Female Athletes Rocking The Red Carpet


Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning women athletes in the recent history of sports. You’ll see that whether they compete in golf, tennis, softball, surfing, or even mixed martial arts, female athletes can be just as stunning as they are skilled.

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

This photo is an oldie but goodie, depicting tennis great Maria Sharapova looking her best at the 2011 ESPY Awards. Tennis players tend to have great legs, and this short, frilly skirt with gold embellishments features Sharapova’s nicely. These days, Sharapova is busy with Sugarpova, the candy company she launched and lends her name to.

Danica Patrick (Racing)

Danica Patrick is one of the most famous race car drivers of recent years, especially since she broke the gender barrier in NASCAR and became a bit of a media sensation. Danica is also one of the more attractive female athletes over the last couple of decades, as you can see from her appearance in this tight-fitting red satin dress.

Jennie Finch (Softball)

California native Jennie Finch was a softball standout both with the Arizona Wildcats and the US national softball team, which she led to a gold and silver medal in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, respectively. The pitcher had all eyes on her when she took the mound, and for good reason, as you can see from how she knocks ’em dead in this blue dress.

Paige Spiranac (Golf)

Paige Spiranac is one of the more notable female golfers these days and not only turns up her best performances on the course, but also when she appears on the red carpet. Here, she makes a charity appearance in a trendy silk outfit that shows that while some people may not consider golfers to be “real” athletes, she certainly stays in great shape.

Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis)

Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish tennis standout that held the number one ranking for many weeks so far over her career. As with many athletes, she got to show off her sense of style at the ESPY Awards, and the classy red dress with a sultry slit in the front certainly helped her knock it out of the park. She looks great in an effortless way here.

Anastasia Yankova (MMA)

Anastasia Yankova is a sexy female athlete that you definitely don’t want to mess with: she’s an MMA fighter that competes in Bellator Fighting Championships. The flyweight competitor sports the shapely, strong legs of a true athlete in this stunning black dress along with a look that says, “Look, but definitely don’t touch.”

Candace Parker (Basketball)

Candace Parker is not only a WNBA standout, but also the younger brother of former NBA player Anthony Parker. During her career, she won the Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player award two times. But what’s really surprising is how great she looked in this black jumpsuit that she wore to the 2017 NBA Awards.

Nastia Liukin (Gymnastics)

Nastia Liukin won the individual all-around gold medal at the 2008 Olympics, putting her in a truly rare class among gymnastics competitors in history. At the 2014 ESPY Awards, the former gymnast showed that she continues to stay in top shape while wearing a plunging white top and sexy black leather miniskirt for an understated look.

Anastasia Ashley (Surfing)

Anastasia Ashley is just one of the many strikingly beautiful women that compete in surfing, as you’ll see later on. In this photo, Anastasia may not be smiling, but she’s certainly provoking some smiles from onlookers in a bright yellow dress with black straps that all at once looks quite sporty, functional, and sexy.

Barbara Blank (Wrestling)

WWE fans would better know Barbara Blank by her stage name, Kelly Kelly. The former professional wrestler worked for years in the squared circle but has also done modeling work and appeared on television. This photo shows off her head-to-toe appeal as she rocks a satin pearl mini dress and gold shows to match the embellishments.

Anna Kournikova (Tennis)

Ah, Anna Kournikova. The Russian beauty never ceases to impress, whether she’s looking effortlessly gorgeous on the tennis court or dressing up to stop people in their tracks at an appearance, as she’s doing here. This simple brown dress doesn’t have to turn heads, since it’s just there to give the rest of her a platform to steal your attention.

Urszula Radwanska (Tennis)

While Urszula Radwanska may not be a household name in tennis, she’s nonetheless a talented player who really shines when she decides to flash her beautiful smile. She wears a classy white dress that has beautiful details when you look closely, just as she does. It looks like the Polish tennis star is happy to take a break from training and dress up for once.

Miesha Tate (MMA)

The recently retired Miesha Tate not only was successfully in attaining UFC gold, but she also turned plenty of heads during her fighting career. There are a lot of things that make this approachable fighting beauty so attractive, and they’re all on display in this coral red dress. There’s a reason Miesha has so many Instagram followers!

Lolo Jones (Bobsledding)

Few can approach the kind of success that Lolo Jones has achieved as a bobsledder in the Winter Olympics. While she stays cool even under the pressure of competing in such a dangerous sport, she shows she can also turn up the heat in this steel blue dress with a slit that shows off her long, shapely legs. Well done, Lolo Jones!

Laila Ali (Boxing)

Laila Ali is perhaps the most famous female boxer of all time, and not just because of the pedigree that comes with being the daughter of Muhammad Ali, either. The former pugilist, who retired undefeated in 2007, is in remarkable shape and definitely still has a very feminine side despite her former line of work. She looks gorgeous in this mauve dress.

Silje Norendal (Snowboarding)

SIlje Norendal has excelled in snowboarding, whether she’s competing at the Winter X Games, where she has won gold medals time and time again, or the Winter Olympics, where she represents Norway. Shen she’s not on the slopes, Silje’s traditional Norwegian blonde hair and features are absolutely stunning, as you can see in this conservative white dress.

Anna Kournikova (Tennis)

Yes, that’s right – Anna Kournikova again. When it comes to women athletes on the red carpet, Anna Kournikova is the undisputed greatest of all time, so it only makes sense to feature her twice. This time around, she’s seen in a much flashier number, wearing a red satin dress that’s much shorter than the brown one and of course, just as tight. Wow!

Camila Giorgi (Tennis)

Italian women have a certain undeniable appeal that’s quite timeless. For exhibit A, look no further than Camila Giorgi. This dress is a perfect match for a beauty like Camila: it shows off the shapely, athletic form that many female athletes have while hinting at the gorgeous, vibrant woman that lies beneath. Magnifique!

McKayla Maroney

Of all the members of the Final Five, McKayla Maroney has no doubt had the most impact. Not only in the world of athletics, but in the world in general. Her meme generated a lot of support. We also cannot forget just how wild her social media pages got and all the fans that the garnered. She has since retired from gymnastics, but we think that she has a bright future ahead of her. She is currently looking into a career in music.

Simone Biles

Simone was only 19 when she made a name for herself at the 2016 Olympic games. She was part of the beloved gymnastics team that lovingly nicknamed the Final Five. She was thought to be retired but have a major comeback this year and is expected to rock the world of sport this year more than ever. Here she is on the red carpet and she looks more stunning than she has ever been.

Carmen Jorda (Racing)

Carmen Jorda is a Spanish race car driver who looks decidedly better when she’s not wearing a helmet. It’s a shame that she spends so much time covered up, as you can tell she’s a gorgeous woman with just a glance at her in this beige and gold dress. Hopefully the next time she drives by, she’ll slow down enough to pick us up!


Paula Creamer (Golf)

Paula Creamer has been a hugely successful presence in the world of golf, but that doesn’t mean she can’t change gears when it’s time to dress up and look her best! She shows off her curves in this flattering, tight black dress while flashing a smile that completes the whole look perfectly. Who knew there were so many beautiful female golfers?

Ellen Hoog (Field Hockey)

Okay, I’ll admit that I know very little about field hockey, but I know what I like. If Ellen Hoog is what we can expect to see on the field, I’m going to tune in to more games. This elegant Dutch beauty extols class and sex appeal effortlessly in a classy floor-length patterned dress. Look at her eyes and her smile! Absolutely gorgeous, right?

Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics)

Gabby Douglas was a superstar on the US Gymnastics Team, winning three gold medals before going on to have her own biopic made and appearing in a reality show, to boot. She’s also a published author and active in community and charity efforts. Not only that, but as you can see in this crop top/skirt combo, she’s a perfect 10 on the red carpet, also.

Eugenie Bouchard (Tennis)

Eugenie Bouchard is yet another stunning tennis player who knows how to clean up and look absolutely ravishing when she’s not on the court. Just look at how she absolutely kills it in this lacy black number. It’s the perfect combination of tantalizing while leaving a little something to the imagination, and Eugenie looks sporty and fun here.

Alex Morgan (Soccer)

This is truly a tale of two photos. From the waist up, you’ve got spunky, fun Alex Morgan, female soccer standout, wearing a cutoff top that shows off her toned arms. But from the waist down? Wow. Is that, uh, what playing lots of soccer does for your figure? Because it may just become the trendy new workout for women all around if that’s the case.

Heather Watson (Tennis)

The tennis ranks include some of the hottest female athletes in the world, and Heather Watson is yet more proof of this indisputable fact. Her smile here is a stark contrast to the intensity she displays on the court, and even if her dress looks a bit rubbery, uncomfortable, and well, strange, we’re not going to complain at seeing that much of her beautiful legs.

Sally Fitzgibbons (Surfing)

Female surfers are some of the most beautiful athletes around! Just look at Australia’s Sally Fitzgibbons, who competes in the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. She knows just how to look elegant without overdoing it, and this short, sparkly dress is a perfect complement to her remarkable figure.

Alana Blanchard (Surfing)

Again with the surfing! I’m going to book a trip to the coast right now and hang out at the beach. Just look at Alana Blanchard, who unfortunately is taken (she’s dating surfer Jack Freestone – great name!) but does us all the favor of letting us take in her shapely figure in a simple dress that leaves just enough to the imagination.

Chelsea Pezzola (Golf)

Who knew that golf’s ranks included so many attractive female athletes? Chelsea Pezzola has been turning heads on golf courses for years now, but to get a real idea of how stunning she is, you need to see her on the red carpet wearing something like this metallic mini dress. She’s got curves for days and isn’t afraid to show them off.

Gina Carano (MMA)

While Ronda Rousey may have been the most recent women’s MMA “it” girl, Gina Carano was the first. She was also the first to take her MMA career and turn it into a viable show business career. Her best asset has always been her smile, but just in case that isn’t enough, she also shows off her figure here in a floor length dress suitable for a princess.

Ronda Rousey (MMA)

Ronda Rousey is a polarizing figure who nonetheless remains the first person to come to mind when you ask an average person about women’s mixed martial arts. Part of what made her so marketable (aside from her prodigious skill and ferocity, of course) is her undeniable beauty, which is on full display in this gold-patterned dress.