beds, and bird feeding don’t. In fact, these difference in lifestyle can cause tension in a marriage.


Alicia Walks Away

A marriage is a union between two people and if the two people involved are straying apart in two very different directions, it definitely will have a negative impact on the union. We are not saying that Alicia’s unconventional parenting methods are bad, in fact, it looks like she found a passion and drive for something that really works for her. That said, if Christopher wasn’t onboard things were bound to break.

While details surrounding their divorce haven’t been spilled by the couple themselves, we do know that it ended due to some irreconcilable differences. Perhaps he wasn’t willing to get onboard with her lifestyles and she was let down by it. Maybe he couldn’t get with her extreme hippie behavior. In the long run, being divorced will both allow them to further grow into the individual they desire to be.