The Most Embarrassing Construction Fails Of All Time


Have you ever seen a random door in the middle of a building or stairs to nowhere and wondered what the construction pros were thinking? Well, you’ll feel right at home with these classic construction fails!

Watch Out For The Pole

“Hmmm,” some contractor thought. “It’s not very safe to have this pole in the middle of the bike lane, so we should put something up to protect bike riders from hitting it. I know! Heavy concrete blocks!”

Oh, Sotp It

Sometimes, the construction workers do their job just fine, only to be let down by someone else. This road was paved well and everything looks good, except for the fact that the guy doing the pain forgot how to spell “stop”…yes, that’s right. “Stop.” As in, “one of the first words you learn how to spell in kindergarten.”

No Admittance

Apparently, there was once a reason to have a door here. Was the door here before the stairs? Were they unsure if someone would try to go in the door, so they thought they should put a railing in to prevent it entirely? So many questions come as a result of this photo. It sure seems like no one is going in that door anytime soon, however.

First Step’s A Doozy

Every now and then when you’re at a business or visiting a friend’s house, they’ll advise you to watch out for a step up or down that you may not notice ahead of time. Many businesses have a “step down” sign” to help alert people to this kind of thing. Well, you’ll need more than just a sign to let someone know that when they walk out the door, they can expect a five-foot drop!

Stairs To Nowhere

Like some of the other photos, this one leaves you with a lot of questions. Are they planning on putting a door in here, but just haven’t gotten around to it and already installed the stairs? Were the stairs already there and the door that used to be there is now removed? Is it just convenient having stairs to walk up and lean against the wall?

Poor Planning

Now, this is poor planning on somebody’s part. Generally, you try to keep the telephone lines off to the side of the road, after all. Not only is there an honest-to-goodness telephone pole just sitting in one of the lanes, but it’s also after a pretty big curve, so drivers who aren’t familiar with the area won’t realize until they come around the corner that they have to dodge a pole.


Usually, one manhole is enough for every city block or so. You don’t need enough manholes so that all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Splinter, Casey Jones, and April O’Neill can all have their own separate exit from the sewers. Maybe whoever put these in kept putting them in the wrong place? Hopefully, they got assigned a different job after the seventh time.

Not Gonna Work

Alright, so the door has been built, the glass is in place, the door has been attached to the exterior of the building, what next? Oh, that’s right, the handle has to be installed. Well, don’t leave that job to someone who doesn’t know left from right, or you might end up with this kind of situation. Luckily, it’s a pretty quick fix, but still a very embarrassing mistake.

Quite A View

Balconies usually require not only a railing for safety, but you know…a door to allow people to access the balcony from inside the building. That’s what one contractor clearly misunderstood while installing this beauty. It looks nice from the outside, but I don’t think that the tenants will be spending much time on the balcony.

The Gate’s Locked

Perhaps there’s a dumb enough criminal to be thrown off by the top-notch security system one must use to get the gate to open here. Perhaps, yes…but unlikely. It’s more likely that the thief will see that there’s a gate, but no fence and decide to steal even more of the person inside’s stuff to teach them a lesson or two.

More Than Meets The Eye

At first glance, it would seem that someone made a huge mistake while building this bridge that doesn’t quite seem to line up. However, it’s just the perspective; the left side of the bridge is actually raised upward and needs to be lowered into place. Still, you see all of these construction workers pretty close to a long, dangerous fall and wonder how many OSHA violations are happening since no one is wearing a safety harness.

One Size Fits All?

I don’t know how tall the guy is in the photo, but I’m guess that unless you’ve played in the NBA, it’s going to be pretty difficult to reach up and use this ATM. Maybe you could reach up and put your card in, but seeing the screen is going to be difficult. Who knows what they were thinking when they installed it there?

The Space Between

I don’t know if I’d ever have to use the restroom bad enough to use one of these bad boys while someone is using the other. I mean, depending on the size of the guy involved, it may not even be possible in the first place! This was definitely a poor decision. Maybe the contractors have never used a urinal before?

It’s Not Polite To Stair

Are these United States Air Force servicemen having a laugh at the door behind them that is inaccessible to anyone who can’t climb up to 12 feet in the air? Perhaps the area that the door was made to access is no longer in use or needed. But even in that case, why would you just remove the stairs? Couldn’t you just, I don’t know…turn the doors into a wall?

Not Up To Code

Our good friends at OSHA would definitely not be big fans of this. It may say “Fire Exit,” but it’s only a fire exit if the fire’s bad enough that you don’t mind breaking your legs on the way down. Can you imagine being in a fire, having a hard time seeing through the smoke, and finally finding an exit, only to tumble ten feet to the concrete below?

Listen For The Whistle

I suppose you’d better listen really carefully for a train whistle before you step out to relax on this balcony! The placement just two feet over train tracks seems a little sketchy to us, but hey, if the rent’s cheap, don’t let us talk you out of signing a lease here. At least they thought to put a railing around the balcony, even though it’s only two feet off the ground!

Pick Your Poison

Here, we have quite an interesting photo. You have floor upon floor of doors that lead directly to drops of increasing heights. Perhaps if you live on the first floor, the door might have been a good idea. The second floor? Meh, if you’re adventurous. The third floor and higher? Yeah, I wouldn’t advise using that particular exit.

Parkour Practice

Imagine climbing about 20 stairs just to find out that you successfully ascended to…a brick wall! Congratulations! Now walk back down those stairs and think about what you did. You look at this setup, with the random stairs, rails everywhere, and windows and think that perhaps the only reasonable purpose for this whole thing is parkour practice.

Location, Location, Location

You don’t have to be a real estate expert to understand that location is a pretty important part of a home’s value. Well, in this case, the neighborhood may be nice, but having a huge telephone pole right in the middle of the entrance to your driveway is definitely not ideal. I guess after some practice you’d be able to dodge it, but it’s not great for curb appeal.

Explore Downtown

The mural says that you should explore downtown Wabash, but there’s at least one part of the town that you definitely don’t want to explore. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a door and it’s 20 feet off the ground and generally inaccessible to anybody who doesn’t know how to fly. Whoever used MS Paint to sum up the problem here is pretty much right-on.

Straight Across The Road

Generally, a crosswalk is supposed to provide a guide for pedestrians to cross from one part of the road straight to the other. However, it went a little awry in this case, as you can tell that the yellow squares aren’t exactly lined up here. Who forgot to read their manual before painting these lines? Someone probably got fired that day.

Off Kilter

Why would you want to stay at a Best Western with normal windows when you can stay in one that has one randomly titled window? You have to wonder what the idea was here. What could have gone wrong to lead to this mistake? Do we blame the architect? The contractor? No, of course not. Blame all of the hourly employees! That’s how it’s done.

Garage For Planes

You may wonder why you’d want a garage suspended in the air, but consider this: airplanes! Also, consider: flying cars! Okay, those are pretty unlikely scenarios and this is actually pretty awful. And useless. But it kind of looks cool, so at least you have that going for you. And if the door stops opening, it’s no hurry to get it fixed.

Maybe They Won’t Notice

You know, this looks okay as long as it’s not a nice day outside. The moment that you have a beautiful day and decide you want some sunshine to come in, you’re in for a disappointment. Aren’t there better ways to cover up an eyesore of a cabinet or whatever else they were trying to obstruct here? Maybe whoever installed these was uh, blind? Okay, sorry.

See, It Works!

There’s something special about being admit that you made a mistake. I’m not sure if this door actually qualifies, though. Instead of adjusting the real problem, the person responsible for this bathroom decided, “Hey! I’ll just cut out a toilet-shaped part of the door and voila! It works!” As long as you don’t want privacy, that is.

Improper Placement

You could say that they were “on the wrong track” when they placed this pole and electrical box right on the train tracks. Perhaps these are just extra tracks for storage or whatever, but it sure doesn’t look that way and makes you wonder what people were thinking when this was constructed. Well, we’re not train conductors, so it’s not our problem!

Wrong Fixture

I think this must be the first day of plumbing school for one would-be tradesman who may have just figured out that it’s the wrong field for their skills. Generally, you want to make sure that your plumbing fixtures actually line up the flow of water with the sink below, after all. And why would you run the water when you already know the faucet is too long?

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Look, I’m no expert in bridge construction, but I do know that any bridge that needs to be partially supported by a makeshift pile of concrete blocks, rocks, and bricks is probably not one that you want to cross. I don’t care if it is only a bridge sitting five feet off the ground; just stay off of it. Seriously.

Forge Ahead

You have to hand it to whoever built this house for being determined. They knew there was a huge tree right where the driveway was gonna be, but did they alter their plans? Of course not! They moved forward and just said, “Meh, we’ll figure the whole ‘tree directly in front of the garage thing’ later.” Unfortunately, it seems that the solution was, “Do nothing and mark the home down 20% in price.”

This Can’t Be Real

It’s hard to know what to believe anymore, since someone can Photoshop a dinosaur eating a cheeseburger on top of a McDonald’s restaurant and make it look realistic. With that said, we’re hoping that this photo of a park that features several large pits in the ground is fake. I mean, that slide still might be fun, but yeah…saying it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen is an understatement.

Watch Your Head

To be fair, you should probably realize something is up before you get to the top of the stairs and literally put your head through the ceiling, but still. How are these stairs still here? What’s upstairs that they decided that the best way to handle the situation was pretend the upper floor doesn’t exist and just put a ceiling there instead?

Double Coverage

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this rather peculiar setup isn’t ideal for someone looking to go, uh, number two. However, if you have messy guests, like this establishment likely does, you’ve now got not one, but two layers of protection to keep people with bad aim from messing up your floors. Although, it doesn’t seem like it’s working that well. Gross.

What Are We Looking At?

Sometimes, the architecture doesn’t quite speak for itself. This is one of those situations. We’re probably looking at a really weird window, but then again, the fact that it looks like there are steps to what once was a doorway isn’t helping, either. And why the overhang? Is it so you don’t get wet while you peer into the windows?

Sim City

This looks like what always happens whenever I play one of those city simulation games where you have to draw in all the roads, connect, water pipes, and all that other stuff. It’s a little strange that they planned the city so poorly that five lanes has to go down to one tiny line for an entire block because of buildings just sitting there in the road, right?